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*Intro Music* Hello everyone, and welcome back to
another “toy review”. Today I’m gonna be testing out blo pens, and to be fair I
used to have these when I was a kid myself, and what I can kind of remember
from them were… they were like a little bit naff! So hopefully over the years
they’ve kind of changed the formula, and how they perform and stuff, and hopefully
they’re a little bit better than they used to be! Let’s jump on to Amazon and
see what it is about this! Right so this is it here, and it was 14.65. Yeah and I
bought the magic blow pens, which apparently, there’s a unique spray magic
set… it features special duo pens, whatever that means. Yeah they’ve got an absolute
massive range of different kinds of blo pens as well. Fantasy set, glitter studio,
super activity set! There’s a lot to choose from.
I’m not entirely sure what makes it magic, it doesn’t seem to say… Ah
this unique spray magic set features special due pens, which change color when
they are over sprayed, or drawn over with the magic pen. First use the picture stencil..blahrugh! So basically they give you kind of like a pen, and it changes
the color of the original ink, I assume. Any reviews? Right so someone got it for
their three and a half year old, who’s very creative, but it’s beyond her. So
obviously she was too young for it, and this one.. two of the pens were dried up,
so that’s not great. Excellent. Waste of money, don’t buy this product.. well it says
don’t not buy this product. It’s useless, all the pens are dried up,
and don’t even work, my little girl got this for her birthday, I’m so disappointed!
Please save your money. Okay so it seems to be mixed reviews, and
unfortunately it seems like some people got dried up pens in their orders, which
is obviously never good when your giving it to a child you know, you want
something to work. Let’s quickly see if there’s an advert, because that’s my
favorite part! I was just trying to look for an advert. and a lot of Youtubers
have kind of done stuff with these blo pens which I didn’t realize. Someone
called Mac does it covered themselves in blo pens so I don’t have to. Believe it
or not, I didn’t f***ing want to! Okay I couldn’t find one for
this specific product, I don’t think anyway. But I found one for just blo
pens in general, so we’ll have a look. “Blo pens, blo pens, you can make beautiful art. Blo pens, blo pens I can play with the art.” Hang on a second, wait! wait! Where was it at? How bad does this look? Like look at the actual spray…. and they put that in the
advert, like come on! “Blo pens, blo pens. It’s a magical thing. Use blo pens fine art brushes to create drawings using cool stencils. Make amazing airbrush pictures bu spraying and mixing the colours. Lets go, blo and draw! Blo pens, blo pens Lots to collect, blo pens from John Adams.” Okay too much, too much! Right okay so yeah, I get
the point of that. I’ve obviously used them before as a kid anyway, but I was
quite shocked in that advert, that they were spraying it, and it looked shit! Yet they were putting it in the advert! Like what are you doing!? And then obviously they show you
kind of the finished products, and they’ve like photo shopped them so they look
amazing. I have low expectations because they were pretty naff when I
was younger anyway, so I’m hoping, I’m hoping that they could be better, but I’m not sure, but we’ll open it up, and have a look, and test it out and see what
it’s like! Right let’s see what’s inside then…Right first off can we just say…
look how annoying that is… So the actual product is this big, yet
the box is this big, and the thingy.. Arghh! Irritates me!! Why not just make the box
this big! Like what was the point, it’s just a waste of packaging! Anyway, right
so we’ve got some very thin paper, oh my god seriously… the stencils are like proper
shit as well. Like it’s cardboard, so as soon as this gets saturated with
ink, they’re gonna start to rip and tear. I was expecting at least like plastic. It
even says, it says on the box reusable stencils. You’re not going to be able to
use these for long! I’m already annoyed! Right some very thin paper, and then
these are the pens. I assume this one might be the magic one. Lets have a look.
Right I pretty much get it. You know we’ll do a stencil,
even though these stencils are horrible! It’s a dolphin, so I want to do blue… It’s not working! I didn’t really read the instructions properly! This is not right, this is the
mouthpiece. What!? Oh I have to turn it around, I’m such an
arse! Does it actually work? Why isn’t it working for? Aw there we go! I’ll try this magic one, that’s supposed
to apparently change the color. F*** sake man!! I feel like I’m not doing something right.. Ah that’s pretty cool! It’s changed to blue I’m surprised, I didn’t think that was
gonna work!…. Okay it ran a little bit, just a tiny bit! And
