Barbie Custom Doll Makeover Transformation (#10: Galaxy Barbie)

hey guys it’s Kelsey so a lot of you
guys have requested and pleased for me to do a custom doll makeover
transformation on Barbie also since I’ve already make over three of the Barbie
sisters this does make sense to add the main sister in this as well so many of
you guys also suggested that we do a galaxy themed Barbie which I am super
excited about so that is what we’re going to be doing today let’s begin this
is the Barbie that I am going to be a makeover transformation comes with a
cute outfit and beautiful curly hair that we’re about to turn into a galaxy
which means we’re going to have to chop it off in the next five seconds but
don’t get your feathers ruffled okay the curls will return she actually didn’t have a lot of glue
in her head it’s mostly just baby glue chunks now for the most important part
what colors are we going to be riru ting her whip I actually have had this galaxy
doll hair kit from the doll planet for a little while so when I saw you guys
suggesting a galaxy Barbie I knew I was going to use this there are seven colors
in this kit a dark blue dark purple teal / blueish green and this one actually
really does look like Hatsune Miku’s hair color purple bright blue dark
magenta and mint green I used some of this actually for Stacy’s makeover I’ve
never used seven different colors in a reroute to make it easier I’m going to
paint her head with the colors so I know exactly where I want them to go it’s
kind of like a color by numbers type of thing except re-routing by colors I
guess I want the hair colors to stream through and blend really nicely so I’m
just painting little color patches on her head this part doesn’t have to be
perfect but the brush I was using was being a total piece of corn okay so
don’t mind the unevenness I promise it will look better once it’s dry now I’m going to reroute bicolor before I seal the hair plugs in with my
glue I’m checking the part just to make sure there’s enough hair there this part always to me is just so wacky
okay it’s like girl I did not spend all that time riru ting you for you to look
like a crazy alien okay this is not an alien transformation so we need to
smooth down that puff with a nice boil wash and feet set here she is after everything no more
alien puffs and I absolutely love how she turned out
if you google or search for galaxy hair these are pretty much the exact colors
that you will see and it’s so beautiful however I did notice that most galaxies
hair does have some type of curl in it and as promised those curls are
returning so I do know a few different methods to curling doll hair but my
favorite one for nylon hair is just curling it with a regular curling iron
and I know what you may be thinking what the Squidward Kelsey you’re going to
melt her hair off like a popsicle nope this specific nylon hair I rebooted her
with is super heat resistant however do not times a thousand try this on a
regular Barbie doll or fashion doll because most likely it will burn off
melt off like a popsicle and I do not want that to happen
I learned this curling method from the doll hair master denisa Medrano and of
course I will link her video down in the description I put a small amount of
curling cream in the hair spritz it with some water comb it through and then I
curl it now that her hair is complete all she
needs is a new outfit so let’s head to the closet I special-ordered her an
outfit from Etsy and it still hasn’t come yet I actually ordered it over two
months ago but I guess the seller has a lot of orders right now so when it
arrives I’ll definitely post a picture of it on my Instagram so you can go
follow me there if you want at everything dolls she needs a new outfit
though right now so I did pick two of them out to go with her Galaxy Beam and
I need you guys to decide which one looks best outfit one is a galaxy
printed dress I actually had raquel wear this recently but it goes with her hair
and the theme very well I wanted to give her sunglasses and I don’t even know
where I got these but they kind of looked like that spongebob meme so I
decided to go with the purple ones outfit number two is a black and white
star dress still very fitting to the galaxy theme so definitely tell me in
the comments which one is your favorites here is the before and after I truly
love both of them this theme was so much fun to do I just wish her custom outfit
would have arrived for this video but I still think she did turn out pretty
fantastic and I am happy to have make overed another Barbie sister if you have
any suggestions for my next Barbie custom doll makeover transformation
definitely let me know thank you so much for watching I love you guys and as
always I’ll see you in my next video bye

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