All 5 LEGO Star Wars 20th Anniversary figures together!

all right obviously this needed to be
done I have put together the five 20th anniversary special edition throwback
figures from the five sets that I’ve reviewed from this series and I also
have four of the five figures in their original form so we can do a little
comparison there I think it’s really cool that Lego came out with these and
released them just to the general market rather than putting them into some super
exclusive convention specific you know figure pack or something like that but
you know it’s it’s interesting to really consider who’s going to end up owning
these I guarantee that relative to the number of people who will end up with at
least one of these the number who will feel compelled to collect all five much
less the number of people who will actually get qualified is tiny because
never forget and it can never be overstated Lego makes toys most of Lego
products that are sold end up in the hands of kids they’re bought by parents
for kids it’s not primarily a collector thing so most of these that actually end
up getting sold are not going to be for the purpose of collection I just feels
like a cool novel idea to me you know kids getting modern toys and in
the process also getting some throwback toys I mean I guess the whole retro
thing is kind of in these days you know I went through the 80s retro fad or
phase and kind of getting into 90s retro territory now anyway here are the actual
classic figures that I have I don’t have an original Lando because that came in
the Cloud City set from 2013 which is crazy expensive right now with each of
these pairs the original is on the right as you’re looking at it and as I covered
in my individual reviews of these sets that these came in in many cases the
prints for the alter ones are better and also for the forced wielders
here the original figures came with chrome lightsaber hilts which were
pretty fancy and pretty memorable they just don’t do that anymore they’re not
the most durable things that paint they’re actually the the coating which
has actual metals in it doesn’t stick to plastic that well long term now right
here this is a case where your new print is definitely better at least on the on
the torso but some of them where you can see a lighter color printed over a
darker color or at least a different color the older ones had more opacity to
them so they you know they just had a brighter finish to them also with the
Lando the new Cape is just a little bit shinier I think it’s a nicer cloth
material that they use their colors have changed a little bit because Lego got
rid of their old brown color and both of their main gray colors between 2003 and
2004 and replaced them with more vibrant versions so looking at these two hair
pieces the new color is much for the for the brown is much more reddish they
actually call it reddish brown and on the Grays that you can see like on the
hips here on the right the new one is considered to be or the newer one is
considered to be like blueish grain because it actually has some blue mixed
in the same goes for the materials used for the heads for Vader again notice how
much more crisp and clean the old print is for the face there which is
surprising for the most part I don’t recommend that you consider buying the
sets that these come in just to get these you know just to collect these
with the one possible exception being Lando I feel like even today and even as
a a non original figure that is a desirable figure to get you know it just
it looks really cool even today even by today’s standards in my opinion it’s
unique and you know the chances of being able to get one of the originals for a
reasonable price are just non-existent I don’t think
you’ll ever be able to get an original for a reasonable price just the the
rarity is too great the desirability is too high but the others are relatively
easy to get on the aftermarket you can even find some you know in original
forms you can even find some in pretty good shape and if you get the originals
you don’t have to deal with that big print that’s super obvious on the ones
that don’t have capes it’s another thing that’s nice about this this lando even
though he does have the the print on the back there it’s covered up by the Cape
most of the time so it’s actually a much more viable figure to just use on its
own for whatever purposes you want compared to these three here in the
center Vader’s another one that again has that
same big ugly print ugly in my opinion print on the back but with Cape on it’s
no problem don’t have to see it anyway that’s that I just wanted to bring all
these together in one video since it is a collectible set let me know in the
comments if you have any thoughts about these in general if you have any
thoughts about the quality about the stands the collectability the prints you
know just anything that you want to say about these on the whole feel free I’ll
talk to you in soon as I can

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100 thoughts on “All 5 LEGO Star Wars 20th Anniversary figures together!

  1. I like them. Tempted to collect them all, but I’m not so sure I want to spend the money. Lando is worth getting. The others are nice figures to get in addition to the great sets they’re included in.

