Build Your Own Toy Car That Runs on Salt Water – Exciting Experiments with Slime Sam

Oooohh…. amaziiiing…. Well, Sammy? How was your binge-watching of movies about the future? There were so many unusual and useful things! Sometimes a bit scary. But mostly useful! Technologies of the future are cool! Hmm…Well what about the present? Go on, tidy up in here… And I’ll think of what to show our viewers today. Oh… If I had a cleaning robot it would tidy up in a zap And I would continue watching movies about the future Guys, do you like movies about the future? Give a thumbs up if you do and write your favorite movie in the comments! Hm… what to do today… Sue! Sam? What are you doing here? I asked you to tidy up! It’s not him. I’m Sam from the future! Here, Sue. Give it to me from the present. But… why don’t you give it yourself? I can’t meet with myself. Good-bye Sue. But… Sam! I… I have so many questions! Saaam! Did I hear things or were you calling me? Er… almost you. You from the future. Whaaat? I’ve missed myself? Ooooh…. But…uh…you brought yourself a gift. Oh – oh really? Wow! Is it something from the future? I want to know what it is! Let’s see what’s inside… Looks like a car… Look, here’s a manual! Right! Let’s put it here! Hmm… Start with the wheels… That sounds right. This should go here. And this part… there! Aha! And repeat! Awesome ! Now we’ll start with the engine. Sue, Sue, now I believe you even more… Well, about the visit from the future! Really? This car works on salt water! Where else can you see something like that? Maybe the future is already here? Hmm.. I haven’t thought from that angle… What are you doing? I’m connecting wires. The black one goes here and the red one there. Don’t confuse them! Right. And now I’ll put the cover on! Now let’s get it mooving! Look. These parts let the car move on salt water! We need to assemble them like this. That here and that right on top. Will it fly? Oh…No, Sammy. I think flying cars are still far away. Aww… Okay, I’ll insert the engine of the future into the car. And… drip some salt water. 3….2…1…Goooo! Wow! The car moves on salt water all by itself! So, guys, did you like our car of the future? Give a thumbs up if you did! and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel What if Sam from the future pays another visit? And… and… wrtie in the comments which future technologies you are looking forward to! Bye! Hmph! Well… Fine… This thing is old… but it’s old only where I came from.

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