Blaze and The Monster Machines 🚗 ‘Toy Trouble’ New Episode Scene | Nick Jr.

[music playing] Look, big puddles of water! I bet that water-squirting
octopus made these! Then it must be around here somewhere! Help us look for it. Is the octopus at the park? No, let’s look somewhere else. Is the octopus at the bakery? Uh-uh, no octopus there! Is the octopus at the carnival? Yeah, it’s over there
on top of the tallest ride! And it looks like
it’s about to blast more water! – Oh, look out!
– Take cover, guys! – Ahh!
– Let’s get outta here! Phew, that water-blasting octopus
is making a huge mess! We’ve gotta find some way
to get up there and shrink it! Before we get hit
by a giant water drop! Woah! Phew! I wish there was some way we could
absorb those giant water drops! Hey, I know what we can use! A mop! Mops can pull in lots of water,
that’s why they’re so good for clean up! Watch this! [engine revving] [groaning] – Woah!
– It worked! The mop absorbed that giant water drop! Come on, Watts, grab a mop
and let’s get going! Oh, yeah! Careful, Monster Machines! The giant octopus is about
to blast out more water! Look, it blasted out one drop! And here come two more! How many drops are there altogether? Three, yeah! It’s absorption time! – One… two!
– Three! – Yeah!
– Way to use those mops! Come on, let’s keep going! Heads up, guys! The octopus is about to blast more water! Here come two drops! And two more! How many drops are there altogether? Four, right! One… two! Three… four! – Woohoo!
– We got ’em! But get ready, the octopus toy
is about to blast even more this time! Two drops! Plus one drop! And two more! How many drops are there altogether? Five, yeah! – Ready?
– Set! Absorb! One… two… three! Four… five! – Yeah!
– We did it! Now there’s only one thing left to do! Press that green button
and shrink that octopus! But we’d better hurry, it’s getting ready
to blast the most water yet! Come on, Watts,
it’s time to use blazing speed! Oh, yeah! [blasting] To give us blazing speed,
say… let’s Blaze! Let’s Blaze! [engine roaring] Woo-hoo-hoo! – Yeah!
– We did it! Little octopus,
I think you’re the perfect size now! [laughing] Good work, team! We saved Axel City
from the giant toys! Yeah, and now that all the toys
are the right size, I know just what we should do! What’s that, Gabby? Let’s play! ♪ Let’s Blaze ♪ ♪ Spinning round, together now
We’ll rock it out, let’s race ♪ ♪ Catching air, my friends are there
Yeah, everywhere, let’s Blaze ♪ ♪ Let’s shout hooray ♪ ♪ Come on, let’s Blaze ♪ You can ask your parents to subscribe
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11 thoughts on “Blaze and The Monster Machines 🚗 ‘Toy Trouble’ New Episode Scene | Nick Jr.

  1. Today was suppose to be a video with Dora in it your not following the pattern. Dora better be Tomorrow disliked.

  2. Your Australia website moved up Dora to the front of the website recently can you please do the same Nick Jr USA.

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