  2. Brasso
    normally I'm against modifying lego
    but this is one situation where I'd be comfortable with scrubbing off those back prints

  3. I think they look good but one thing that I find strange is that Lego used to print bright colors on dark torsos a lot better in the original days. Today these prints look more grey, shouldn't it be the other way around?

  4. Omg that Han torso print! :O

    I really can’t believe the prints are getting so much worse! I’m really disappointed

  5. I can't believe Lego can't paint over dark surfaces for the money you pay.

    I didn't realize this was such an issue now but it's horrible.

  6. why is the printing so bad on today's figures? especially light colored prints on dark pieces. you'd think everything would only improve as time went on…

  7. I am very slightly mixed on this 20A line of sets and figures. I love the idea, honestly. However I think they should have made 5 (or pick a #) sets originally from 1999. The Snowspeeder & Pod are both from 1999, so how about X-Wing, Y-Wing, Landspeeder (all recently made so maybe other sets but these are perfect for this occasion), Naboo Fighter or Sith Infiltrator? I love the chance to get this Lando again (used to have the original unfortunately in my stolen collection) but an original 1999 fig would have "fit" better.
    Overall I am 80% happy with this lineup, except for the prices getting worse and worse. I know my income doesn't go up as often as SW Lego does and definitely not the same percentage increase as they do when it does go up. Which is ridiculous. What's even more absurd is plastic prices are lower than they have been in the last decade because oil prices are lower than they were 10 years ago, plastic is a biproduct of oil so prices should have went down to be honest. The print quality of today is worse than it used to be and they are a little stingier with # of figs in sets than they used to be as well. One thing that would help Lego prices is to stop trying to add technology to these sets. The apps never work correctly & kids just don't hold intrest long enough for the most part, to make them even worth messing with it but the love for Lego bricks is something that never goes completely away. This upcoming Hidden series for example, in 10, no 5, maybe even 2 years from now the app will no longer be used or even work (didn't work correctly on display at NY Toy Fair in Jan) but the bricks & sets will still have use. Just make good sets not dumb features that cost millions of dollars to be wasted & passed on to customers! Please!

  8. I still can't belive it's been 20 years of Star Wars LEGO! It's crazy! Isn't that the longest running licensed theme overall? Crazy! Thanks for sharing this – it was very interesting to see these! Keep up the good work!

  9. Too bad that they haven't made a classic Ben Kenobi figure, maybe in the summer wave, but I doubt it.
    I also would like to see Chewbacca among these, but I understand that the 20th anniversary print could get scratched off when removing his head piece.

  10. Thanks Jang for this review. I love the comparison of originals to new. I did not know th coloring had changed this much. I think you are also right with Lando being the one to get here. I may not get the whole set, I really dislike having to buy another snowspeeder, but Lando looks amazing.

  11. Do you think the printing issue is due to minifigs made in cheaper factories (ie China) or is LEGO changing their manufacturing process and still struggling with it?

  12. I might be wrong but I don't seem to be able to find them in the UK, certainly not from the Lego store on line. I have the original ones, it would of been nice to get these as well. Am I looking in the wrong places ?

  13. I will buy the set which includes Darth Vader,
    It is pretty disapointing that the new figs have that problems with the opacity, when i think at LEGO i think at quality but recently it is not the case with the prints animore….

  14. I would have preferred they do these as polybags rather than bundling them with sets. They end up increasing the price, and especially for sets that are supposed to be massable like the Dropship or the Scout Walker you end up with a surplus of these things. Obviously it would also have been better if they'd found some other way to mark these as new-production without that awful back print.

  15. I really hope the 80th anniversary Batman sets coming in June do something like this, just with figures from the old Lego Batman theme.

  16. I knew the prints where bad theses days and this confirms it. The way Lego prints it's parts must of been outsourced to China or somthing.

