Batman Has Zero F***s | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim

Tell me… Do you bleed? Before you answer, just know
that I don’t give a [bleep] J.K.
I give so many [bleeps] Inside that bag
are all the [bleep] I give. It’s empty. [ Thunder crashes ] Darn it! I’ll just run over
to the [bleep] store. It’s open till 9:00. Oh, no, it’s 9:02. Enough with this silliness.
Your fight is not with me. There is a greater threat. Oh, look!
A vending machine! And there’s one
[bleep] left. All right, you’re gonna
check your pockets and say something like,
“Oh, man, I don’t have a dollar. Looks like I can’t
give a [bleep]” So don’t waste your time. But I have a dollar. [ Thunder crashes ] [ Beeping ] Oh, no! The [bleep] got stuck. I cannot believe you went to all
that effort just for this bit. I’m out of here. Got your [bleeps] here! Fresh hot [bleep]
two for a dollar! No, no, no,
he left, bro. He’s already gone.

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100 thoughts on “Batman Has Zero F***s | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim

  1. This is serious? these guys just commented one sentence of the video and got like… thousands of likes?

    Santa Madre de Dios

  2. For about 4 frames, Superman's fingers are cut off. Did they not have him totally in shot when taking the pictures?

  3. This is totally not believable. Batman wouldn't have a dollar. He'd have his Bat credit card, he never leaves the cave without it.

  4. If Superman stayed


    Batman: “Oh look, more fucks. But oh no! I spent my last dollar.”

  5. I would not be surprised if Batman built a fuck store right next to where they meet just for the skit


  6. What batman wanted to say when the fresh hot fucks guy showed up: "oh no, looks like I already spent my last dollar" devilish grin

  7. Batman :
    What about you Wonder Woman?
    Do you BLEED ??

    Wonder Woman :
    Yes I am, I'm in my PERIOD now, so STFU…


  8. "I've no more fucks to give,
    my fuck well's come up dry,
    I went to go fuck shopping but there's no fucks left to buy!"

    "I've no more fucks to give,
    My fucks are all depleted,
    I've rallied my fuck army but it's been fucking defeated!"

  9. I cannot believe Robot Chicken went to all that effort just for this not funny bit. It's the same joke over and over again with different words and it wasn't funny the first time.

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