Barbie Custom Doll Makeover Transformation (#9: Stacie)

Hey guys, it’s Kelsey today is finally the day for Stacey to get a custom doll makeover Transformation as promised. I told you guys to tell me in the comments How we should give her a makeover the most reoccurring comments? I saw though were to do a unicorn pink pastel cute Stacy Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please Please give Stacy pink hair in the next custom makeover heart emoji Thanks flower. Emoji smiley face so thirty pleases later yes Stacy We’ll have some pink in her hair, so thank you for commenting And I will definitely be saving a lot of them for later now. Let’s get started I bought this Stacy from the thrift store. She’s in pretty good condition. She has articulated legs the outfit She’s wearing is just a random one I put on her her hair is a little messy, but it really doesn’t matter anyway because I’m going to be reroot her to start the reroot first I have to remove her head and I’m always a little more cautious when taking off Stacy heads because I feel like they’re just harder to remove so I’m using a Hair dryer to soften the neck a little bit Now I’m readjusting her ponytail so I can use my special method and cut her hair right off and yes I didn’t forget this time Now I’m scraping the inside of her head and removing all of the old hair Now it’s finally time to Reroute since I’m going for that unicorn pastel look I chose these three main colors a pink purple and blue and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to add in a 4th I thought maybe I could throw a natural hair color in there, but I felt like it would look better without it It is still fun though to see what Stacie would look like with these hair colors Like definitely this brown hair color looks so amazing on her. I am definitely going to have to use it sometime I Usually have somewhat of an idea of how I’m going to reroot the hair, but this time I really didn’t know what to do normally I will also paint the head to match the hair color and since I didn’t have a specific reroute pattern I decided to skip this part and just overall go with the flow sometimes. That’s just what you got to do Now I’m sealing everything in with some fabric glue This hair color turned out so beautiful It just blended all beautifully like a magical unicorn cupcake, okay Definitely one of the best reroot I’ve ever done I want to keep her hair long, but I’m just trimming the end of it a little bit To create her part I found a new trick that does not require thatching which has been my least favorite part about reroute the video I learned this from was by the doll boy, so I’ll link his video in the description I didn’t really get a good angle of doing this either But basically I took her main part line split it in half and laid it down on each side and the part line is just Magically there. It’s so easy and beautiful She still looks like a crazy porcupine though, so I’m going to heat set the hair to lay on her face To do this I cut a piece of ziplock bag, and I tightly tape it around her head then off-camera I put her in a ziplock bag closed it put her in hot water for 15 minutes And then I stuck her in the freezer for another 15 minutes And I didn’t end up recording this because it was midnight and everything in the kitchen was dark So yeah while she’s freezing. I’m going to pick her out a new outfit for the pants I chose purple leggings I think I got this jacket in one of my thrift hauls and it matches her hair color perfectly which is pretty cool I wanted her to have oversized sneakers kind of like a cartoon or video game character I’ve seen before and that’s what these are so I found these online and they are super adorable with their pink, ahah likeness I thought maybe she could have a shirt underneath her jacket, so I actually made this one But I feel like it should have a little design on it or something. I wasn’t really sure what to do with it. I? tested a few designs on scrap pieces of fabric I Was going to do that cute unicorn design, but the fabric marker colors I had really weren’t what I wanted so I ended up deciding to write magical on her shirt Now that her outfits done and her hair is too. Let’s head to the closets He or she is and again, I’d have to say this is definitely the best reroot I’ve done so far Each time I do one they just keep getting better and better which is super amazing Surprisingly her current outfit actually matches her pretty well And I did not plan that at all so I want you guys to tell me in the comments which outfit Do you prefer for her her old outfits or her new one? I like her new outfit, but then again. I kind of feel like something’s missing But maybe if we style her hair it will look a little better I also want to show you guys a few different hairstyles, so you can really see the beautifulness of her hair color I just feel like leaving it down does not give it the full justice it deserves Here is her hair styled in a ponytail You can really see all of the colors with this, and I love how the blue looks in the front Braiding the hair also shows it off very well. I did a normal braid and a fishtail Here is the before and after Finally you guys I have makeover three of the Barbie sisters They all look so cute and colorful together if you haven’t seen skipper and Chelsea’s makeover yet I’ll put the videos right in the upper right-hand corner all you have to do is click on the little I So thank you for watching Be sure to subscribe and thumbs up the video if you enjoyed it Let me know in the comments what you’d like to see me do for my next custom doll makeover transformation I love you guys and as always. I’ll see you in my next video. Bye!

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  1. And I went on your website and I could get you my address because I’m to little and my mom doesn’t want me to give anyone my address so but I Really want a shoutout for one of your books please please please please save one for me please please please please

  2. I have a Stacy doll that has poofed up hair from having a ponytail in for awhile. I need to know how to fix it please.

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