  17. I agree with you, Jang, it's not the best idea to get these sets just to get the "collectable" minifigs, that big 20th anniversary print on their backs is just so unsightly!

  18. The biggest differences with the Landos being an owner of the original from 2003 is that the head print of the original has much smaller eyes than this 20th anniversary version. The cape of course is completely different too; the original is much thinner, the yellow on the inside is much brighter, and the light blue on the opposite side is much more pale than this 20th version. The blue side also has no shine at all whatsoever.

  19. I wonder if lego will fix their prints its just sad that the older han have a better torso print of the flesh than the new one. You would think quality would be better overtime and not get worst. Maybe cutting cost on somethings or just not properly printing the material on.

  20. they really didnt need to add the ugly prints on the backs. The newer colours used distinguish them all from the original figs

  21. agreed the quality is not as good I am having a problem with my newer(3 years and under) lego minifigure and parts which were displayed are cracking but my older(5 -10years older) lego that have been well played with are totally fine .

  22. As AFOL I want to get these sets for the figures and the builds, also I have yet to own a Slave 1 because of the ridiculous prices of sets it seems to wind up in but this Slave 1 is actually affordable for me.

  23. Jangbricks just letting you know there is a new Lego book out and it comes with a Lego figure can you review it

  24. I had these in my hands at target today. They were all faced and priced, yet all set dated. Checkout wouldn't let me physically pay for them.

  25. I love how you don't have the original lando and that is for a huge lego collector, i love that lego sold a new figuře of that figure!

  26. i think that however because these are obviously different minifigures due to the backs, these may very well skyrocket in value down the line just like the originals have, and the back print, while obnoxious, may end up setting the value higher at some point then what they would be worth if someone tried selling them today

  27. My local Target has the 20th-anniversary sets but, apparently, someone put them out by accident so when I tried to buy the Clone Scout Walker and the Snowspeeder, they said: "Someone made a mistake and I can't buy them until the 1st." That REALLY annoyed me. Anyone have a similar experience?

  28. I'm rather torn on the prints on the back of the new ones. On one hand, I think they are absolutely unnecesary, and if LEGO did that in order not to decrease the market value of the original figs, I think that's also unnecesary since the originals weren't super expensive exclusive collector's edition minifigs or anything (or were they), and it's not LEGO who's raising the price/market value of them. (I can understand them not making the latest Bobba Fett minifig the same as the UCS Slave I, as it was in fact, an expensive set; although I still think they shouldn't let people hold them back from making better toys–technological improvement making what used to be a luxurious item should be welcomed.)

    On the other hand, while I don't agree with the "making them identical to the original decreases the value of the originals" argument, I think the "20th anivversary" prints are, by themselves, kinda valuable (to me and some others). 20th year anniversary happens only once. So a few years later, you can no longer get these from the retailers (unless these sets totally frop and stores somehow keep them on their shelves). And the likelyhood of LEGO making super specific 20th anniversary editioned minifigs in the future seems to be… pretty rare to me. Of course, the same can be said about the original minifigs though, I think (to me, and maybe to you also, that is) it's not entirely a negative thing that they put these prints on the back of the minifigs. Just my opinion.

  29. I have all these original figures. I’m going to get them all . I like the back print it’s like the special kladno or grand opening back print .

  30. I really miss LEGO creating good well priced sets. If they go back to doing that they won’t have a massive backlash. LEGO wins, consumers happier. What infuriates me the most is when they do special promotions and they either don’t have enough in stock or they delay it forever.

  31. I was wondering about the heads being passed off as the real thing but these ones have no hole in the top of the head where as the originals did.
    Also, just got the Lando and he’s awesome.

  32. Why are the sets so expensive? I mean obviously LEGO Star Wars, but does LEGO really feel like these minifigures that mostly have worse prints are that special?

  33. 3:56 I got the Luke skywalker set only for him I don’t think I am going to even build the pod racer but I am taking padme and Anikan

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