Avengers Endgame Alternate HISHE

Guys there are three Infinity stones in New York if we pick the right year. Shut the front door! Well all six stones are at Thanos’ garden if we just go back there and get them before he destroys them. Shut the other front door! I’ll go back to the garden. I would very much like to kill Thanos a second time (burp) I don’t know pal. I don’t I don’t know if you’re in the best shape to do this. I think we should just do the separate timelines plan. (BURP) Nonsense, we have a time machine. There’s no rush All we need is a Fitness montage and I’ll be fine. See!? Okay I’m ready? Let’s go get this son of a language Time-travel! Half of the universe had to die so I could have these plants. Magic Axe Go! What the heck? AAAAOOOOOOGHGGHG! Hahaha! Oooow! Oh, it’s too easy! Hello again, Thanos! it is I, Thor, son of Odin. you probably didn’t recognize me because of the beard and the hair How? Anyway, CHOP! Ha! I didn’t miss that time you jerk. Awe man! I was gonna like go up his butt and make him explode! Eww! Why? Because it would have been really funny? That sounds disgusting. I mean I could go through his ear or his nose, but his butt would’ve been hilarious! (sad music) No one’s ever really gone. hmmhmhmhaHAHAHAHAHA Welcome back Thanos. (Sigh) Now plunge with all of your hatred! This place has been a disaster and toilets aren’t going to clean themselves! Gooood! Gooooood! It was my time. Hey guys, thanks so much for watching and super massive Thank yous to everyone who watched the heck out of how in-game should have ended last time. Holy cow. You guys are awesome And we are so thrilled that you enjoyed it I’m gonna put a link right here in case you haven’t seen it or if you just want to watch it again Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and be sure to check out our t-shirts if you want to help support our channel Ok, that’s all for now. We’ll see you next time. Ah

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100 thoughts on “Avengers Endgame Alternate HISHE

  1. All I can say is thank you for making Thor normal with the fitness montage. The fact that they made him comic relief almost ruined the movie for me.

  2. I’m surprised that Boba Fett, Darth Maul, General Grievous, Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, The Meg, And Captain Phasma weren’t in the funeral

  3. There is no way to catching Thanos with 6 stones by surprise. He became literally god with stones. He order reality, space, time, soul, power, mind at the same time in universe. He would just know before whole team setting out.

  4. That’s what I thought why didn’t they just go to Thanos before he destroyed them or even better before he even snapped ??? And alternate new Thor could have gone for the head instantly!

  5. You should have watched the movie more carfully. The reason they didn't do that was cause they didn't wanna change the future.

  6. who's the man with bondaged throat (1.58)?
    who's the guy with a cleaver between Jason and Freddie (2.08)?

    who's the robot to the right of the terminator (2.14)?

    what is the Bouncer itself 2.27?

  7. Seeing this made me wonder why didn't they just go back 5 years and two days before he destroyed the stones or, since Thanos said they were reduced to atoms. After, Scott escaped the Quantum Realm, why didn't they have him go small and collect the atoms to restore the stones?

  8. The moment you realice this is actually a legit suggestion that wouldve cause that we would have had like and 30 minute movie. This plan is so big brain even war maschine did not think about just taking the stones before thanos destroys them.

  9. That stuff "No one's really gone" should be some parody on Rise of the Skywalker treiler where Emperor was smiling?!

  10. no they can't go back to the garden because then they have to put those stones back in thanos' hands…and that would cause calamity if he changed anything from that point.

  11. Anyone else notice that the kid from Ironman 3 is at Thanos’s funeral. Does this kid just attend everyone's funeral now?

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