– Why do you have to
make things so difficult? (electronic swishing) – Why do you have to be so weird? I just gave you a really big clue, you’re welcome. (camera clicks) – Thank you! – Don’t hug me.
– Okay. – In today’s video, I get
to buy whatever I want! But before we started,
give us a big thumbs up and subscribe to our channel. Hi SOTY family! I’m so excited because today, I get to buy whatever I want! It’s my turn guys and I
know exactly what I want. So let’s get to the store! (upbeat music) – Guys we’re here at Target. – It’s time for Payton to
buy whatever she wants. – Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, woo! (upbeat music) – To the toy section. (upbeat music) – I’m so excited! – All right SOTY family, here are the rules to the challenge, if you have forgotten them. – Since we’ve already
done this three times. – First Payton’s gonna pick
something from the toy section. What could it be? – Something awesome! – We each get three
guesses to pick the item. – The person who gets it right, wins! – It better be me guys, ’cause I’m the only one
that hasn’t won yet. Please pick something good and easy. (laughs) – Okay everybody, clear the toy section! Because I’m picking. – Whoa! – Shoo! – All right Payton, so you need to pick something and our goal is to try
to get Taylor to pick it, but nobody else because
Taylor hasn’t won yet and she wants a chance
to do the challenge. – I have an idea. – Really? – Follow me. – [Toy] Now, follow the light, it’s over. – Ooh, this looks cool. What would Taylor pick but no one else? I don’t know. (upbeat music) This? This? Maybe this? This, or this, I don’t know. – So guys there has been one kid so far that has taken the longest
to pick their item. (whispers) It’s Payton. – Wait, I heard that. How much is this? Wait, I have the best idea ever! I’m actually gonna pick something that Taylor really, really wants. Look, seriously, she wanted it forever. Harry Potter! Shh, shh, shh, shh! I’m just gonna put you right there. Now bring on the guessing! – Whoa, whoa whoa– – Stephen, are you ready? – Yeah. – You’re never gonna guess it. – I doubt that Payton, I’m
really good at this game. I’ve won once. – So did I! It’s just like Fortnite. – No, I’ve won more than once. – Two? – Are you ready for my
first question or not? – Yeah I am. – Well then, what toy is it? – I can’t tell you that. Did you just waste your first question? – Um, no. Question number one, what color is it? And what material do
I have to mine for it? No, so the color is like
red, just kinda red, brown, black. That’s kind of a weird question. (human beatboxing) Stop. – So I need something
black, red and brown, hmm. Llama do you have any ideas for me? So you have wood? No, she for sure didn’t pick
anything Fortnite related. Yeah, I know, she’s totally missing out. – Hey Stephen, this one
has some red, brown and – [Stephen] Black? – Black, you can get that. – She’d totally pick this, right guys? – Totally not. Stephen I didn’t pick anything
Star Wars or Fortnite. – Question number two, is it Minecraft? – Stephen, you’re wasting
all of your questions. No, it’s not! – So you’re telling me it’s a Barbie. (upbeat music) Barbie! What about this? Did you pick this Barbie? – I didn’t pick that
Barbie, or any Barbie. – Why do you have to
make things so difficult? (electronic swishing) – Why do you have to be so weird? – Got you. Question number three, is it real or fake? – It’s a real fictional character. – All right this is my last guess, I can do this, I think. Mom, I want it. The world’s smallest Rubik’s Cube. – Stephen hurry you’re
running out of time. – This is my last and final guess, Robosapien? – Your guess is wrong. – I lost? Really? – All right bring on the next guesser. – It’s me. Guys, I think I know Payton pretty well, I’ve known her my whole life. I got this in the bag. – What’s your first question? – Question number one, is it small or big? – It’s not big or small. It’s kinda like medium size. – So maybe you like
this Elmo, no (laughs.) Look guys, I’m on a search
for something medium, guys. Maybe a microphone, Payton likes to sing. Hmm. Your total comes to five, sixty, two. – Do you have change for a 10? – Of course. – Girls, aren’t we supposed
to be doing a challenge? – Okay, okay. – [Payton] What were you looking for? – I’m going to search for a microphone. (upbeat music) What about this? Payton loves to sing, this
is totally what she picked. – You, are wrong. I do like to sing, but
that’s not what I picked. – Ohh, I know. – What’s your second question? – Question number two, is it blue? – Blue, why did you pick blue? No! – I thought you would pick this bike. – Well, it’s not blue so go
find something that’s not blue. – Hmm, something not blue. Is it this? It’s so cute and furry. – Oh, it’s so cute. I wish I would’ve picked it. But it’s not it. – This is so hard. – All right, but have one final question. But you better make it good. – Okay, question number three is, do you play with it inside or outside? – That’s a very good question. I say you play with it inside. But I really think Taylor
would play with it inside. – Oh my gosh! How am I gonna know that? – I just gave you a really big clue. You’re welcome. – Thank you! – No, don’t hug.
– Okay. Where’s the LEGO section? (upbeat music) What LEGOS would she pick? Harry Potter LEGOS? (Payton humming) All right guys, my final guess is this Harry Potter LEGO set. – You are wrong. (upbeat music) Sorry Jordyn you can’t win them all. All right, that was a tough one, but bring on the next guesser! All right Taylor, it’s
your turn, make it good. – I have to win this,
I haven’t won one yet. – Maybe this will help you. (electronic toy singing) – Uh, how will that help me? (electronic monkey laughing) – Nevermind that guys,
let’s do this challenge. – Question number one, is it related to like these baby toys? – No. – So it’s not a baby toy. – No. (upbeat music) – This is better than my kissing puppy? – That would be perfect
for Duncan, but no. (pretend crying) Ohh, Duncan would love you. There’s so many cool toys here, I wish I could pick all of them. Imagine that. (magical music) (laughing) That would be awesome. – Back to my questions Payton. Question number two, hmm, let’s think. Would it be something that I like? Of course! You’ll love it! You would play with it more than me will. – You will. – I will. – You’ll love it. You’d steal it from me forever. It would no longer be mine, it would be yours. – So you picked something
that I would like more? – Yes! – So Harry Potter? – Yes! I didn’t mean to say that. You no longer have any more questions. – I think I know exactly where to go. (upbeat music) I don’t know if she picked LEGOS or not. Was it something else Harry Potter? Like these, hmm. I don’t know. Did you pick this? – Well, yes, you got it right! – Really, I got it right? I will steal it from you. That means I get to do
this challenge next. I’m so excited I finally won. All right guys, thanks for
watching today’s video and watching me win. – Subscribe to our channel! – Comment below. – Give us a big thumbs up! – And we’ll see you guys tomorrow. – Bye! (upbeat music)

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