ALIENS INVADE FGTEEV!! BEN 10: UP TO SPEED Cartoon Network Game w/ Duddy & Omnitrix (Ben 10 Reboot)

This is a big ol video for Cartoon Network I’m so good at this, I don’t even need hands to play chambers Teddy here we’re about to play a new game + 10 up to speed bench Annika didn’t even know about Ben Ten who can turn into aliens and thinks he is all cool watch called the Omnitrix I could turn into a pretty cool alien to be people baby pee poo poo poo poo poo baby sounds awesome oh yeah then I show you my alien morphing availability get ready for the best time of your life kid oh yeah cool ok Kwan let’s set up a tent wait right max swipe left fireball no iPads over campy how about you gather up some firewood fine grandpa I’ll knock this out in one whoa whoa I’m sorry for my go check it out we’re going to check out what that black was a minute can work I’m leaving a kid because I got it oh this is a runner I’ll run it to the left I’ll run it to the left because I except for someone should have said right I jumped over I just down haha I’m a clown when we’re now officially not there’s 60 levels of star I can plan to cannonbolt keep Black Diamond Head XL all right oh you like Clark floor swipe left to run this wolf oh ok this is pork or beef that’s sick but anyway that you can actually play as the alien I hope we just do that it is dangerous and I actually in it this new boss battles giant um Vilgax pot and hey me but I yes murder that baby I got three stars great job running oh thank you sir very kind of you you see those things that you collect it to the right a little 7171 with those chips what are those and I can’t tell you what was the point of bringing it up I know you got me about you’re making me crazy oh you scratch my back I’ll beer event all right i got my pad fix now let’s go next what is that dang so kind of face what this is what it gets is what it’s growing whoa what is it doing get it off get fire I’m too I’m burning bush haven’t heard it on kind of awesome ! times three what are these bad guys well let’s see what this guy can do well we’re ready we’re ready ready Mikey what swipe down to attack the enemy what Oh back swipe left oh I’m just flashing about 20 soul mates you’re like magnetite they come towards me dude this is sick now let’s see what this alien can do tap on the screen and use your special skill always got special skills I got Squire blasted them this is pretty amazing whoa wait no I want to be the alien slice down the doctor and Franco I swipe down to jump up back seat man swipe right now oh ok and then write blessed ah oh my goodness my watch is showing me like different aliens Wow the watch charge while I was running so I can use it again I could tap on the forearm let’s see what this really akin to these better skill oh I just barrel rightful look so good at this I don’t even need hands to play see I blew him over hahaha I’ll bet again seriously I do oh please Bob McKenzie really expressive I’m sorry band it’s just um just that great I wouldn’t say great whatever been capture open so what is this really a little chest here tap to open what is this force level one I got the level 14 the force is with me dawg Mick remember you have a bunch of different aliens you can swap them out in the teen section tap on the card of this alien now tap on the diamond head icon to put them in your team remember that I am you picked up you can use it to improve one of your aliens choose the items to make the alias stronger perfect been here grab my job stress let’s run again oh cool so here’s my team Diamondhead cannibal and heat glad Oh have goals collect 50 coins the leaf five enemies hugged leader you sure all right I’m going to lead them run ten hundred meters also known as 1080 and I’ve got one Omnitrix I run we’re doing this lemma story yes seriously we’re doing this softly lazy Ben Tennyson all right here we go oh look at that was the appeal check out that alien civil I bet you can get back that bear if you turn it or just let me dial in head run through that let’s pick up another thing so those things are my upgrades I thought um found out it will go three two things do for me I just blacked it I got a sticky 5 in amis boom number three your dad number four sit down oh there’s a rut wings game damn I’ve already told you have already plated to your vengeance oh look about kind of time if you want to continue from this point sure cuz I was hard work and then I’m going to swipe down boom broke up oh I’m gonna get all these places yes and then sprinkle haha oh oh I didn’t know he can come into my lane that that’s kind of cheating he’s a cheetah whoa there’s a cheetah but she does it’s a tentative yeah I can’t catch me Armand of Diamondbacks what Oh No over port I’m saw me back okay diamond diamond head jump up go move it all around all back in the camper I am back oh cool yes yes oh I told you’re not that great well yeah I mean two stars cuz I’ve glasses though so that’s open all we’ve got two of these 25 coins other this coin thanks for telling me pen what was so special about coins remember I told you about the coins earlier that’s what my point was about brought you losing me yellows to me next 11 full experience level 30 nice i didn’t get to turn in the Cannonball dole what’s up a bit Oh check it out I can upgrade my Omnitrix to level 20 that’s a beautiful watch why here we go running again a runner runner / running yeah he fired up bra right here oh I got another one in down down down oh nice nice nice dude I love this so this is like a fire like a fire zone and nobody else can get 200 I just blasted I didn’t happen oh no you hooked me and y’all Oh fire last again I’ll be him where’s my special move right right here go oh yeah be some of fire me that one’s gonna hurt a little bit oh what’s that oh oh no no no I missed it oh god oh man I gotta go to bathroom hurry this thing up finally all right let’s go ahead let’s see if we could like switch out our team oh let’s do xlr8 and then this guy also yeah here you go but still ten more monsters left to go oh what’s this there will be monthly updates consisting of new alien bosses and level suite back yeah I’m liking this game with some coins and boosters what do we got here we got a lot of cool stuff we got a lot of cool stuff here oh here’s the map let’s continue chapter 11 whatever this is level 5 we got thing about this game let us know if you like it and want us to play some more whoa and when I say us I mean me and all my alien transformation is this another alien simple turn into that a thing you got there is also returned it to a cannibal all right I’m just gonna see like it’s possible oh and oh I got it I just go right aw ok fine I thought I can black through that run let’s do it right up in curtain oh here we go BAM and break them no no wait wait break them got us little don’t run out we got we got a break two more enemies come our enemies that are not my friend of these in and go yeah we’re computer that now it’s me to run some mated please near estimated who’s this guy you bet it wait let me turn let me turn oh if you don’t have enough charge on your Omnitrix you can’t turn into the to the alien of your choice but not good because I have it deep I’m Johnny I can’t I can’t swim in a deep in coming out of here get in boy no no no no no what does plus we’re gonna pull oh oh cool broken broken Muslim I’m hopping this time and boom I like that I have done it the shelf in time so does that mean if I get this three genuine drinking it’s better then i get 3 stars yes that’s all you get hundred fifty coin experience level so you wanna play with these guys because it boosts up their experience I see a Lexus game well anyways guys i hope that i showed you a really cool gaming game plan select booster i touch to use let’s just try one of these out real quick did that looks like it’s gonna make me go faster try it and go wow that’s fast all right what’s awesome is for one day we don’t think for what I hope you enjoyed this video enjoyed some Benton up to speed app available now on that stock for your Apple and Android devices and we’ll see you next time thanks for watching peace out middlebury bop bop okay I get a big brain great but brave would you read my letters unless my message le hit you

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