Amazon’s newest robots mean new jobs

(gentle music) – This is essentially the robot highway. These are my babies. Our entire operation depends on these. I started at Amazon just
looking for a part-time job, just manually scanning boxes to pallets. And my senior leadership
approached us, and they said, “Hey, this is the
project that’s coming in. This is the job opportunity we have. Start thinking about it.” And now I get to play with robots all day. An associate will place
the package on the robot. The robot knows exactly where to drop it. Each of those little chutes is a specified destination at the bottom. (dispatcher talking) So a big part of my job
is monitoring the activity and the traffic patterns. I’m looking for any
major congestion spots. I’m looking for any robot
that isn’t functioning the way that it should. We’ve gotten a lot of on-the-job learning with regards to how these things work, how the programming works,
because I had no background in robotics at all. Just having the opportunity
to be a trailblazer is just absolutely phenomenal to me. I tell my family that
I babysit 800 robots. I wouldn’t have my job
without these robots and now, when I walk in, it’s kinda like, yeah, this is Amazon. It’s like, this is what I do. (light music)

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