Best NextX Kids Magnetic Drawing Board Unboxing Toy Review

Hey Tiffsters it’s me Tiffany Taylor. I am super excited for today’s video because NextX was so kind enough to send me this super cool magnetic drawing board! So let’s unbox it together and check it out Bustfirst if you are new to my channel subscribe! & click the little bell right next to it so you know when I have a new video! and this is my instagram in case u want to follow me or something
now let’s get started Let’s open it Tiffsters whoa stickers to decorate my drawing board look there’s a lot of stickers these are these are fruit these are magnetic fruit but they’re not real they are pretend you just draw on the paper and it’s big so I’ll draw a big circle now let’s draw back Tiffsters if you had a drawing board what would you draw on it leave me a comment look no mess the letter T for Tiffany and it has different colors too! look Tiffsters the stampers fit in my hand and they’re almost as big as I am make another one and look you also erase them too this is perfect to learn how to draw babies know how to draw too what I like about this drawing board is I like that it takes off the color and it has another new coloring this one I never had this before my favorite is the strawberries because love strawberries they’re my favorite
What fruit do you like you like strawberry berries or this one leave me a comment Tiffsters this is perfect to take in the car and you can color at grandmas outside look it has a handle it’s actually light not heavy
let’s look see anybody can take it anywhere this strawberry did great oh my gosh Tiffsters this is blue now let’s take out look at all these, these are perfect that’s amazing and look when I draw something ok Tiffsters I can play with this all day because I love it so much it is Tiffany approved if you want to get your own the link is in the description box below ok so it’s been about a week now since we got this toy or this magnetic drawing writing board and I have to say that my girls are obsessed with its definitely their new favorite toy in this house I’m gonna have to get another
one because they do have a problem with sharing but they love it like Tiffany
just woke up and the first thing she looks for is this writing board and I’m
using my phone right now because I just wanna do like a quick update seriously
like she’s obsessed with this also what I really like about this is that it
feels light and it feels feels like it might not last but honestly it’s already
been through a lot the girls already dropped it like so many times and my
littlest one she is not gentle with it and it has survived so I really like
that if it hasn’t chipped or anything Tiffany really likes taking this in the car
and we do to take long car rides to go visit grandma so I’m gonna see if they
have a smaller version of this and unfortunately they already lost one of the
stampers they alreally lost the strawberry so that’s one thing that I really have
to be behind them on these to make sure they don’t loose them but overall great product I highly recommend it especially right now Tiffany is three going on four so it’s
perfect for her learning to write color she’s really into coloring also another
thing that she really likes doing is stamping and counting
she’s really into counting right now and really into drawing so this came at a
perfect perfect time highly recommend it Tiffsters Tiffsters of the week right here do you want to be my Tiffsters of the week instructions are in the description box below give this video a thumbs up and click right here on my face to subscribe and join the Tiffster fam see you later

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