BARBIE Bedroom Dollhouse Makeover With New Barbie Furniture Kids Toys

Hey, everyone. It’s Sandra from the Disney
CarToys Channel, and today, I am doing a special collab with the Channel Dollyrama.
It’s a really fun channel, which features tons of dolls, which I love, of course.
So, Danielle on Dollyrama, I noticed that a lot of my Barbie stuff needs a little
updating. You see, we have the 1990’s Barbie doll wearing 90’s clothes, and her
bedroom is very 90’s as well. The bed is actually something that I had when I was a
kid, and the chair and the house plant like I don’t know anyone who has houseplants
anymore, and I use Barbie Kelly dolls instead of Chelsea dolls, so I’m a
little stuck in the past. So Danielle and Violet sent me a whole bunch of really cool
Barbie stuff that I can use to upgrade at my Barbie bedroom. So, here’s some of
it. First of all, we have this brand new Barbie bed set. It’s a twin bed, but turns
into a day bed as well. Plus it comes with an updated Barbie, which I probably really
need. She also sent this really cute Barbie Beauty Corner. So, it’s like a closet,
and a vanity, even a cute little display for your Barbie’s accessories. And to modernize
my dolls as well, we have a brand new Barbie dress, and a Chelsea, which is
the older version of Kelly. Let’s get cracking by getting rid of all this ugly doll
furniture. Also, make sure to check out the Dollyrama Channel, because I give them
everything they needed to upgrade their Barbie living room. So, to begin, I’m
using new wallpaper for my Barbie bedroom with this cute bubbly and flashy background,
and I add a carpet. Here’s our new Barbie bed. It is way more modern
than my ugly cushy one, and Barbie looks very updated too. She’s less 1990’s
tan, she’s got better makeup, her hairstyle is a little better. And this bed
I’m super-excited about, because it’s really versatile. So, if you take off the pillow
and the blanket, then it turns into more of a day bed, or couch, so Barbie can invite some
friends over. It looks like it would fit at least four or five dolls. Or, she can use
it as a bed, so it would actually be perfect for a studio apartment, too. The next
thing I’m going to add to upgrade Barbie’s bedroom is this Beauty Corner,
which is a dressing room, and it has a mirror plus closet. And while Barbie’s bedroom
looks so amazing, it’s night and day from the old, hideously ugly bedroom.
First of all, with the Beauty Corner Kit, we have this really cool like unique, it almost
looks like a hat rack, but it’s actually an accessory rack. You can hang up hats too,
but I’ve put some of Barbie’s purses on there. But the closet beauty desk combo
is what I like the most. It comes with so many accessories and tons of storage. The
closet’s actually really cool because it’s overlaid with this glass door. It comes
with two hangars. We probably need to buy some more hangars if we want to help hang
up all of Barbie’s clothes, ‘cause whew! She’s got a lot of clothes. Plus,
there’s three different shelves for shoes for Barbie on this side. The vanity is cool, but
one thing that cracks me up is it comes with this picture frame of Barbie dressed
up in a wedding dress, and we have a cordless phone, so that’s a little 90’s.
And there’s a stool right here for Barbie to sit at so she can do her hair and makeup in
her bedroom. And the last items I got from Dollyrama is this Chelsea doll and Barbie
dress, so let’s add these to the makeover. Check out Barbie, she looks gorgeous
in her new dress. It’s a very modern dress, and the one thing I like about
it is there’s this blue checkered print underneath the purple skirt. You would never
even know it’s blue under there. It’s kind of cool. And here’s our Chelsea doll.
She is dressed in her jammies which is perfect for our new bedroom, and one thing
I like about Chelsea versus the Kelly dolls is she’s a lot taller because she’s
a little older. I hope everybody enjoyed this video. If you did, give me a like and subscribe
to Disney CarToys. Also, make sure to check out the Dollyrama Channel to see
the makeover I did for her channel with the Barbie living room set. Also, in
the comments, let me know which makeover you like more. Do you like my bedroom
makeover, or do you like the living room makeover on the Dollyrama Channel.
Click on a picture to watch another fun toy video, or click on the question
mark to watch a mystery video. Thanks for watching, and have a great day.

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