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– Friends, welcome back to Brick by Brick. I’m your host, Adam Ward, and we have an awesome show for you. Fidget Spinners are everywhere, and I’ve made a bunch of
different Lego versions. We got small ones, we got
medium ones, we got ones with two prongs, with three
prongs, with four prongs. Are they even called prongs? I don’t know Fidget Spinner vocabulary, but I know how to build them. And you are going to learn
how to build them right now. Are you ready? Put on your Fidget Spinner
related seat belts, and helmets, and safety goggles, or none of those things,
because it’s time to build. The first Fidget Spinner I am going to teach you how to build is so small you might not even
realize it’s in my hand. This one, my friends, is an
awesome little Fidget Spinner. It spins really well. It uses a 1 x 5 Technic bar. Here’s how to make one. First up, you need a 1×5 Technic bar. These pieces are awesome. They’re not quite bricks, they’re rounded on the sides, and they just have a bunch of Technic holes that you
can put things through. Then what you’re gonna do
is get a 1×3 Technic pin. And that’s gonna go right through
the center just like that. Next up you need two 1×2 Technic balls. These pieces are amazing. They’re really easy to
hold onto, and the Technic opening on the bottom
fits right on the pin. Attach this on the top and on the bottom. What’s really cool about this connection is it creates almost no friction, and friction is the natural
enemy of the Fidget Spinner. So, whether you’re holding it
light or really, really tight, the center piece spins really nicely. Now, you could end right there,
but we want to add a little bit more flair, so we grab
these half Technic little axles. Snap one in there. And one in there. And what that does is it gives us a little 1×1 stud that we can
add different stuff on. So, I’m just gonna give it
a little bit of color, boom. Like a ballerina hanging
onto some pom-poms. And Fidget Spinner is ready to go. Now, in this same size, there’s
other things you can do. You can grab one of these
Technic pieces and just put some balls on the end,
which is really fun to spin. It also makes a cool little car. You can make it even bigger, give you more surface area to play with. Or you can even go in
different directions. This is like a capital ‘H’ with
a clown nose in the middle. If you spin that one, you
get a really cool effect. And all these are using
the basic same principle, a 1×3 axle with a ball or
similar piece top and bottom, and then some Technic pieces to connect other fun, colorful pieces. These are the smallest Fidget Spinners. They’re the easiest, they take
the fewest amount of pieces and, as I said, they’re easy to hide. But if you’re looking for
something a little bit bigger, something closer to the
natural Fidget Spinners that you see in their natural habitat, you might want to make
something that looks like this. This is like the medium size one. So, if you’ve got small
hands, tiny high-five, you can probably spin this
one one-handed as well. I’m a show you how to build it right now. So, to kick off this Fidget Spinner, we are gonna use a 4×4 rounded plate. Now, on the top, bottom, side to side, we’re gonna put 2×2 plates. These are also rounded. These have an opening in the center too, but they have a Technic opening. So, if you’re just using a Technic pin to create the spin, it’s not
gonna spin through these. But the Technic pin will totally spin through the open circle. So, north, east, south,
west, all the way around. Then we’re gonna grab another 4×4 and place it right on top. Now that that’s all set, we’re
ready for our Technic pin. This one is four studs
tall, one, two, three, four, and it’s gonna go right in the middle. And you can see right away it
gets really great spin action. Put it right there, and we’re
gonna take out some of these. These are 3×3 Tecnhic washers. These pieces rule! I’m gonna slide this down, flip it over, center it a little bit,
slide this one on the bottom. Now, with this design it is possible that you could squeeze too tight so that there’s no space for your
center piece to spin. You want them close but not too close. Just give it a little flick
test, the old flick test. Oh, good sound! And then we can put a cap
on the top and the bottom. We could use rounded ones
like we used on the small one, but we’re gonna use these conical ones because that’s a really
fun word to say, conical. It means cone-like. Boom, slide those on. I like to cap each one off with a little 1×1 rounded tile. Oh, see, I squeezed a little bit too hard. But friends, here’s the cool thing. If you do squeeze too
hard, your Fidget Spinner becomes a pretty sweet top. Friends, we’ve done
small, we’ve done medium. If you’ve ever been in
a shirt store before, you know what comes next, large! Here is a large Fidget Spinner. It feels really good, has a little bit of weight to it because we’ve added a lot of different
designs and decorations. And what’s really surprised
me when I was building these is that adding a bunch of weight
didn’t really slow it down, and in some cases adding
more weight even sped it up. You can even … Almost! Seven hours later. Ohh, second try! So, just like with the medium one, we’re gonna kick this
build off with the center, and we also use a 4×4 rounded piece. But instead of using the
2×2’s all the way around, we’re gonna use more 4×4’s,
and here’s how you build them. Start of with one, and in the
center you’re going to put, boom, a 2×2, and then on top of that you’re gonna grab a 2×2 rounded tile and put that right in there. And then on one side of our circle, you’re gonna add two 1×1’s. I got green here ’cause it’s a fun color. And this side is going to be the outside. We’re gonna do that exact
same thing three more times. So, boom, sha, kalaka. Then we’re gonna take these
and put them all around our central 4×4, keeping our
little 1×1’s on the outside. Now what we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna get another 4×4 and put it right in the
middle, just like that. Now next up is a really cool piece. It’s a 4×4, but there’s a
2×2 opening in the center. So if we take these and put them on top, we get that really cool
effect that kind of mimics the actual Fidget Spinner’s ball bearings. Boom, and just like that. Now for the axle. We are going to use a 1×4 Technic axle, and it’s gonna go, no surprise
here, right in the center. Give it a nice spin. Then what we’re gonna
do is we’re gonna take another one of our 3×3 Technic washers and just slide it on down. And we’re gonna cap it off
with another one off our cones. Flip the whole things over
and cap off the bottom. And another cool thing
you can do, you can grab some boat tiles and
throw it on the bottom. So, whether you’re spinning
your Fidget Spinner upside down or right side up, you get some
cool color changing effects. I love the Fidget Spinner sound! So, friends, today we learned how to make the big Fidget Spinner,
the medium Fidget Spinner, and of course the teeny
tiny Fidget Spinner. But there are so many other versions. I made these different ones
coming up with these designs. Here’s other small ones. Some of them are very sleek and
futuristic, some very basic, some have three arms, some four, some two. And there’s tons of people
out there making amazing Fidget Spinners out of
wood, plastic, out of Lego. But my favorite thing about
the Fidget Spinner phenomenon is it is getting toys
back into people’s hands and inviting them to play,
instead of being on a phone or doing something that’s not
quite as creative and playful. They’re spinning things on
their hands, they’re learning tricks, they’re sharing
them with their friends, they’re teaching their friends
how to do those tricks, and bringing more play into our lives. It’s one my favorite things. I hope you enjoyed building this one or building whatever your building. Remember, if you share
any images or videos, please use the hashtag #mybrickbybrick. To see even more Brick by Brick, click on this box right here. And to subscribe to Soul Pancake, click on this box right here. I’m determined to get this hand pass down. So close! Ah! Get it? And it’s in pieces.

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