Building a LEGO Pet Shop & Cafe! Our first Creator 3 in 1 Set Review!

Hey guys I’m Chris and this is Brick’n
It and Steph is over there in the corner today we’re going to be building some
sets but first of all just wanted to have a quick talk to you and see if this is a
better kind of way of doing it more vloggy style and more interactive with us so
we were supposed to be going to London next week which is really really
irritating because I wanted to go and get the Leicester exclusive minifigure I
mentioned earlier and get some sets whilst were down there and we had
tickets to go see the Harry Potter theatre and just have a nice holiday
break because we didn’t have one last year cuz you’ve been saving for a
wedding and stuff but sadly obviously with what’s going on in isolation
everything’s been cancelled but we’re very very fortunate and lucky that we
got all our money back from everything so we decided well we’re going to be
sitting in at home all the time let’s spend it on some Lego and get this
channel have more videos on this channel so I thought I’d just show you
we basically kitted out our dining room at the moment to just have all the fun
Lego stuff this is going to go into my room upstairs but I need to sort out and
turn it into more of a Lego space which I’ll doing some vlogs of that as well in
the future but as you can see here pretty much everything that we’ve got
here on the setup we’ve been doing videos of and if there isn’t let me know
and I will easily make videos of all this stuff but it down here we have our
already built stuff so we’ve got videos for all of these down here and I’m
modular buildings but down in this corner is all the stuff in which I
haven’t built yet so I’ve been plugging this a lot this is the Lego where like a
train set falling over that and I’m going to build on box with me that some
way I think I’m thinking of doing mini modular many much of a mini build
Mondays or something maybe these go into that so that’s a train set. massive Lego
fan obviously my city’s gonna be based mainly on stuff in the UK so I bought
the mini set awesome little car and also a rally don’t have enough for things to
see but this is definitely going in there and then I bought a electric
hybrid bus once with us this is typical of UK transport so definite wanted to
get one of these for the city and I got it at a good price on eBay so other than
that we’ve got the next modular building here this is the corner garage because
people recommended they wanted so that’s my next one we also do have
the bookshop on order as well put home we don’t have a heated moment I’ve got
two of these train sets these are the awesome new train and this is where they
believe a bluetooth connector so we’re doing a video on that yeah that’s gonna
be our first ever train Wow technically the little ones if there’s a cable we
have available wow that’s true you guys have a lot of
Christmas sets but also donut set this is going to be built and I’m going to
try and modify this we were watching a lot of Robin Hood bricks videos he’s so
cool and he used that and honey known this exists until that so I just thought
that’s got to go in my see as well but today Rhett’s had two of these sets but
today we’re going to be building the three-in-one creator set which is a
things called dog cafe or sooner and where the name is on this but the reason
I bought two of these is we’re gonna build it means that we’re gonna build it
and I’m gonna try and modify this set to make it a much of the building so it
fits in with all the others have you been building so then I have five and
total once you build the new two as well which would be a quite good start for a
legacy but also modify something obviously just makes it a bit more
unique to our buildings and our and our city and we haven’t come with the name
of the city yet have even started it I fought over the base plates with Lego
which is coming with the bookshop and so if you guys have any ideas for what you
call it as well get involved but this is what we’re gonna do today so I thought
I’d quickly just show you the box this is the box with the cafe and all the
kind of stuff you have quite a cool few minifigures in this as well and all
these little scenarios look pretty sick so don’t know if this is in focus or not
but we’re not gonna build these ones these do look cool and that actually
looks like it’s more of a modular structure than the others doesn’t it but
um we’re just gonna concentrate on building this I think first looking at
the little bills they’ve got in and then I’m gonna completely modify it but we’ll
do a time-lapse I’m gonna don’t actually that’s that’s clear open for us see the
scenario cutting open so just tip it out okay so the instruction fuck looks damn
big probably cuz it’s got all the different ones in but we’ll get to this
or time-lapse this and then I’ll show you the progress okay and we are done
there we go this is the well we’re not doing we’ve done the first packs but as
you can see here fingers are in the way and yeah it’s a lot easier isn’t it then
this is normal but then this is more your hi cheeky it is hell it’s
definitely Haran but as you can see you know Kate
building the other ones yeah whatever anyway so as you can see here this is
the start of the little building where is this okay so on the box we are here
we’ve just done that so we have got quite a little bit more to do by him
it’s a little coffee shop that looks a bit so I was just saying to you wasn’t I
off camera wasit was doing the the speeding bit that we already have a
coffee shop which is over there in the corner there and it’s a lot nicer that
one so when I go to modifying this I think I will change this up change this
3d sign but it’s pretty stick to get off and I mean who doesn’t like coffee mugs
we can use it everywhere I might make this a lot of pizza restaurant we have
pizzas yeah I can make Joey’s one for now yeah from the front so it’s like to
take out shop because it’s not too big yeah exactly so might do a little
