I’m gonna record this for YouTube so
future me hello and yeah we are about to summon guys! We don’t
have a supermassive summoning session But hey, 7 legendaries, 5 light and dark, 135 ms and yeah we’ll try to get something
shall we start yeah let’s go let’s start I can’t wait anymore! No lightning? OMG Crane. I actually need skill ups for tractor so it’s okay
epikion priest martial cat, martial artist sorry and another epikion priest
nice nice Thank You exarthious let’s see if we get any lightnings for the skill ups, i mean, i need skill ups oh I need skill ups for second Galleon actually see see I don’t think for a while and I think I can’t hold too many scrolls anymore I need skill ups for a lot of 4 stars
and as much as I like to summon a lot of scrolls I need skill ups with this guy as
well as much as I’d like to summon a lot of scrolls I don’t think I can
actually hold too many scrolls I’m just gonna summon. Dofla can you help me with a good
siege defense? yeah sure sure sure buddy
of course I can so one lightning so far that’s pretty um Oh two lightnings, my bad, my bad. Do I need
this guy for skill ups? I don’t think so unless you wanna build that Tyrone I don’t
think so actually I built Shimitae so yeah and it’s kynapse for that guy
but um um oh yeah keep that funny i need that
fairy water.. hey machi how are you doing some summons, just a few ones minotaurs you know what they should do
and it’s ehm.. no i summoned maybe 30 scrolls so far and i got 2 lightnings.. but no, no new toys you know what they should do? Oh the donger! they should probably
do the second awakening for the Minotaur’s because and nobody ever used
any of the minotaurs ever you know flex
how are you man? I just started bro so been quite a long time how
you doing? they are used in the labyrinth yeah you use them how tell me about that
oh so how are your mouth oh oh yeah no I’m not saying to put that
second week in such an aversion in the library I’m saying maybe they should
second week and uh damn guys that pretty underwhelming and if Sabrina’s key lapse
for sure any leaf speed ups as well oh yes yes the Clara that I had Clara
before at Feather nothing be done Aaron offense with Clara
yes what you’re excited about her safety what – I think I’ll release this money
and they ran out before I could get out gosh
Rita why they’re gonna get them back I’m actually excited about Clara guys am I
wrong I she looks pretty decent with this Stan
strip sense time so I’m gonna use that for a Reno fence I’m from all right I
mean I don’t have any strippers as you know so Clara is an upgrade they’re
ready for me do you guys have any plans for the weekend guys I would like some
Oh Frankenstein honesty ducks for the tractor so the Frog standard welcome but
I would like some extra lining I her as a sir need Sabrina she loves honey
antara skin ups okay
I don’t need those but I guess I’ll still up the lapis I guess oh I need
that bonus in App Store I hope people that Gianna oh I hope so man I need our
morning’s collapse as well though in Iraq soon
welcome to shame and how are you some money a little bit with some summons
looking for skin ups to be honest to do I’m looking for anything crazy
no come to us if you wanna give me something crazy on also Sabrina’s
collapse would be really really really appreciated Sabrina she loves the opie I
hope you guys she yeah yeah so this is my login on my okay okay okay I’ll see
you before Oh Danny nice
another shimmy Terry I mean I need to skill up machine detail
I’ll be honest do it lady lighting red don’t see too bad be honest
another dong that oh my god yeah I would like somebody Sabrina speed ups so she
can defense brake more reliably and my jaw and my drug when the nephew team
could be faster yeah honey I need those peanuts yeah my move from gonna take
them because uh nice collapse for the water mama which I’m gonna be old no
probability good right there is pretty girl yeah alright alright antara social needs kid
ups answer is nice killers so lips pinups and yeah and lightning relief and lightning come
to us I mean you want I’d have to already I mean if I drop Italian I can’t
steal up the second one but it’s not really needed I mean she’s gonna do more
damage that’s for sure so yeah we take up tiny as well as a ski tops
hey I’m suicide just pull after and bust out of my old yeah
that’s why you don’t be the note that’s why I shouldn’t should I make a note on
cynics are you man every kicks I just win hello come to us sad days I mean seriously I’m not looking for any
not five although I appreciate that but aligning would be nice you know
sometimes it means so mean no okay that’s a benign my Runa yet another
Tashard know yet another to shine mother oh my gosh but sad but sad oh yes
water desert be finally I want to bust that so much thank you come to us love
you long time bless you more I call next oh yeah yeah
but thanks grace mine but step call it looks
you just need my luck here when you do someone’s awake another I don’t know I
don’t know if I have the material is my best
we found the new be better giant for speed sets yeah
now I guess that’s gonna be my main focus now I use doc God no more I don’t
