BTS Jin (진) x Mattel Dolls Repaint /방탄소년단 마텔 인형 리페인팅 Fashion Doll

Today I’m gonna show you how I prepare dolls before repainting. Put a cloth around the doll’s face and tie this with an elastic band. Flip the fabric over and relocate the band to his hairline. Swaddle the doll’s body in another cloth. Now these robe things will protect every part of the doll except his face from spray. His long legs were likely to poke my belly during repainting so I adjusted his posture a little bit like this. And I’m good with this reach. You need pure acetone and Magic Block when removing the stock makeup. You know, the adhesive cleaning sponge from Germany. And then deal with resisting parts with the
paper dog-ears as I showed you in my previous video. Oh, ow.. this plastic band can be dissolved by acetone..!! After wiping its bare face with water, spray with the matt-type clear spray so the face gains paper-like surface. Here’s a quick tip. Hold the can 20 to 30 cm away from the doll and press the button from the left side of the doll and drag the can across it. Do not spray directly onto it. When it was done right, the face’d look moist, not dripping wet. Oh, let me catch my breath for a sec. Honestly speaking, I thought this Jin repaint would be much easier than the previous two and even posted this over-confident message on Instagram. Oh my goodness, I was wrong. I’ll never underestimate any repaints ever
again. It took me a week. I don’t know where to begin. The entire process was a total mish-mess and I feel like I did the “bye-bye mr.nobody thing” like three times. To give an impression that eye”ball”s are behind the skin, put some light brown pastels around his eyes. And use apricot pink for natural blushing, down the side of nose and on the cheeks. Do some smoky to add more depth at the end of the underlines. I always provide more information on the products I used below in the “show more” tab, so please see more. Jin’s top was weird. The jacket itself is okay but the hoody’s
kinda fake. So I cut it off. And this is a better idea, too, when putting on clothes. Errr.. okay. One last revision. I thought he needed more highlight on his
cheeks and a slightly larger lipline. And that’s it! Now I’ll let him go.

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100 thoughts on “BTS Jin (진) x Mattel Dolls Repaint /방탄소년단 마텔 인형 리페인팅 Fashion Doll

  1. I have an ARMY daughter and I took an interest in BTS to be able to chat to her about something she is very passionate about. So I know a LOT about the boys and also these dolls in particular, not least that ARMY LOATHE the way they look (she's not even bothering with them and is, instead, waiting for the Pop Vinyl versions to come out). So I honestly don't know why Mattel couldn't have employed people like you to do the design, even of the originals that the production line would've been made from. Surely, especially knowing how passionate ARMY are about BTS, getting them right would be a GOOD thing?

    I know you took a lot of attempts (though I thought each one was really good) and I really appreciate you giving us tips on how to use the products, but your finished article was 100 times better than original and, like the Namjoon and Hobi you've also done, really LOOKED like Jin. On behalf of my ARMY daughter I would like to say a heartfelt THANK YOU; THANK YOU for doing what Mattel should've done….making BTS LOOK like themselves. As Tae would say "we purple you." (*^▽^*)

  2. 우와아.. 이정도 리페 실력이시면 그냥 인형 회사 하나 차려도 될듯요ㅋㅋ 인물 얼굴 특징을 잘 살리시는것 같아요!

  3. 정말 신기해요 ~어쩜 저렇게 표정이 닮았을까요^^
    진정 금손이세요~써프라이즈!!
    울 태형이도 좀 꼭 빨리 보고싶습니다~~

  4. THIS LOOKS AMAZING you see here we have someone who actually put a lot off effort into making BTS as dolls and then we have Mattel who didn't even tried I pries you for you work!

  5. Miss, your revisions are amazing, and thanks for showing how to soften the hair. I got all the members myself, but….I can't say that clothes impress me. So I'm gonna make some for each of them. <3

  6. 순식간에 거지같던 인형이 완전 방탄으로 변신.ㅋㅋㅋ 고급스럽고 진짜 비슷해서 인형에 생명력이 생긴거 같네요! 금손이다.

  7. I literally SCREAMED when I saw the finished look, that looks exactly like Jin omg, you are literally a walking talent. Mattel could never.

  8. OH MY GOD, te quedo hermoso el World Wide Handsome ❤️ eres increíble!!!!! you have talent, I love youuuuu (sorry for my english).

  9. 솔직히…그림이고 인형이고 jin 보다 못함. 이 인형도 진보단 못함. 그래도 그 중에 아주 비슷하긴함. jin이 워낙 출중해서이니 이해해주길 바람.

  10. О Боже Такое чувство будто это его маленькая копия , лицо получилось реально настоящим!

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