BGS 2018: Entrevistamos Matt Ellison de Lego DC Super Villains

Mathew, thank you very much for your time, we appreciated it,
as I told you before, it was a huge success Lego in E3, where everyone loved it, we got
thousands and thousands of views, and I believe they wanna know a little more about the game
and see as well, the gameplay here with portuguese subtitles, and the game is dubbed in portuguese
as well, so it’s really important to us. Well, we are really excited to be sharing
this game again, it’s really cool to have all the villains and yeah, like you said it’s
important to have Brazilian portuguese and yeah for us is really important to people
being able to play it. Yeah, definitely people here are anxious to
play the game, so our first question is, why villains, why did it come that idea totally
different from latest releases from Lego franchise, we play as the superhero, the good guy and
now you are the bad guy, how did you come with that idea which I loved. I think that, everyone wants to play villain
sometimes, didn’t they? And DC has such fantastic villains. The best villains. Exactly, so playing as the Joker, Harley Quinn,
Scarecrow, Bane, everyone really loves this characters, so to be able to put then at the
very front of our story is really really cool. Is there anything you could tell us about
the story of the game or what’s happening to the world that now the villains assumed
everything and superheros are kind of missing? Yeah I can, so the other really cool thing
with this game, it’d the first time we have done this, is you creating the villain, that
then goes into the story, and that villain is very important in that story and they get
more powerful as the story progresses, so that’s one of things that people will see
as they play through the story, the other thing and he’s all alluded to it, was the
Justice League get taken out of the picture, they get zapped away and they’re on apocalypse,
so another group that looks an awful a lot like the Justice League, turn on and then
the bad guys like Joker, Lex Luthor realized that these bad guys aren’t who they say they
are, so they sort of realize, they have got to stop them and make sure, they sort of work
together but they have they own agenda, they have their own reasons to want to try and
get piece of the world for themselves. Yeah but there’s is no piece of the world,
and you spoke about the customizations of the villains, your main character and he get
powers through the stages, the customization is huge here, our friend Pedro is at the back,
he’s playing the game right now and he said, oh I could spend like half an hour making
my own character, how much effort did you put to make on this customization, the options,
the types of villain that you can be. The character customizer is something all
the Lego games had before, but previously it sort of been put to the side in the background
whereas now in fronts , is the first thing you do in the game, create this character
so it’s really really important and we’ve taken it to another level with the amount
of customization, basically every single part of the minifigure can be changed in some way
you have some wacky outfits, you can change the color of virtually everything from the
hair to the weapons, accessories and also the abilities, you can unlock abilities through
the game, but the first ability you unlock is gold Lego a heat beam to destroy gold Lego
and you can change the look of that beam, the color of that beam, where the beam comes
from, it comes from your eyes, it can come from your chest, it can come from your hands,
that’s it, so you can do all of this stuff to customize your villain on the way you want
them to be. Another thing that is very common in the Lego
franchise is the puzzles, so it have a lot of puzzles, we also have it here, he’s in
one of then right now, yeah, that one is awesome, and something I could see , there are new
puzzles, there are more puzzles that challenge you even more, how did you guys work in the
new puzzles. Well we are always looking to see, what we
can do that is fun, but also challenging, but not too challenging because our audience
is very wide, we have young kids that play games, and so we made these games for everyone,
we want everyone to be able to get through them, this puzzle right here is sort of quite
good example where you can sort of work it out, you can actually get it wrong, so there’s
a bit of challenge, but not too much as you play through the story some puzzles get a
little bit more complex, but the main thing is just want the puzzles to be fun and for
people to be able to work them out. A thing that we know and love here, I believe
the the entire world is a big fan of Star Wars and we have Mark Hamill and yeah he’s
the voice of the Joker and he’s an amazing Joker, and how much did you work with Mark
Hamill and other people influence in the game or what the tips that may you give and something
that they said “oh, okay Mark Hamill is telling us that, yeah the Joker is telling us that”,
how’s the work with those guys. Well, it’s incredible the boys talent we’ve
got in this game is unbelievable and like I said, when you work with someone like Mark
Hamill, you can give him a script,but he knows the Joker, he’ll do things better, and he
knows the character so well that he can add to the character and that all comes across
in his dialogue and it’s incredibly funny, and it is amazing to work with such talented
people And for our last question, we’ll still on
the voices, we just talked about Mark Hamill, and we skope in the beginning that it’s going
to be dubbed in portuguese, what is the feedback of the brazilians to have the game with their
own language, with some famous people from here, I know that we are going to have some
digital influencers, some youtubers, people that community loves, what is the feedback
that you have on that? Well, Brazil is a massive market for us, a
lot of people here really like games and that’s fantastic for us, so yeah we’ve been supporting
Brazilian portuguese for a quite long time and the localizations teams and Warner Bros
Brazil office, everyone who’s works in this region, they recommend a lot of people who
would be really cool to voice different Roles in the game so, yeah we work very closely
with this teams so that the Brazilian voice acting can be as strong as possible. Thank you very much for the interview, it’s
going to be launched october, what date? October, 16, so is very very close. Playstations 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch
that’s it? Exactly that! That’s it then, thank you very much!

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