ASMR with TRANSFORMERS : Robots and ASMR in Disguise 🤖🎭No Talking, Plastic toys

Oh! Hi! Didn’t notice you 😉 Jokes aside, great to be back! Thank you so much for being here As you probably figured from the title, today’s theme iiiiiisssssss TRANSFORMERS! I’m gonna use all of these, ahem, tools in today’s video I guess I’m a little bit of a geek, ’cause I got all these toys And let’s start with the toy that feels the most natural to be first Optimus Prime, of course This is just a shitty toy I got from McDonald’s a couple of months ago I ordered a Happy Meal The options were a ‘boys’ toy or a ‘girls’ toy. Not that I’d care, gender roles are stupid But the girl’s option was a My Little Pony They’re pretty cool too, but not gonna lie, I prefer robots over ponies… These parts on his back can be taken off That’s about it. That’s all there is to transform in him His waist twists like this, too Oh right, i almost forgot These back parts make a plane when you attach them like this Let’s have Optimus give you some ASMR himself Okay, time to move on Here is our next guest star Hotshot from Transformers Cybertron He was, like, my ultimate fav character as a kid So I found this toy in a second hand store by accident recently I just had to buy it, ’cause I never had the toy as a kid Better late than never, I say! You know what??? Time to transform him into a car! I know that’s what we’re all here for I really hope I get i right easily It’d be embarrassing if I didn’t know how to use a children’s toy Well, it’s starting to look like a sports car for sure! one last pu – OOPS ah, he’s feet are still sticking out there we go! Voìla!!! You can see his butt when you lift this wind screen… Oh no, too explicit Aww, it’s like he’s hugging you Let’s give him back his gun What the – ?? I didn’t realise it had a function like that! These toys truely are something Ok, thank you for your service, Hotshot the next item is a little different It’s, like, a fidget cube, but a Transformer one I got it for birthday present from a friend once ’cause the knew I need fidgety stuff and I like Transformers, so… I love it very much By the way, I’m currently working on my master’s thesis The topic is about Transformers, too I’m studying different representations in their transformation sequences Surprised to hear I go to university? bet you didn’t think i’m actually an adult with adult life and adult responsibilities but here I am, playing with toys and emoji costumes and pretending to be a Youtuber Oopsie, he fell on his face Hm. Bye-bye I have something more You’re probably wondering what these are Well, I’ll show you They’re cufflinks with Decepticon icons What about their box I hope you noticed my cool patches Got an Autobot one right here… And a Decepticon one on the other arm And lookie here Even my cap has a Decepticon logo on it You might think I’m on the villain’s side or something But honestly I just like their icon’s desing more Gee my hair’s acting up.. God dammit, the hair’s at it again! Time for the grande finale! FIGHT! This is kinda weird, they’re supposed to be friends… Oh well, it sounds cool. Sacrifices must be made for the greater good Greater good being ASMR in this case Okay, I think that’s it for today Hope you liked it! My toys and I did! Live! Laugh! Subsribe!

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