takeout shop missing a little piece because it’s only got one place anyway
but we could make this more of a have this as more of a little counter over
here yeah and if I could be on Pizza pizzeria so that’s where I think we’re
gonna do that but for now keep it as is let’s clock on and carry on with the
next pack we’ve got on this back now two three four five six but it’s so smooth
it’s all bags on there I think as long okay number two down and I keep
forgetting that this is actually in the first build which is this little hotdog
stand really cool stand outside we’ve got a little hot dog bullet but nowhere
there’s gonna be serving hot dogs or eating hot dogs
what’s the reckon second is Anita thank you Sania yeah that’s very true seen
that all day its massive hot dogs banging so we’ve done the second floor
where chew it come around is just a little apartment got a cool little
cookware set here which is pretty sweet I like that quite nice with a little
calculator piece used as I’m guessing some microwave oven us and then I don’t
know copying normal of nice if he’s got a hand on top and then this little
cupboard he’s got this cool little balcony she’d go hang out this balcony
she would put me in the balcony yeah yeah he’s sittin on his balcony so we’ve
done those two bits there so I’m guessing we need to finish the roof for
this lady who are dunno why she’s standing on the roof of her own
apartment but that’s the way she goes but anyway so I’m gonna get some more
coffee because over now and get back to next stir back we’ve done half of the building I think
then this is half of it yes to fit well yeah technically
but yeah so this is it it’s got a little garden down the side why don’t garden
it’s part of the restaurant I think with a little pastry on yeah it’s like eating
area yeah and now I’ve now discovered why that
lady’s on her roof because she’s actually got a little every yeah
minecraft area that’s how I cut carrots look and I don’t know whether it’s a kid
or not because she’s got tiny legs but doesn’t
look like a kid and I wouldn’t I wouldn’t let kids loose on the reef with
scissors that’s not very educational of them as I
go but you got these white parents that make the deck or up which looks pretty
cool and oh that’s really nice I don’t like these bird builds I was
just mending like that I’m the dog build because you eat we had minifigure
versions so use minifigure versions so these ain’t staying I might use this as
like one of those ones where you put charity money boxes us and then make a
bit different when I do my mock but I’ll leave it as it is for now just to show
you the build but that’s it or not really cool I’m actually really
impressed with this ooh the separating Kenneth yeah really
impressive so we’ll go on to the next go on to the next set bit which looks
like it’s the cafe and the dog once I said pet store pet stores on yeah pet
shop yeah cool okay now on the corner we have our
little pet shop so that that’s Kannada before because around matcha we got this
new old grandpa who I think he’s just depositing money in his ATM machine and
we have a uilt Pelican and some little dog toys or that one looks like it’s
falling over now but their dog balls using Kinect balls I think and little
dog bones then if I spin it round so we can go inside then we have this really
cool goldfish build which can try and get to see it you can take it out yeah I
take it out and a little fish tank which is a little goldfish it’s quite funny
with a clip to make him look like he’s floating in a tank then there’s a little
mouse underneath there for some reason and cheese so not a fan of these builds
as I’ve said before someone modify this and put a parrot in there or something
instead but for now it’s all pretty cool so that’s two bags left we’re starting
to I think the next two are gonna be these two next two floors
so we’re will get onto it carry on okay and we have it almost done we are
on that’s the first floor of the to which I think they’re pretty identical
the next two but it’s getting there they’re almost at the same level now and
he’s got some pretty cool stuff who’s got this low gaming couch and I think
he’s watching or playing you see the watching Formula One or racing or
playing Formula One racing so it’s nice little build which I dunno what they’re
supposed to be games or DVDs or finals but pretty cool and then this actually
this bit moves so you have whatever you want and it doesn’t fall out which is
good okay pretty cool quite like that yeah and
then they have this 3d coffee that we built on the side but you cannot pray
undergoing in the marks ugly but it’s looking pretty cool quite liking it it’s
a nice look build so let’s go off and finish yeah let’s back and we are done it’s completely finished
there you go quite impressive they’ll build their 75
pounds is it we got it for 60 has been out a while so if you wanted to cap the
set it’s actually got some good deals and ours in at the moment but it’s a
really nice build that’s the reason I bought two of them cuz I actually really
like this modern look and this looks very much like the modulus its hoping I
can incorporate it into the city yeah really cool we’ve done his bedroom and
he’s got his mobile phone next to his bedside lamp and this weird front of
some sort side down and then this is really cool build which is wooden
slating and then a solar panel which is just wicked
oh this yeah it doesn’t get the best privacy so that is it
we built that now go try and modify this thing with building another one but hope
you enjoyed that the the new way of doing it more of a vlog let me know if
you prefer the older way the more professional way but I’m just trying to
mix it off and see what people like so hope everyone stays safe and gets
isolated and you know if you guys are bored you can always watch these videos
or if you have any recommendations of what we should do and but yeah happy
build in and we’ll see you in the next one bye

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