Amelia’s Rainbow Christmas Toy Appeal

Well today we’ve been out and about with
Frosty and Deano the Elf. [Merry Christmas] We’ve been collecting presents from all the different businesses around Bournemouth and Dorset. [There we are Frosty] On the journey there, we were spreading the Christmas cheer all across Bournemouth and Dorset [Merry Christmas] Last year we had lots of presents, but this year, I am looking around and we have a fantastic amount of presents The children are going to be so, so, so happy! We’re estimating 300 children alone will be receiving gifts from us. So here we are at the first business collection, that we’re doing we’re so excited let’s go in and see what they got. We’ve been reaching out on social media trying to make sure that everyone knows to bring their toys in, it has been quite
successful. [Merry Christmas] We put out a big campaign on our Facebook pages and wrote to all of our clients we’ve had a really good response, it has been really really generous. [Merry Christmas] When we heard the story behind the charity we were excited, wanting to
be involved, wanted to do something. We’ve had lots of customers bringing various bits
and bobs in, across the weeks we’ve been doing it. Dean and the team
at 4Com come on board and Lucy and Sophie from Store & Secure helped us
really reach out. This year we’ve increased up to 16 collection points
because without them we won’t be able to do this. For a lot of families, at this time of year, that are less fortunate than ourselves the Toy Appeal allows other families to really enjoy their Christmas. [Merry Christmas] It’s not a job, we do it because we want to,
it’s just the experiences we give the families, it’s important. [Merry Merry Christmas] I think it’s a brilliant cause I will definitely be doing this for years to come. [Merry Christmas] I think it will just make their
Christmas, just seeing their smiles on their faces. [Merry Christmas] [Merry Christmas] It has gone absolutely fantastic today, so many people have been so, so generous. So this is the second year
running, that we have 4Com, have helped out with Amelia’s Rainbow. So we’re just
sorting through all the toys now ready for the wrapping. We’re sorting them
through all into piles ready to go into bags so everyone can wrap them tonight. Tonight we are helping wrap the presents
for the children at Amelia’s Rainbow for the Toy Appeal.So one present is going to help make more difference than not doing anything. Amelia Grace Rainbow fund is a fantastic charity andI really really am pleased to be able to work with this fantastic cause and
really really make a difference. [Merry Christmas]

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  1. She used to go to my school in primary and we have a big collage or something up on our wall in the hall

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