Batman vs Black Panther? SuperHero Kids Comics

– I’m going to make a yellow belt. And stripes on Batman’s cape,
it’s going to look so cool. – Hey Hope! What cha doing? – I’m coloring this Batman
photo with only three markers. It could be really easy, because all you need is only one color. – Hey hope, check out my mask
and claw, I’m black panther. (growling) – Hey, what was that for? – Black Panther can beat
Batman in a battle any day. – No way, Batman has way more
gadgets than Black panther. He has his batarang , his utility belt. – Batman’s gadgets are weak. Black panther’s gadgets
are made of vibranium. You can’t get through that. – Let’s see if your gadgets can take this. Well, Batman is prepared
for every situation. Like now, I’m hungry, and
I was prepared for that. Noah, where’d you go? (growling) – Surprise, with Black
Panthers awesome skills, he can catch Batman off guard. – But Batman is prepared for anything. Even surprises, he never loses. – Oh yeah, well Black Panther’s a king, and Batman can never beat that. – Well I bet Batman can find a way. – Well at least Black Panther
isn’t dressed like a bat. – Well at least Batman
doesn’t dress like a cat! (laughing) – Whoa, it’s a Black
Panther Lego mystery box! Whoa, I wanna build this one! I feel like I’m forgetting something. Soccer practice, I’ll
build the rest later. Now, where’s somewhere
safe that I could put it? – Hey Eden, can you protect
my Lego set I just built. – Sure thing brother. (sirens) This will keep it safe. This job is making me hungry. I’m gonna go eat a donut. I’ve been saving these for
just the right occasion. – Which game should I play? – Hey, sis! Wanna play a
game while I guard Noah’s Le. – This is really cool,
Lets play with this. – No, Noah said nobody can touch that. – I’ll be careful, I won’t break it. – No, give it to me,
I have to put it back. – No, wanna play with it. – No, I have to put it back! – No! (smashing) – We have to get this put
together before Noah gets home. – Got it. – Found it. – I got it. – I found another one. – Is it hot, oh okay, its not hot. Got it. – Is he alive?
Oh, he’s good. – We only need one more piece. – I got a Lego. – Miles, come here I need that. Miles, come back, I need that piece. Where did you go? – Hurry, I see Noah walking back. – I have a plan, you go
upstairs to build the Lego set, and I’ll find Miles and
get the last Lego piece. – I’ll just get drink some super fast, so I can get it built in time. Done. – Miles? – I can’t wait to see my
Lego set when I get home. – Miles, are you playing hide and go seek? I’m gonna find you. Miles?
Of course he’s not there. Not here either.
Miles, where are you? (giggling) I heard that cute little laugh. Now where are you? I found you.
Thank you. Eden, I’m coming up with the last piece. – Hurry, I’ve got everything
else put back together. – Hope, why did you touch my new Lego set? I told Eden not to let anybody touch it. – Sorry, here you go. – Eden, you let a piece get away. – Sorry Noah, I guess the
alarm system I built failed. I’ll do better next time. – Its okay, at least
it was just one piece, it would have been awful
if thing broke, right? (nervous laughing) – Yeah. – Let’s go see what’s else
in the Black Panther box! – Hey, Eden, while I finish
wrapping the last present, can you go finish setting up Noah’s super hero birthday party? Mom left everything on the table. – I’ve got just the thing. Okay, lets get to it. With this popping party thrower, I can get this party set up in no time! Yes, it works beautifully.
Now for the balloons. Perfect, now it’s time for streamers. What, no. – Done, I wonder how Eden’s doing. Hey, Eden how’s the part stuff go. (crying) What in the world happened? I told you to set the party up, not throw it all in the pool. – I know, I was using my new
popping party thrower invention and it malfunctioned. It threw everything in to the pool. – Well, we need to clean this up before Noah and Mom get here. Eden, jump in the pool
and get all the stuff. – What, you’re crazy, it’s
freezing, you jump in. – Never mind. – Come on, I almost got it. – Let’s get the net. I can’t get it. – Here, let me try. This is taking too long. Mom and Noah will be here any minute. I have an idea, Eden you can change your
popping party thrower, into a popping party grabber. – But I worked so hard on it. If I change it, it won’t be the same. – It’s time to take your lemon
and turn it into lemonade. – But I don’t even like lemonade. Plus, I brought soda for the party. – I mean, we gotta take what we have, and use it to solve the problem. Now please change your machine. – Done. – Awesome Eden, it worked just in time. Well, for the most part. – You guys are the best sisters ever. Why is the cake wet? Hey guys, if you wish me happy birthday, make sure to comment down below. And comment down below
when your birthday is. Make sure to click that
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