American Girl Doll Beach Bedroom

Disney’s Moana is coming to theaters this
Thanksgiving and we couldn’t be more excited. Moana is the first Polynesian
Princess by Disney and she is a strong willed, spirited teenager who sails out
on a daring mission on the open ocean and encounters impossible obstacles. We
love the diversity that Moana is bringing to the Disney Princess Collection
and we really wanted to see that in our custom American Girl Collection also. So
here is our American Girl Princess Moana. She has the darker skin like
Moana. She has the thick eyebrows and then that gorgeous black windblown
beachy hair. And from what we know about her so far is that her story takes place
on the ocean. So we brought her here to the beach to introduce her. And that way
she looks in her element. And we set up a little scene for her here at the beach,
but we still have a lot to add to her collection. And once we learn more about
her story we can start crafting for her. We also brought Kanani to the beach, and we think they make great friends together. We set them up playing together and surfing
together and kinda walking the beach, and we think they make a great team and
they’re gonna go on many fun adventures. We hope you had fun seeing our American Girl Moana up-close. Be sure to leave us a comment if you can tell us what animals are in Moana’s story,
and also tell us what we should craft for Moana. We want to hear your ideas. Give
this video a thumbs up if you’re excited to see Moana in theaters.

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50 thoughts on “American Girl Doll Beach Bedroom

  1. Pretty cute! She needs a wa'a (boat). And a paddle. Lots of reference online for that. Of course the pig and the chicken would be cool. I'd love to see the American Girl version of Maui…

  2. The animals in Moana are a pig, a treasure crab,maui, rooster. You should make a Moana doll boat. And make a Moana necklace

  3. This is such a great set! I haven't seen Moana but I've heard it''s awesome! I love your videos keep up the good work!

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