Avengers Endgame – Fun Kids Parody!

(dramatic climax music) ♪ Time, can never be ♪ ♪ Your trusted friend ♪ ♪ Or your sworn ally ♪ ♪ No, it’s the harshest mistress of all ♪ ♪ And life is just a chain ♪ ♪ A moment spent ♪ ♪ A thousand hellos– ♪ (uproarious rock music) – Oh, destiny has arrived. Come on in, Avengers. – Thanos, we’ve come
for the Infinity Stones. – Yeah, I guessed that,
that’s why I destroyed them. – He’s lying! – No, my father never lies. – You murdered trillions! – Bruce, you’re so weak. – I’m sorry, Thanos, I’m
actually a big fan of yours. – Let go, Thanos. – Hey, what’s Billy Batson doing here? – I’m Captain Marvel, and
I’m here to sort you out. (laughs maniacally) – Where were you when I was
collecting up my stones? – Hey Thanos, do you know what day it is? – It’s Friday. – No, it’s Thors-day, and
I’m going for the head. – I’m Thanos, I’m Thanos. (children laughing) (high-spirited piano music)
(mouse skittering) (small explosion) (melancholy piano music) – Five hours. – Oh no, it’s been five years. – It’s just sad that half of
all people are just missing. (talking with mouth full) – What did you say? – I said, “It’s sad.” But at least it’s double the food for us. – Guys, we need to build a time machine. – Ant-Man, that’s impossible. – I figured it out in the Quantum Realm. – Why would we even need a time machine? – To kick Thanos’ butt, once and for all. – Yeah, baby, yeah! ♪ Don’t tell me baby ♪ ♪ Cause I don’t really wanna know ♪ ♪ What happened last night ♪ ♪ Oh no, just say it nice and slow ♪ ♪ Just say you love me ♪ ♪ And let me fall back into sleep ♪ ♪ But when I wake up ♪ ♪ We’ll say I had a real bad– ♪ – Tony, we did say we were coming. – Sorry, I just didn’t want you to see my unreleased Mark 86 Suit. – Yeah okay, Tony. – Anyway, what’s up, guys? Are we getting the team together? – Ant-Man reckons we could time travel. – Why would we wanna do that? – To get the Infinity
Stones before Thanos. – I’m not sure it’s possible. Friday? – [Friday] Yes, sir? – Is it possible to time travel? – [Friday] Yes, sir. – Why didn’t you tell me before? – [Friday] You never asked, sir. – Guys, let’s get the team back together! ♪ When we come together ♪ (phone buzzes)
♪ We’ll bring the light. ♪ – Hey Tony, how’s it going? ♪ Then we’ll bring the fight ♪ (War Machine walking) Okay, Tony. ♪ We need a lover’s empathy ♪ – Thor, we need to go. – I’m in the middle of a game. – Come on, Thor, we need to talk. – I’m playing with Andy,
he’s an epic YouTube gamer. – Isn’t that the same kid
who’s from Gorgeous Movies? (T.V. turns off) – Rocket! – Come on, Thor, we’re
gonna get Thanos again. (kicking) – Ugh, why are you green? (punching) (intense action music) Bruce? Captain? What’s going on? – We need you, Hawkeye, we’re
putting a team together. – Oh, cool! (laptop bleeping) – Okay team, what we’re about to do, we’re going to enjoy it. Very, very much. – Shouldn’t we go on a test mission first? – This isn’t some three hour
movie, Clint, there’s no time. – What does this lever do? – No! (slow tender lullaby)
(Thanos snoring) – Perfectly balanced. – Is that Thanos? – Yes, it is. – We’ve gone back in the past too far. (water bottle squirting) – Don’t do that, you’ll give him a phobia. – Who are you guys? – We’re literally your worse nightmare. – War Machine he’s a
little kid, don’t say that. – Are you Santa Claus? – No, I’m Thor. – Come on guys, this doesn’t
feel right, let’s go. – Normally I should be asking one of you to sacrifice your loved
one to get the Soul Stone, but I don’t think that’s necessary. – It’s fine, you can have her. – Hey! – You see, I’m Red Skull’s cousin. I’m not as strict as him. Here, you can have the stone if you like. (suspenseful choir music) (shields bashing together) (high tempo rock music) – I can do this all day. – Yeah, I know. – Nebula, my daughter, what are you doing? – Where’s my beard? – Loki, you need to calm down! (lighthearted band music) – Yeah, keep running, Loki! – So we’ve come back in time to stop you. – Oh wow, I did it then, I
actually got all the stones. – Yeah but we’re from the future, and we’re going to stop you. – Nebula, you were always
my favourite daughter. Take me back to the future. – There’s a few of us missing
but we have all the stones. Let’s get to it, team. – When I click my fingers, all of the ants will come back to life. – [Children] No! – No Ant-Man, I should do
it, I can take the radiation. – Bruce is right. (painful screaming) – Great Scott, I’m in the future! And there’s the Avengers. ♪ Too many moments put aside ♪ ♪ Getting out alive ♪ ♪ Getting out alive ♪ – It’s Thanos! – Most people would just ignore him, or say that that’s in the past. – But not us. (snickering) – Give me my stones. (children protesting) ♪ Getting out alive ♪ ♪ Getting out alive ♪ ♪ Can you find that open door ♪ ♪ You gotta let them love you more ♪ ♪ Timid hearts will always fight ♪ – Wait for me! (intense thriller music) – Go ahead, make my day. (sorrowful piano music) – This is so much better
than Infinity War. – Shield! (Thanos grunting) (triumphant laughing) (web slinging) (energy blasts) (more triumphant laughter) – I am inevitable. – I am Iron Man! (fingers snapping) – Oh no, I’ve always hated water! Especially since that time Santa poured water on me when I was a little boy. No, stop! No! This does not put a smile on my face! (pained groaning) (upbeat guitar music) Where’s Ultron when you need him? No, make it stop! Why did I get rid of
Loki, he could’ve helped. Red Skull, where are you? Where’s your cousin? I hope they don’t make
anymore of these movies. Stop it, Gorgeous Movies,
you’re killing me!

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