Alma fyller 7 år! Firas på LEGOLAND Malaysia VLOGG

Good morning. On April 4th it’s Alma’s 7th birthday. Her birthday will be a screen free day.
No camera, no phones. Well, we will post a picture
and congratulate her on Instagram. But besides that we have decided together
that we will focus on each other, and ignore the screens. Today, however, we will celebrate her
and bring you along. There is a LEGOLAND here in Johor Bahru
called LEGOLAND Malaysia. That’s where we are going with the kids today. Time to wake up Alma. Good morning! Today we are going to LEGOLAND. Yes! Hi, sweetie! – Are you excited?
– Yes! Alma and Harry know most about LEGOLAND Malaysia
because they have watched YouTube videos about it. Yes. – Maybe you two will have to show us around.
– Yes. Let’s wake up Harry and get dressed.
Then we are off! We are at… LEGOLAND! We will start by going to the water park over here. They will close the water park this afternoon
because it will rain and thunder. So we will start here, and then do the
indoor part and carousels later. There are pieces of Lego
floating around in the water. You are supposed to build shields out of them
and protect yourself from the water jets coming at you. The water park was fun,
but they were super touchy about people filming. Yeah. – They didn’t want us to film the water slides.
– No GoPro on the water slides. And they didn’t let Harry go on
most of the rides because of this. They argued with us about it. – Look, the inside is coming out.
– Yes, it’s falling apart. They didn’t really believe that Harry’s arm is healed
and that he can go on the rides. They felt that… Yes, and he said… He said that I couldn’t move my arm
and that I couldn’t hang in the ring, but I could. Yes. – Let’s go further into the LEGOLAND park.
– Yes. – We will start by having a birthday fika.
– Yes. You have something here… ♪ Happy Birthday to You ♪ ♪ Happy Birthday to You ♪ ♪ Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday to You ♪ ♪ Happy Birthday to You ♪ ♪ Happy Birthday to You ♪ ♪ Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday,
Happy Birthday to You ♪ ♪ Happy Birthday to You ♪ Alma! ♪ Happy Birthday to You ♪ Alma, they want to give you a bag. ♪ Happy Birthday… ♪ ♪ Happy Birthday to You! ♪ Harry! Harry, do you want to hug? She is pretty hard. When we came here,
I saw a person hold balloons! Yes, and I saw some people
with balloons over there. I didn’t understand anything! It’s because you are turning 7! High five, Alma. Congratulations, my little super girl.
My little Lego girl! – And look at this cake.
– Look, LEGO Friends! – LEGO Friends!
– LEGO Friends! – Alma, here are your gifts from LEGOLAND.
– Wow, you got so much! – And here are Harry’s gifts from LEGOLAND.
– Oh! LEGO Friends… A reindeer… This is so fun, and the gifts are so nice.
Now we can build… Here are more LEGO Friends. Super cool. There was a Lego figure on my plate.
It’s in my mouth now. Alma, is this a good birthday celebration? Yes. It’s really good. The most fun birthday celebration in the world! Time to go on the carousels! How are you feeling? Fine. I’m feeling “hot”. How does it feel to turn 7 years old? Well, to soon be turning 7. It feels… Good! It feels a little… Good. Yes, it feels good. I have been waiting for this for so long. We are now going on a ride where
I, Alma and Axel can wear VR headsets. Harry is too small, unfortunately. At least he can come with us. We were riding… …in a car. It was really cool.
We were in a different world. – Bye bye!
– Bye! Everything here is made of Lego.
A miniature city made of Lego. Besides the trees, of course. – What did you say?
– Besides the trees, of course. This is a body dryer where you can get dry
if you are wet from going on a ride. This was actually really nice. He just kissed this old man,
which he had promised me he would do. He told me that he will give me gifts on my birthday,
and I told him that this isn’t my real birthday. Then he said that he wanted to
give me a gift anyway. “Harry, you said you wanted to give me a gift
so kiss this old man on our YouTube video.” – What a day!
– Yes, indeed. I’m exhausted from the heat. – How are you?
– Good. We feel fine. This is the Lego that Alma and Harry
got in the gift bags from the Lego figure. That’s right. We went out for a birthday dinner. – What did we have? Your fave.
– Sushi! That’s right. I can’t understand that Alma is turning 7 years old. I just can’t. – It’s hard to…
– It’s so big! Yes. It’s actually hard to understand. Chanelle Hanna wants to know:
“What was Alma and Harry’s first words?”. – What was my first word?
– Do you know? No. When I was on parental leave with Alma… …she started saying “ka”… “Ka”, “ka”. …when she was thirsty. We eventually understood
that it was her word for “water”. – When she said “ka” we knew she meant “water”.
– Yes, it was Alma’s first word. – Then you gave Alma water.
– Yes. Do you know your first word, Harry? “Mamamamamamamama”. That’s actually true.
“Mamamamamamamamama”. – How is your arm, Harry?
– Fine. – Now your whole hand is visible.
– Yes. We had to remove some of the cast
because it was getting all mushy. I cut some of it off with the scissors.
It really feels like it’s time to remove it completely. – Do you want me to remove your cast?
– Yes. – Oh.
– It’s so much to remove, daddy. – Yes, very much.
– Can I try? Yes. Oh! It’s really on there. I will shout “ouch” if it hurts. Oh, it tickles. – Does it tickle?
– It’s fun to have a cast. Does it feel strange? Look at… Ow. Yes, it hurts a little. It hurts in the beginning. – Have you ever broken your arm?
– No, I have never broken my arm. Has Alma ever broken her arm?
No, she has sprained her ankle. – Mhm.
– Mhm. Now… Can I borrow your hand?
We will go wash it. You can feel a bump under his skin. In 6 months it will be completely gone
and his arm will grow straight as he grows up. Thank you for watching this video! Please leave a thumbs up… …or down. Recommend, subscribe
and take care until next time. Bye bye!

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