that just goes to show how shit these stencils are. I want to see what all the other
colors turn to. So we know that was from purple to blue. Let’s try this one Okay another purple. It changes it to blue again? So I’ve got two purple’s that turn into blue. Okayyy! So what colour will this turn into? I swear if this is another purple
that was too blue! Right another purple pen. Okay a purple that goes to a lighter
purple! Oki doki! How creative! Right an orange. That goes to yellow, that’s pretty cool. A green. That goes to brown. Aww you know what!? I’ve just realized the color on the pen,
actually tells you what color it’s gonna go to. So green, brown. Orange, yellow. So
this will be brown to green I assume. So stupid! Yeah Brown… to green. Yeah thought so. Okay. How much did I pay for this product? So I paid fourteen, sixty five for this. I guess more than anything, I’m just kind of
underwhelmed by it all. The paper’s super thin, the stencils are made out of
cardboard, like at least make them out of like a plastic, or laminate them, or have a
vinyl or something. So you can reuse them a lot, because a cardboard stencil is gonna rip,
and it’s never gonna last long. You know when we tried out the Crayola proper
airbrush thingy, when we did that they had some stencils, and they were proper
kind of like laminated cardboard. So they would last a lot longer. Whereas these,
it’s just like.. well look at that! Just rips so easy!
They’re never gonna last a kid long, not a chance!
The paper it comes with is just awful, it’s like like the thinnest paper ever!
The pens themselves are okay, it’s just I wish they had been a bit more
creative with kind of the colors you get. You get a brown that goes to green, a
green that goes to brown, two lots of purple that go to blue, a purple that goes a lighter shade of purple, and an orange that goes to yellow. It’s fine but…. and
the packaging really irritated me as well. The fact that it was a tiny product,
in a giant box. So overall what do I think of this kind of blow pen thing?
It’s pretty much exactly like I remember it as a child, a novelty kind of
kitschy product that like…. a child would probably be interested in for maybe half
an hour tops, and then get bored of this. I don’t think it’s worth the money,
I did like the fact that they had this kind of color changing thing. But
quite frankly it should have been in a little slither of a bit of packaging. Just
have the pens in, and you shouldn’t have even bothered doing these stupid shitty
stencils, you shouldn’t have bothered putting the paper in, because it was just
a waste, just a complete waste!! Will you ever get results like…
like that unicorn? Never!! Absolutely never ever will you get them results! But
it was fun reliving kind of my child days, but I definitely wouldn’t
recommend the product at all. I don’t think a kid would kind of enjoy it for
that long. And just overall, I was just very disappointed! But let me know down below
if you’ve ever used blo pens before as a child, or if you’re kind of familiar
with them. I definitely didn’t realize there were so many different kind of
variations of the products, like glitter ones and all these are the kind of
different ones. I suppose companies still, you know
reinvent themselves, and profit more and more off children, and parents
and whatnot, so they just kind of rebrand and repackage the same product, in
different ways, and then sell it on as if it’s something new, but it’s not! It’s
just the same thing over, and over again. Just with an added little twist, or
feature. But there we have it! But yeah let me know your thoughts down below, and
if you did enjoy the video give it a thumbs up! And if you have any kind of
other kids products, or anything that you want me to try in the channel, then let me
know in the comments below, and try to like give me something that’s better
than this one, because this… I need something better! I need something a lot better!
And before you leave make sure to click the subscribe button down below, so you
don’t miss out on any of my videos, hopefully! And I’ll see you in the next
video! Byeee!!!

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4 thoughts on “Artist Tests Magic Blo Pens | Adult Tries Kids Toys | Magic Blo Pens Review

  1. Did anyone spot the obvious mistake that I didn't?! Also catch up on the last toy 'review' here:

  2. I had those as a kid too but mine had some sort of pump so you didn't have to blow 😎 I remember having a horrendous experience with a product called 'dip it fantasy film'. It looks like there is a similar thing called 'crystal flor' – check it out 😁

  3. Bringing me back to the time when I 'painted' my bedroom wall with blow pens. Safe to say they were binned as soon as my parents saw, and that's probably a good thing- they look awful!

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