Avengers Infinity War – HISHE Dubs (Comedy Recap)

Hey guys real quick before we start the video I wanted to tell you about this really cool RPG mobile game is called Raid Shadow Legends. It’s free. The graphics are incredible so go to the description and download now and if you use my link You can get 50,000 silver immediately and a free epic champion as part of the new player program. That’s a pretty sweet deal So download today now Let’s get on with the dubs Ladies and gentlemen! We are the bad guys and we like to kill half of everyone Well, actually Hela already killed more than half of us so.. BLAAAAA Shut up! Thanos is talking. It’s finally my time Give me your stone! No! Come on. Pretty please? Okay. Seriously? Hold up. I need to show the audience how powerful I am Alright, I think they get it! Thanks for the bling! Purple Power Stone go! Hey, who’s protecting the sanctum right now? I thought you were Thanos just beat me of you guys! Agh! It’s Raining Men! Hallelujah! So, what’s the plan? We have to stop Thanos from getting all these stones. I don’t like your goatee Well, I don’t like your goatee! Guys, there’s no time for this. The aliens are coming. We’re already here! What do you guys want? Your green stone? Well, how about a green guy instead? I don’t think Hulk works anymore Say something to make me mad Black Widow doesn’t love you anymore. Oh, that just makes me sad I feel so good right now! Oh crap, it’s aliens. I’m gonna go get involved in that! Weeeeee! Give me your stone! No! Fine I’ll take you instead! Hey, everyone! Go help that guy! Okay! That was awesome, let’s never use that trick again Where you at kid? You remember that really old show Star Trek? On my way! We’re the space team flying in space! Waiting for a mission to hit us in the face Eh! Eeew! Look at him! He’s hideous! I heard that! I wanna know who this guy is. Wake him up Natalie Portman wants to see you. Oden sleep! Hey you! I don’t like your muscles! Well I don’t ever think of your muscles. Well played. I need a new weapon to defeat Thanos! You must come with me to get it! Nah! Let’s split up. I wanna fight him now! Really? Well does anyone here have information that Thanos might want? I do! She should probably come with me then just to be safe. Nuh uh! She’s coming with me! Welp. You’re probably all gonna die. And that’s why my sisters will never be on Fuller House. AAAAAAAAAGH! It’s really not that big of a deal… Oh you’ve been stabbed! I’m so much more powerful than this… But I’m going to give the other Avengers a chance to enter this movie. Hello ladies! I should’ve gone with Thor! Kill me! Kill me now! I’m trying! Bubbles! Awe man! He’s got another one! When it comes to these stones… We wont be trading lives. I will trade both of your lives for this stone. Rude! Hey Gamora! I brought you some soup! I wanted sandwiches! Tell me where the orange stone is! No! Come on. Pretty please? Fine. Hey guys! You looking for the soul stone? yes. I know where it is. All you gotta do is throw this girl off a cliff. Whoop there she goes! This’d be way more emotional if I had a different voice. Don’t you think? Welp. See ya later! We’re the good guys! Nuh Uh! We’re the good guys! Then why are we fighting each other? This movie’s gone on too long without an action sequence. Hello everyone. I make all the best weapons in all the space galaxy. My man! Your new weapon will be called Windbreaker Sounds like a fart name. How about Storm Breaker? Alright that’s totally different. That’s fine. We’ll go with that. 145 145 145 do I have 146 146! going once! Going twice! Sold! What are you doing? Seeing how many possible outcomes we win. How many? One. Where I die first but then come back but then you die in the next one because I have a sequel planned and you don’t. Well let’s not do that plan then! I swear these people only visit us when they need something. We need something! Hey, Cap! Hey buddy! Buckys don’t shake hands… Buckys gotta hug! What are those! This is our robot. We need you to fix him. Sure! I’m smarter than everyone here. Is that the transformers? Okay. It is time to fight. And get this man a shave. I ain’t shaving till the end…… game. If Spider-Man were here… He would compare this to Phantom Menace. Who’s Spider-Man? Whatever you do. Don’t dig under the shield. Alright we wont! We promise. We’ve got to turn the forge back on! More power! It’s working! It’s working! Aaow! This man is on fire! Thanks Thor! Why didn’t this mold include a handle? I’ll give you a hand! Ghaaaaaaa! Get it? Because I gave you my hand? This is so much more violent than phantom menace! Messa understood that reference! Not cool Cap! Ragnarooooooooooooook! Ah! I love this song! Really glad Thor didn’t come here just now. Thanos! I’ve come to bargain! What?
