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Hello, this is Sandra with the DisneyCarToys
Channel and today we are going to do something super exciting, I have been waiting
a long time to do these. I am going to make Elsa an ugly Christmas sweater. And if
you would like to follow along with me, all you’ll need is a few cans of Play Doh,
A Play Doh roller, a Play Doh knife and a hard surface. I can’t wait to make Elsa’s
ugly Christmas sweater, so lets get started. All you need to do is roll out some red Play
Doh. And for this Christmas sweater for the Elsa Barbie doll you’ll need to cut
out three different pieces of Play Doh. One piece which I am cutting out right now, a
rectangular piece, for the top. And then later we will cut out two pieces for sleeves.
Once you have that big rectangular piece cut out just wrap it around Elsa’s body.
You can see I made it a little bit long, so let me pull back her hair. And I will just cut
off the extra Play Doh here. It’s a little bit on this side. And I will have to cut off a little
bit on this side too. And we are one third of the way done making the actual sweater part
of the outfit now. So lets move on by cutting out the sleeves, to be kind of thicker
on one end and thinner on the other. Just because Elsa’s shoulders are obviously
thinner then her wrist. And the pieces almost look like a triangle with the top cut
off. This is actually my first long sleeve Play Doh Barbie outfit. It’s not as hard
as I thought it would be. All you need to do is attach the sleeve, and its kind of easier
to start at the shoulder. And then work your way down, you juts find of punch together
the end of the Play Doh. Just on the under side of her arms like this, kind of press
it to her body, for it to stick well. And I made the sleeves a little long, but luckily it’s
Play Doh so just cut off the excess Play Doh. And tada a beautiful sleeve. And we will do
the other side, just attach it at her shoulder again. You watch to make sure the
Play Doh on sleeve attaches to the top part of the sweater. Pinch in the sleeve at
the arms and its long again have to cut this part off. This actually kind of reminds me
the birds building the dress for Cinderella in that movie. Elsa’s sweater actually looks
really pretty at this part, perfect for a Christmas party. But we want an ugly Christmas
sweater, so lets start making the ugly stuff. Elsa’s ugly Christmas sweater
is going to have a Christmas tree design, which I am hoping will be pretty easy. Now
your normal ugly Christmas sweaters do have kind of the puffy soft 3D look. And so
a good way to get that with Play Doh, is by doing more a 3D build with the Play Doh.
So I am going to roll out a bazillion little green balls here. Almost looks like peas actually,
we’ll make all these little balls then put them together to make a nice Christmas
tree shape. And now for the fun part! The decorating, so I am going to smoosh each
one of these green balls here into her sweater. It really really looks like peas,
but we will do one row at a time, it’s like building a pyramid. Its starting to look a
little more like a Christmas tree, can you see it? Just a few more, there we go. That
looks pretty good but maybe a little to small let me add a couple more, on the side.
You want the Christmas tree to be nice and thick and noticeable. This really looks
like a real life ugly Christmas sweater. Now I am going to add a tiny little yellow
ball on the top to be the Christmas tree topper, like a star. And we are going to need
a tree stump too, so just add a tiny brown rectangle. We are now done with the
Christmas tree design, but I want to roll out some green Play Doh. Just to make some
decorative cufflinks on the sweater, cufflinks are going to dress up the sweater
a little bit. And make it even more ugly. And that’s what we are aiming for right?
All you have to do it wrap it around Elsa’s wrist and connect the two ends of the Play
Doh, and kind of push it to the red sweater, it will help hold it in place. Well
there you have it Elsa is ready for Christmas with her hideously ugly Christmas
sweater. I am pretty proud of myself, this turned out a lot better then I thought
it would. Wow Elsa, your ugly Christmas sweater is so ugly its cool. Oh thanks. Oh
I wish in had an ugly Christmas sweater. Oh well maybe DisneyCarToys can make one for
you too. Oh please DisneyCarToys, please, please, please make me an ugly Christmas
sweater. Okay Anna okay I will make you an ugly Christmas sweater but on
my sister Channel AllToyCollector. Yay Yay thank you thank you. And if you enjoyed
this video please click like and Subscribe to DisneyCarToys, she’s awesome.
And in the comments let me know if you think my sweater is ugly enough. Click
on a picture to watch another fun toy video, thanks for watching and have a great

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