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-I’m Adam Ward. I’m a professional freelance Lego artist. Yeah, that is my real job. I’m gonna help you build amazing Lego creations that make this world a little more awesome. This is “Brick x Brick.” Welcome back to another episode of “Brick x Brick.” I’m your host, Adam Ward. And today we’re gonna teach you how to build something that will help you have more presence. And not “present,” like it’s a gift that you unwrap. “Presence” like being right here right now. Say, you invite a friend that you haven’t seen in a long time out to dinner. You go and you sit down and you start talking. And what do you do? You put your phone on the table. Now, doesn’t it seem like it might be a little bit hard to concentrate on what the person across from you is saying when there’s 20,000 other people vying for your attention on the table? So it’s time… to lock up our phones and turn that background noise way, way down. Phone, I hereby sentence you to one meal. [ Soft music plays ] [ Sighs ] [ Soft music plays ] Now it’s time to build our cellphone jail, and it turns out it takes a ton of pieces to build the one that I designed. Now, we’re gonna run down the pieces on the screen, so I won’t tell you how many of all of them, but here are the general pieces. A bunch of antenna. A bunch of 1×1 cones. We’ve got a ton of jumper plates. These are really cool. Now, they’re 1×2, but there’s only one dot on top. So they help you shift everything over a half brick. We’ve got a bunch of various sizes base plates. We’ve got 6x6s, 4x6s, 4x4s in gray and in red. You’re gonna need a ton of 2-by plates — 2x6s, 2x8s, 2x4s, 2x10s. Whatever you got, grab them. You’ll also need a bunch of one-by plates — 1×2, 1×4, 1×6, 1×8. A couple of tiles, and depending on how you want to design the top of your jail, you can use a ton of tiles, or if you want to keep that bumpy Lego look, you don’t need to use many at all. And to make our jail door swing, this awesome 2×2 hinge. We use three of these. You only really need one, but if you use three, that hinge will be really strong. You don’t want to have your phone doing a jail break. You ready? Let’s build. Okay, we’re gonna build this cellphone jail from the ground up. We’re gonna start with the base. [ Up-tempo music plays ] Building a Lego jail For my celly-phone Building a… [ Up-tempo music plays ] Okay, so, that’s the base. Now we’ll flip the base over. Take one of our hinges. When you make the hinge straight, you see there’s a little bump on the side. You want that facing in. Just like that. Door open. Door closed. [ Up-tempo music plays ] You have another hinge. [ Soft music plays ] Put it right on top. Right away you’ll feel the difference. [ Up-tempo music plays ] Now we’re gonna go all the way around the perimeter with one-bys. [ Up-tempo music plays ] Now, right on top of that perimeter we just did, we’re gonna do another layer of jump plates. [ Up-tempo music plays ] So, our base is about finished. Now let’s move on to the bars. The bars to our cellphone jail are made up of four pieces — two antenna and two of these 1×1 translucent cones. Take the cone, and you slide it all the way down. And if you’re not sure if it’s all the way down, move on to your table. Just give it a little press. Then you take your second antenna and plop it on top. Once your second antenna is on top, take another small cone. Same drill. All the way down. [ Up-tempo music plays ] Now to put our bars on our cellphone jail. [ Up-tempo music plays ] Now we’re gonna put our Lego jail aside for a second and work on the roof. [ Up-tempo music plays ] Now we’re gonna flip the ceiling over and do a border on the bottom. Now, you want to make sure that the side of the jumper plates, which will be the front, is open. So no bricks there. [ Up-tempo music plays ] Okay, so, this step is super-important. You’ve got your perimeter down each side — all one-by. But for the back of your jail, you need to use a two-by. See, the two-bys have these circles on the bottom of the plate. And the tops of the bars to your phone jail are gonna go right inside there. [ Soft music plays ] Just like that. So now the roof to our cellphone jail is practically finished. We’re ready to put it on top of our jail. Bring it in. Open up the door. You want to just rest it on at first. You’re gonna start with the very first bars. [ Up-tempo music plays ] Ha! Our cellphone jail officially has a roof. Now to finish the front door. First move is take one of these large plates — a 2×10 — put it on top of your cell bars. Still a little bit wobbly. So if you’ve got the pieces, it’s really nice to put a third hinge on the top. So, first, we put one more layer of plates on top. [ Up-tempo music plays ] Now a whole row of jumper plates down the door. [ Up-tempo music plays ] Now, the hinge goes from that jumper plate to these two. [ Soft music plays ] Go across the roof with another row of jumper plates. [ Up-tempo music plays ] There we go. Now our front cell door is almost finished. All we need to do is add a lock, and then it’s up to you how you want to design it. [ Up-tempo music plays ] Okay, so, you might notice that on top of the cell door, on one side, I use a 1×1 tile, and on the other side, a 1×1 plate. It wasn’t an accident. On the side we used the tile, that one’s just gonna slide nice and easy. But on the side where we used the plate, we put our 1×2 tile on top, and now the door is locked. All you got to do is take it off, and your phones are free to go. Whew! We did it. Jail completed. Congratulations. Give me a high five through the screen. Nice job. Now I’m gonna take this and test it out on my friends. I don’t think they’ll fit in there, though. [ Soft music plays ] Whew! It was a really tough build today, but I had a great time. I hope you did, too. I can’t wait to see what you built. So take a photo. Take a video. Take a video of you locking up your friends’ phones. Post it on our Facebook page. Be sure to subscribe so you can learn how to build even more things. Have a wonderful day. Be present. I’ll catch you next time.

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  1. i dont think this guy realizes how many people are watching his shitty videos about childs toys on their cell phones…

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  3. it's so nice to see someone who wants to make a positive impact in my YouTube feed instead of people tearing each other apart and sueing each other and YouTube shutting people down and internet drama and also something to watch when I've lost all other faith in humanity, so thank you +soulpancakes for helping to make the world a better and more positive place!!!

  4. So what it do if it lock the phone why do u want to lock ur Friend phone like if they are dieing and u lock their phone that Fck up and they could just grab their axe and break ur lego why do u want that to happen

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  7. The builds happen at light speed and the explanations take forever. I would recommend a "Tasty" style building video with a little less "face" time, although this particular video is a few years old so I'm sure you've heard it before by now

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