Nothing. It’s just something I like to say. Snap. What was that? Foreshadowing! Get’em! Hey Thanos! Say something that’ll make me mad! James Gunn was fired and is working for DC now. What!?!? Don’t listen to him! He’s been rehired! It’s okay! Let’s try spinning! That’s a good trick! You guys have got to stop making Star Wars references! I don’t know. I’ve always been more of a prequel kind of guy myself. I enjoy the new films. What about you,Tree? Not my Luke! Oh no! They dug under the shield! Why did I tell them that! I’m on it! Time to die. nuh uh! Time for YOU to die. Why did you announce your presence while we were sneaking up on her? I could have killed her! I don’t have many lines in this movie, so I gotta get’m where I can! You’ll never guess which on I am! Oh yes I will! Awe dang! I could use a little help here! I don’t know about that. No magic? Nothing? Nah. No cutting arms off with your magic circles? Nope. We only win if you get stabbed. What?! UGggh! I hate you so much right now. Here, Thanos, take the green stone. What!?! You are like the worst super hero ever! Are we gonna loose? Thanos is coming! Everyone get over here now! And somebody tell Thor to get over here before we’re all defeated! Vision! I’m home! Where… Is…. Thor????? You’re destroying one infinity stone while holding off five others! You’re so strong! I know! I’m so O.P.! Whatever you do… Don’t do this again to him right after I’m dead! Got it! Oh too bad, Thanos! Looks like you can’t get all your stones now! It’s rewind time! oh that’s hot. That’s hot. Did you destroy the time stone? awe. And…. Boop! Magic Axe Go! AAAAAOOOOW! Hey guys! What did I miss? If this was the HISHE right now… I would’ve chopped your arm off. But you didn’t. Awwww Snap! You’re about to make children everywhere cry! Awe Yeah. Did we do it? Is Thanos gone? Yay! Oh no. Come on, Okoye. We must get ready for Black Panther 2! My sequel! Father-like-figure! Ugh. If I hadn’t killed dad this wouldn’t be a problem for me. Is it just me or is it dusty in here? AAAgh It’s just me. Mr. Stark? Did you ever see that show Doctor Who? David Tennant says “I don’t wanna go” It’s really sad! Who’s Doctor Who? Aaaaaagh Well Crap, You Guys! Ha! Got’em! Thanks so much for watching And thank you to Raid Shadow Legends for making this video possible. If you enjoy RPGs Or just like awesome video games that are free Raid has all the features you’d expect from a brand new RPG title. It’s got amazing storyline. Awesome 3D graphics Giant boss fights PvP Battles And hundreds of champions to collect and customize. Look at the crazy detail on these champions! That’s pretty cool. Raid is getting big very fast so if you wanna play get it now. And like I said at the top… If you use the link in our description… you can get 50,000 in free silver… and a free epic champion so go download Raid Shadow Legends now for free. See you there! Bye!

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100 thoughts on “Avengers Infinity War – HISHE Dubs (Comedy Recap)

  1. That was almost better than the actual movie. I lost it at the part when Bucky said, “Is that the transformers?” 😂😂😂😂

  2. funny how the game your advertising is nothing like what they/you show. good to know you will sell your soul for money

  3. This is the 10th time I've wached this. My favorite Dub is Dr. Strange. What he said bacicly summoned up his real plan.

  4. Gomorra: “you’re about to make children everywhere cry”
    Thanos: “awe yeah”
    Me: “good for you thanos”
    Make the like button blue if this is funny

  5. Hello again, friend of a friend, I knew you when
    Our common goal was waiting for the world to end
    Now that the truth is just a rule that you can bend
    You crack the whip, shape-shift and trick the past again
    Send you my love on a wire
    Lift you up, every time, everyone, ooh, pulls away, ooh
    From you
    Got balls of steel, got an automobile, for a minimum wage
    Got real estate, I'm buying it all up in outer space
    Now that the truth is just a rule that you can bend
    You crack…

  6. Wanda: …And that is why my sisters will never be on Fuller House.
    Vis: shank ahhhhhhhhh…
    Wanda: It's really not that big of a deal–OHH YOU'VE BEEN STABBED!

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