Bucket’s List: “Into the Unknown” – Star Wars Resistance

– This is Bucket’s List
for Into the Unknown. Command Bridge. We see the command
bridge of the Colossus for the first time
in this episode. Since it was not in use
while the ship was stationed on Castilon, the
Bridge’s command crew is staffed by droids that were
previously powered down along with the rest of the bridge. – I never knew this
place was up here. – First Order Barracks. Tam is beginning to adjust to
life within the First Order. These military barracks are
based off similar housing seen in Star Wars Rebels with
some new details and tech inspired by Kyle Ryan’s quarters
in Star Wars The Last Jedi. – Finally, a real pilot. – Aurebesh translation. The writing we see on
Captain Doza’s hologram is in Aurebesh, the alphabet
of the Star Wars Galaxy. Translated to English it
means, diagnostics error. You can see more Aurebesh
on the display screens in the engineering section. These say, danger, low
gravity, but I think our friends already know that. – Ah. What’s happening? – Check out Star Wars
Resistance on Disney XD and Disney Channel.

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14 thoughts on “Bucket’s List: “Into the Unknown” – Star Wars Resistance

  1. Why is "Bucket's list" now on Star Wars Kids youtube channel? ;/
    Why there is no Sweet looking Andi? 🙁 Why not on the official Star Wars Channel? 🙁

  2. I thought the episode was an alright start to season 2 of Resistance. Now that we know this is the final season, the show’s starting to feel more like a “filler series”, if you will. These characters aren’t gonna be fleshed out and followed like The Clone Wars and Rebels were; it’s just here to lead us into Ep 9 while providing some fun new characters and stories. I’m sure they’ll be seen in comics and books more though.

    Of course, this is just one episode, so it’s hard to tell how developed they’ll be in this last season. Anyways, curious to see the next episode.

  3. Where's Galaxy of Adventure? I require more incredibly re-animated scenes from the films.

    It's fine if it's just taking a while, but it seems like they've just stopped.

  4. Star Wars Resistance really does shows Dave Filoni’s love of Robotech great homage. Also bonus for horror movie homage in October.

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