Are YOU a LEGO SuperBuilder?! With LEGO Avengers, LEGO Batman and Ninjago!

(relaxed music) – By the way, this video
is sponsored by Lego. Please give this video a thumbs up or half of humanity will turn into Lego. – [Daniel] Hello? Lloyd, Spiderman? Han Solo? Come on, one of you speak to me. Please, Scooby Doo? Hello? One of you, please. Hello? One of you speak to me. – Daniel, you feeling okay? – Well, you’ve seen our videos. These Lego figures can talk. – That’s because we make movie magic. You must never mess around with it when we’re not making videos, okay? – Okay Dad. – Hey Lloyd? That kid’s quite persistent, isn’t he? – I know. He comes in every day, trying to get us to talk. – You know what? He could be just the person we need. – Yeah. Are you think what I’m thinking? (upbeat music) – Harry, it’s no use. I can’t get any of the
Lego to come to life. – Well, good. Dad said we must never do that again. – But it could be so cool. Harry, what are you doing? – I’m taking photos of my creations so I can put them on the Lego Life app. – Good luck, Lego Batman. (dramatic music) – [Lego Batman] I’m Batman. I’m Batman. I’m Batman. – Look, I’ve created my
own version of myself, then I upload all my pictures to the app and people can comment on them. – LieutenantCalmOrange? I like that name. – Who on Earth are you? – I’m Batman. – Actually, you mean Lego Batman? – Sorry, yeah. I’m Lego Batman. What do you want? – There’s a competition
on the Lego Life app and we want you, Daniel,
to be our Super Judge. – I get to judge the competition? – Yes. The winners will be announced
on the 25th November and the winners get to build with you guys and some of the cool
Super Judges in London. It’s a Super Building competition, where people upload photos of their amazing Lego builds. – How do people enter? – People must ask their parents to help them download the Lego Life app, then they must pick a silly name and create themselves a Minifigure. Then, they have to join
the Super Builders group and start building some crazy, wild Lego. From the 11th November,
they upload the photo and name it, “I am a Super Builder.” – As I’m a super judge, we’ll make sure you get a lot of likes and
we’ll see you in London. – Anyway boys, I better get myself back to the Lego world. – Cool. – Except, I uh, I don’t actually know how to get back. – Well, why don’t you
shrink back down to Lego and I’ll put you on Harry’s shelf? – It’s not as simple as that. The Lego world is a whole other dimension. – How about you ride on the Guardians of the
Galaxy ship, the Milano? – [Lego Batman] I am Lego Batman. There is no way I can fly back in that. – How about we make something for you to get back in? – Well I suppose it could be fun. I’ll tell you what, both
of you make me something, and I’ll pick the best vehicle out of them both. (upbeat music) – [Daniel] So this is a Helicopter and this here is where
you would go in to go. Underneath we have some wheels as well so when you take off, you can actually get
some height to get there. Very efficient speed, very quick. This is where the
computer is, just in case. It has a lot of AI, you know? Autopilot and stuff. – Very nice, Daniel. – This is the Batman Ship. Look, it’s got your logo on it. It’s got a Batman wing that goes to each side
like a boat, but it flies. That didn’t happen. It’s like a boat but it flies. – [Daniel] We’re going
to put them on the app, so people can like and comment on the app. – [Lego Batman] Hmm, not bad Harry. – Pick me!
– Pick me! – Pick me, mine’s better! – His is heavier! Mine will fly well,
’cause yours is heavier. – [Lego Batman] I’m going to head back in this awesome looking ride. Later homies. (dramatic music) – [Engineer] Flight 229,
you are clear for departure. – Guys, don’t forget to
enter the competition. Ask your parents to help you download the Lego Life app. – Then you have to join
the Super Builders group and start building some crazy, wild Lego. – From the 11th November,
you can submit your photos and name them, “I am a Super Builder.” Good luck guys. I can’t wait to see your Lego creations.

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