Boys Review Girls Toys

AHHH! *crashing noises* Oooo…. Donel: I don’t know about you Tom, but I’m super excited for this Tom: I’m super excited. John: No peeking NOOOOO!!! *laughs* (singing) My Little Pony! A baby would like that A baby would like that? You can take off the crown… Hmm… No! Don’t throw it! Whatch ya think? Yes. Yeah? OK….I am the Queen of England…. get wrecked, son. I see a button. Press it. (singing from toy) La, la, la la, la! Donel: La, la, la, la, la…. (singing) I like the noise… I still don’t like it!! Naahhhh!! What if it was blue, would you like it then? Yep. Really? No! ‘Cause actually, I don’t like any ponies. I give it two points, because I like the music. Donel: I don’t know where this came from… We haven’t even gone to the next toy yet!? Donel: That’s true. George: Do you think this is a toy boys can enjoy as well? *pushes button* *magical music plays* George: You’ve had a lot of fun so far… NO!! *laughs* *gasps* Oh whoa!! Check this out! You can have that! Donal: Why do you think it’s a girl’s toy? “Cause it’s Barbie! Whaaa!!! *car noises* I’m gonna get you! I like bikes but don’t like this… …and watch this…*sings* Whoa!!! AHHH! *car crashing noises* *laughs* Let me try again! Ahhh! *crashing noises* *laughs* Oooo…I hope that’s not broken… Can we open them? NO way! Donel: I’m guessing it’s pink! LEGO!! Oh! That’s cool! *crashing of LEGO* Whaaat?? Oh yes…this is the best thing ever! Donel: I love LEGO. I think LEGO is cool. Well, I like the *boy* type of LEGO… John: What’s her name? Flower, the poop. Flower, the poop. OK then, you can play with all the girl stuff. I’ll handle all the BOY stuff! Well…I hate to break it to ya… There we go! *LEGO crashes* I’m a very good, professional… barber. Eight out of ten… Eight out of ten? That’s really good! Donel: Is there any more?? *laughing* …and the favorite part about this is, this whole thing I like some girl stuff… don’t like their attitudes, am I right? High five! Noo…. “Cause you’re a girl, ’cause you like girl stuff! *laughs* Check this out! George: This is super cute! John: He’s lovely *gasps* Taylor, No! Stop it! The poor panda!! Lets put that away… Donel: No! Wa…wai..wait….don’t drop it. Wait, wait wait….make sure it doesn’t fall. It’s expensive… John: How could you hit him? Look at him..or look at her! She’s lovely! *clicking of arms* *toy making cooing noises* I think this is like one of those Ewoks from Star Wars. I think this is really cute! *toy making cooing noises* Let’s dance…. Ohh! Toy: Oooo! She liked it… Put the horror music in right now…. Duuuunnnnn….(singing) Coming this Halloween…. it’s black…it’s white… and it’s hungry for flesh! Paaannndaaaa bear!!! You have to zoom into that face. He’s cool. Yeah, I think it’s the best one… Oh, cool! Rock and roll! Can I have a high five? *thunk* *thunk* *thunk* *whack!* *laughs* Shall we say…shall we do a sound effect of “gliiingg” and say “The End”? So people know it’s the end of the video? *Glliiinnnggg!* George: The End Sean: Subscribe! Subscribe! Subscribe! Sean: Do not unlike! George: You’re in trouble! Sean: You are in… Zoom in!!

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