Beauty and the Beast – LEGO Disney Princess – Minisode

Once upon a time there was a girl called belle she loved to read books But what she wanted what she really really wanted was to have an adventure of her own her dad when she showed his creations at A fair, but he’ve got lost on the way and then trapped at Castle by a big hairy beast [omg] But the beast was actually a prince under a spell which meant he had to find true Love before an enchanted Rose big 12 losts it last petals. [oh] Belle wanted to rescue her dad and [convince] the beasts to swap places which was really very brave of her [really brave] Because beast were get really mad [crazy] Pretty much everyone was scared of him Except for Belle [that girl wasn’t scaried of anything] What’s your problem? You’ve got a chip on your shoulder [in the end] Belle meet a lot of new friends in the castle And it turned out that beast wasn’t that bad [so] he danced, fell in love the whole tale as all [the] time But there was an annoying selfie kind of guy called Gaston who wanted to Marry Belle and be the main man in the story [what?] Gaston trapped in front of the roof of the castle they fought [fight, fight, fight] But the beast won the day [go beast!] It didn’t matter anyway because the last rose petal fell to the ground and beast was no more [the end] [But not really] she had said the Magic words [I love you] so beast transformed back into a toy again [I] mean, a prince. And they lived happily ever after The end [for real this time]

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92 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast – LEGO Disney Princess – Minisode

  1. Belle wasn't brave about everything. She WAS scared of beast but of course she developed into loving him. Everything else seems logical i guess

  2. Really guys just a picture of Gaston as part of this Lego movie? WHY COULDN'T LEGO JUST MAKE A FIGURE OF HIM???!!!

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