AvengersSpider-Man Black Panther vs TMNT Lego Spiderman Stop Motion Brick Animation Movie Part 1

Another day in New Brick City. Man it’s so great to be Miles Morales, aka Spider-man well I should probably stop saying my real name out loud What kind of bad guys every one second favorite lego Superhero can fight today people at the pizzeria keep talking about giant turtle than the sewers it may be overreacting But still sounds like a great place to start for the day Hey miles, it’s time to go. Where did he go this time? Peter…Miles left early again He is not ready for those superhero duties yet, try to find him before he gets into any serious trouble. Yeah, okay? Ah Teenagers you know what Master Splinter said about going into new places Come on, at least let me scan the area for unusual power level spikes first You never know what kinds of super villains living around here Bro you’re such a worrywart besides it’s 2 V 1 we can take anybody any day we’re Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. now Let’s go find ourselves some pizza man. Oh Man what in the brick are those those are not Turtles They look like giant World of Warcraft creatures, and the one in the red looks angry Very angry I bet they’re on their way to attack innocent people at the local pizzeria. I better stop these monsters whoa Hmmm looks like some sort of web, we’re under attack by some sportive spider you are being attacked by spider-man I Hate spiders Don…we live in a sewer we see spiders like literally all the time Oh…That’s right come on out web guy. We’d hate to have to teach you over the last time. I’m not just some web guy I’m spider-man Hey, I nailed it my first superhero entrance What Done I’m sorry Who are you I’m spider-man Hmm, but wait then who are you I’m spider-man This city is so weird Matzo balls pita Yeah Like a doc Thanks for watching guys comment below who you think wins it epic battle leave an explanation on how you think they would have won if your Explanation get enough like you will be featured in the final battle video Also there any other heroes or villains that you would like to see in this epic battle series also comment below and let us know Thank y’all again for watching. Bye

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21 thoughts on “AvengersSpider-Man Black Panther vs TMNT Lego Spiderman Stop Motion Brick Animation Movie Part 1

  1. HEROESNSTUFF!!!! Where u been man? And HEY what happened to the 3.75 marvel legends figures??? You downgraded to Lego? But you said you were gonna do a SpiderMan Homecoming video with the new SpiderMan homecoming figure. What happend?

  2. That was so funny when miles shocked donnie and raph was looking at miles then miles was like I'm sorry hahahhahaaahhahahahahauaahauaahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahhhahahhhahhahhahhahhahahhaahhhahhahhha

  3. The turtles will win because they are master Ninjas and the spidermen only have those little webs of theirs.
    Overall, the turtles will win the fight.

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