American Girl Dolls Playing at the Beach

In today’s video we want to share with
you a really fun time lapse of us setting up the American Girl scene at
the beach with Lanie’s Camper. Also watch closely because there’s
something out of place. If you can spot it, leave us a comment. Here is a hint,
it’s very tricky so if you can spot it in the video maybe you can spot it in the
pictures. Sit back and enjoy the show. Wow that was so fast. That actually
took about 30 minutes in real time. Did you spot what was out of place? If not, look very closely in the pictures coming up.

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100 thoughts on “American Girl Dolls Playing at the Beach

  1. The bowl in the shower I saw it behind one of the dolls feet and then I looked at the comets and I was right!!!!!

  2. I love American girl dolls and a lot of the dogs and some American girl dolls are not wearing bathing suit's

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