Building a Lego House Pencil Holder for Slime Sam – School Supplies Done With Fun

Sue! Sue, you need to give this box to the poor kids. Uhh….What’s this? Now that I’m а wealthy slime, it’s time to give back to the community. Aww, good for you Sam! You won’t regret it? Noo! It’s for a good cause. Hey guys! Sam just shocked me! Have you ever donated your toys or food to charity? Leave a comment below! And a little bit of this…. Sam! Come here right now! What is this? Oops. It’s… it’s for… Oh! It’s for the other charity project! Whaaat? The project for the homless Lego Minifigures! It’s called “Live, laugh, slime!” I need you to donate some time and build it though. Oh! That’s my new pencil holder! It’… mul-ti-func-tio-nal. Is that right? Okay. Let’s start with the base. First I’ll put together all the walls. They’re going to be blue. Here they are, the poor homeless that need a home. They’re cold, hungry… Sam, stop harassing me, I’m building a house! We believe you! Ok, there should be windows in these gaps. One here… And another one right next to it. Guys, look, these windows even have this glass part and look so real! Oh! Here’s a door, to prevent the thieves from getting in. What thieves? Lego thieves, of course! Ok, let’s get the door set too. It opens! It opens! And now I’ll finish the walls. Another there… Now these little guys will be a base for the roof. Guys, if you think we should do more Lego crafts give a thumbs up! Hey Sam! Tell me something interesting… Saaaaamusing Lego fun-facts! Fact #1.Together there were over 4 billions of Lego minifigures produced! Oh wow, that’s more than people in Asia! Now do you get my nightmares about toys’ uprising? I really do. Ok, meanwhile we’re moving on to the roof. Yellow brick, red brick… That’s my favorite part about Lego, it’s so colorful! Oh my goodness! Look at this beautiful house! And it’s no even done yet. A couple more windows here… And there. In Denmark, where Lego was invented, they built a real-life Lego house and everything inside is made of Lego! Are you serious? That would be so cool to go there! Meanwhile, our house, though not as big as a real one is almost done too. I just need to get together that part right here… and here…. Oh! It’ll be a small attic. Or a secret compartment. Let me get it in place myself! The Lego boy will go here on the side… And the girl right here. I feel so accomplished, what a good slime I am! Great job, Sammy! And… uh…well…you, too, Sue. Guys, if you liked our Lego video, give a thumbs up! Leave a comment below about the crafts you’d want to see and subscribe to be up to date. Bye-bye!

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