welcome to our viewers in the United
States and around the world thanks for joining us on this lovely day
my name is Tracy Bricknose and this is Bricknew! with today’s most important story the riots that the banana neighbor studio has taken a new direction in
which the amount of violence is growing every day but first this: last week
the police arrested a strange looking girl named Stephanie she was riding an
unregistered vehicle on bananenbuurmans automated Lego road while
carrying two highly illegal party hamsters on the back of her bicycle. She
caught the attention of the officers because she was moving very strange.
After pulling her over they discovered this freaky anomaly she couldn’t move
her knees and elbows. Also she was unable to move her hands. Her origin is still unknown. The animals were taken into custody, as well as the girl. She will be taken to a
research facility to find out why she doesn’t look like a normal minifigure. At
the moment the police could not supply us with any information on what will
happen to the party animals. What have been a peaceful protest
earlier has devolved in chaos a large group of subscribers were objecting
against the recent banana neighbors name change. They held a peaceful protest, then over the last several days things escalated. Our reporter Scott is currently
at the banana neighbor studio, Scott how is the situation right now? – Thank you
Tracy. I’m standing here again at the Banana neighbor studio where it’s
getting more crowded every day. As people are here for a longer time now, people
become aggregated and some cases of vandalism and aggression has been
reported already. – “Hey bananenbuurman! dare to come out!” Many of the people also sleep on the
site so the protest continues at night as well. How long will these people hold
on? oh wait… it looks like something is happening there yes it seems we are now getting to know
more people! calm down! I am the banana neighbors
spokesperson and I am here on behalf of the banana neighbor! There’s no need to
worry, you have let us know of this name change was unacceptable and sice we can’t ignore our most biggest and a dedicated fans, we’ve decided: the name will be changed back! but there is just one little catch: If this video reaches 100 likes, only then, the name will be restored! Please leave the premises now and go home in a quiet and decent manner! Bananenbuurman will not sue you
for all the noise and damage unless you are subscribed! So make sure you are! SCOTT: You
heard the man say: as a result of the protests and the massive amounts of
complaints of the most dedicated fans, banana neighbor decided to change the
name back from Banana neighbor to Bananenbuurman. That is if this video
will reach 100 likes, to me that seems to be not a whole lot so that can’t be too
big of a problem considering the amount of already subscribed people. So, is this
the end of a long and painful story for the bananenbuurman or will this name change debacle persui the bananenbuurman for a long time? only time will tell. one thing is for sure in the meantime
people have packed up and are leaving so the peace is restored again and with
that but necessary conditions for the Bananenbuurman to produce the
coolest videos for all the true fans out there returned as well. Hopefully this leads to
some interest in new videos. So tracy,I just liked the video on my mobile Are you also going to do that? TRACY: i’m going to do that right away Scott! Thank you again for another amazing
report hopefully the outcome will be satisfying for everyone! I’m Tracy brick
nose and this was Brick News. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Voor mij maakt de naam niet uit als je maar die leuke filmpjes blijft maken van uit de tuin.
    Want ik zelf leuk vind dat de Lego treinen in de tuin het leukst en misschien wil ik dat ook wel in de toekomst in mijn eigen tuin gaan doen.

  2. Well, you certainly had a passionate response! You're definitely taking this in your stride, however – I just hope that things work out for you soon, name change or no name change.

    Keep on animating, and keep on being awesome! 😀

  3. Great show! Also well performed and animated. It must have taken a long time to animate all the minifigures at the same time. Really well done!

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