know what seems to use with our shots I mean there is a lot of things you can do
which was that she’s just great she’s just great I can use that in gives
his defense now with the dark Panda and maybe rock on or something gas fire fire
damage either another diamond anyway so nobody lining las last few ones last few
sprouts not many lighting bar we gotta stack so
don’t care about the lightning just give me few bug goodbyes i take that thank
you contrast buster mo Chiu no I’m really I wasn’t expecting even one to be
honest here I feel like when you go into a summoning session with no too much
expectations it goes better already no really other than just par I guess my
fastest speed sets Swift set is gonna change
oh no no I’m sorry friggin I’m sorry I figured you see data to shadow right
this utility shot I saw the Phoenix and I was like is a tee shot I knew it I
mean even before hello even before he popped up and it was at the shot that’s
the eighth the shot it come out from the Sun in session from the sandwiches eight
or nine maybe 8:09 next not Python would be a new one
to Conan now I mean I wouldn’t mind Chiana now what if it was a burner now I
don’t beset anyway to other I think I would have no bus there were six shots
oh man it’s great though I don’t know it would have been tough
it would have been tough you feel happy right
I hope for some boomerangs to be honest you know that I wouldn’t take the garage
I would take the broad but I hope for some boom rocks to be honest here okay I
need these collapse for the second Orion actually thank you come to us you’ll be
generous today on this island mr. Scott I take a kumar
view and take a blessing take the shot and burn oh oh really
you take the partner yeah and I don’t think any skin ups with eager but hey
lining right can’t complain I had below 200 screws
and I cannot fight already I’m super happy already I’m super happy
yeah hey but even if you don’t have any – are you big partner all day every day
but a step crazy to attack break on the second and the first gear here we DIF
break lines block beneficial effect on the second skill shield attack buff for
free third on the first field and she has the leaders fear right I think he’s
wrong I be the defense’s leader skill what is it
one in SP – our defense that’s great for RTA Oh what are they good for these
things now joined us are pretty bad and with more than 1,600 days for a / now
I’ll be talking did I already tell you I fooled maybe eight sharks now maybe more
than eight maybe nine I don’t know I had six or seven two shots in my
storage plus one built plus I put one and the blessing the last time in
session obviously I picked the other field and I pulled one in blessing today
of course massive a bit of a tinge on the lighting on the last rows but yeah I
mean what up perhaps screws to not five some legendary I just want line on apart
and then I’d be happy to never summon again why would you never summon again
though kind of 119 last seven screws please
I’m going in line in the last 20 throwing more than 20 yeah okay thank
you – you’re a hard rock third floor another
Clara okay good spin lobster ragged or any cop
I use just deadly did you try the Jean the lights the light paladin last summer all right Landon dark guys
landing darts at just five so trying anything out of it
docking bay any toy after must add no nothing after that another matter is
great though much was really good in a guy melody on welcome to summer his word
here’s your belly dude Marshall cards now I don’t expect lightning from light
and darts to be honest it would be great nothing all right
seven legendaries lining yeah sure yeah don’t need is honestly can have some
boomerangs oh I need this key lobster and in speed ups for this guy boom
grunts please solution or any scallops one might build another one not five
incoming I believe I hope I hope you right old yes he laps for them tourists
as well good job come to us another ninety extremely
don’t think an addition can I get a boom-boom I want to cry I want to cry I have both
I have both I have both oh my god oh my god
I had me up you rather I have Leo I’m not gonna be the second do
oh my god well no man should get stuck and choose
from well too soon to not 5 out of less than 200 Scrolls I’m happy I got my dad
so I go bust that so yeah about that something Sasha was good
unlucky that was a dupe at the end oh my god I should have been like I would have
been happy about like ah I won’t like how pretty were pretty badly I think
pretty decent and yeah taking a shower or something good new but yeah I mean
I’m gonna get the blessing plus there’s gonna be some extra stones for maybe if
rooms or something I think I don’t know and you can help her alright that’s it
for the Sun in such and I was crazy more more than like I got you’ll not find
those truths that’s pretty good hey get some in session alright that’s it for
YouTube video keep on swimming but that’s it for you too baby
I hope you enjoyed it I’ll see you next time bye bye

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  1. Pulled one of my most wanted nat5! So happy!! If you wanna watch more summoning sessions, check this playlist out!

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