Artistic replica collectables 2【Not for kids – choking hazard】

Series No.21 – Is dinner ready yet?
Series No.26 – Mom’s kitchen Series No.21 – Is dinner ready yet? 1. miso soup Tofu Miso 1. miso soup Water bottle Bento Thick omelet Bento box 2. thick omelet 3. Curry Curry roux Pickled scallion Vegetable pickles 3. Curry 4. Umeshu (plum wine) 5. Fried prawn 6. Grilled fish Grated daikon radish 6. Grilled fish 7. Pizza toast Corn potage 7. Pizza toast 11. Rice cake wrapped with nori seaweed 8. Cabbage rolls 9. Jiaozi 10. Cleaning a kitchen Series No.26 – Mom’s kitchen 1. Nikujaga (meat and potato stew) Nukazuke (a type of Japanese pickle) 2. Deep-fried pork cutlet rice bowl 3. Potato salad 4. Steamed egg custard 5. Fried rice 6. Tomato spaghetti 7. Spinach with sesame dressing (I lost quail eggs.) 8. Croquettes 9. Hand roll sushi Wasabi 10. Coffee break

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10 thoughts on “Artistic replica collectables 2【Not for kids – choking hazard】

  1. YouTube is not for people under 13. Kids are allowed to use YouTube Kids only. I deny comments from kids under 13. I never make videos for kids. (COPPA compliance)

  2. 알고리즘 사랑해.. 잊고살았는데 너무 좋아했던 비디오다


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