Acetone Destroys Your Lego

[Music] Guys, today, we are here at
a store called Bricks & Minifigs with our friend Cory. This is a Lego store. It’s… Describe it to us a little bit. At Bricks & Minifigs,
we sell all things Lego. We buy back Lego, and we resell pre-owned sets,
loose minifigures, bulk pieces, you can build
your own mini figure, and you can even host
your birthday party here. It’s amazing. We came in here to film, and we played
for an hour. This place is amazing. So today, we want to do
an experiment of Lego. We have done some stuff
with Lego pieces before, and today’s adventure is gonna
be a little bit more destructive than some other stuff. Lego is made from
what’s called ABS plastic, and ABS plastic is well known
for not doing so well if it comes
in contact with acetone. And so, our thought is we
can get a lot of acetone, and a lot of Lego, and see what happens
when they meet. Our plan is to destroy
something Star Wars themed, and in fact, we’re going to try
and melt the Millennium Falcon. Nate, we don’t have a fish tank
big enough for this. Okay, I believe this is
the largest Lego set that is made. So we’re going to go
for not this Millennium Falcon, but this Millennium Falcon. We’re going to set
up a fish tank, and then we’re going
to pour a lot of acetone in, and just submerge
the Millennium Falcon in it. So this should be pretty great. So I mean, we can give it back to you,
but like in a bucket. Well, yeah. Well, okay. Okay. So if we’re going
to destroy one of these, then I think we need to see how it’s built from the ground
up, don’t you think? Oh, definitely. Because there’s, it’s
not just outward, like there’s the inner pieces you
can actually see inside this. Yeah. I want to see
how this is put together. We’ll build one, and then we’ll see what happens
when we dunk it in acetone. [Music] We’ve got a Millennium
Falcon set up on a tank. We’ve also got it sitting
over this large plastic tub, and that’s because it’s supposed
to be water tight, and acetone shouldn’t
destroy the silicone that’s holding these panes
of glass together, but just in case it starts to leak, we don’t want it
to all fail catastrophically, and just pour
acetone everywhere. So if it does start to leak, it should mostly
land in this tub. And so it’s just a little bit
of a precaution. So as sad as this is, we still want as many angles
as possible of the destruction that we’re going
to be causing here. So we’ve got lots of GoPros. We’ve got lots of lights. We’re going to make sure
that everything’s time elapsed. All right, we’ve got
10 gallons of acetone. Might do it. Let’s start pouring. [Music] Is that looking cloudy? I don’t want to look cloudy. That’s super cloudy actually. You can’t even see through that. I think it’s just dissolving
the white bottom piece already. Yeah, where I’m pouring, it’s already like
smoothed it out a lot. It looks like… I’m going to pour on the clear,
see what happens. All right. This is starting to dissolve the Lego a lot faster
than I thought it was going to. The spots where we’ve
been pouring it, like it’s removing
detail already. Like I’m pretty sure the sides
were that’s been poured on, like it no longer has the word Lego on the bumps
and stuff like that. Acetone is actually very clear. So what we’re seeing,
all of this cloudiness, is when we’re pouring it in the white bottom of it was
just dissolving that quickly. Hopefully, it’ll clear up just a little just,
just enough for us to see it. I think it might settle. Yeah. So even this top part here
that isn’t under, but it’s just been splashed on,
look at this. That’s my fingernail just
scraping right into that. Well, you can see right here, where I first started
pouring, its actually… [inaudible] and let it sit now. Yeah, that’s stuck
to my fingers. [Music] Quick update. This is now been sitting in the
tank of acetone for about an hour, and unfortunately, right as we pour
the acetone in, and immediately
started getting cloudy. We think that might be because the white base
that it was sitting on, and the blue background were
actually not Lego brand. They were an off-brand, and yeah, it was probably
a different formula the plastic that dissolves even faster, and so, it just
went cloudy immediately. Now, you can see that the acetone is
basically all blue, even though there’s only just those
two blue plates in the back. So we are going
to try this again, including destroying
a second Millennium Falcon, because we want to start
with clear acetone, and make it so you can
actually see what’s happening. It may still go cloudy as
some of Lego dissolves, but we wanted to at
least start clear, and then get cloudy. So now, we’re going to try
and take some of those out, and see this is just like mush. Oh, no. The stickers are
almost been staying. Let’s see what happens if I try
and lift the whole thing. I– Oh. Lift, lift slowly because it– Lifts really slow
because when it breaks, it’s gonna splash down a lot. I got it. I got it. This piece– There goes that one. Okay, it’s gone. I’m sorry Han,
Chewie, forgive me. You guys see this. It’s like, you can kind
of see the Lego pattern left as it just dissolves
against my hand. Oh no. Bowl full of spaceship. This will no longer be making
the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs. Oh, it has weakened my glove. We wear nitrile gloves, which are fairly
chemically resistant. But this has been too much. Mine’s gone. Prolonged contact with acetone
in your skin is not a good idea. It’s not like gonna
instantly cause problems, but it’s definitely not something you
want to keep doing. You use this stuff to take
off nail polish and stuff, but I’m still going to go
rinse my hands anyways, because it went
right through on me. I’m gonna try something else. We’re going to fill
the tank with acetone. No base plate,
no backdrop to it. And then we’re just going
to lower our Millennium Falcon down into it. I have done very small-scale
tests of putting Lego in acetone that way before, and we didn’t get any cloudy
when I did that. So hopefully, we’ll get
a better result like this. [Music] If this spills, we saying goodbye
to this kitchen. Turn on the fan, and just leave
the house for a day. So there’s only one redeeming
quality about melting this now. Nate has included himself
in the melting process. Got to have a pilot. So we’ve blended Grant,
and now we’re melting Nate. I’ll be fine. Okay. Let go. I don’t wanna. Let it go. There you go. Carefully lower it down,
here, filling the acetone. Oh no. Much less cloudy. All right, Yoda,
pull it up out of the swamp. Come on, you can do it. Dude, do not. There is no dry. It’s something, definitely. Yeah, and you can see, so it’s hard to see
on the camera right now, we’ll see zoom in later. But if you’re actually
looking at it, the red color is actually
already seeping away. Oh, it is. It is. You see that? All right, let’s let
this sit for a while, and just observe
the destruction. I do like distraction. [Music] We’ve left this in
for about three hours. And as you can see, we have achieved
pretty total destruction. Oh, it’s all over. You did that. Everything. I shouldn’t touch it. There’s just like there’s one
centerpiece holding itself up. There’s a couple of arch
shaped pieces of Lego in there, and those seem to be… They haven’t melted at all. Oddly resistant. I’m going to touch it. Oh, oh, no. It’s just barely
supported right now. This is the end of
the Millennium Falcon, you guys. Oh, it’s– No, now, it’s a boat. Look at that. So I can just like scrape off, and then these arches
are like untouched. Okay, so not untouched. It’s very fragile. But like… So a lot of the bricks, they seriously like swelled up,
absorbed the acetone, and look at that goo. But these, they’re like
the exact same shape, so I’m guessing there’s like
different densities of Lego. Oh no. I was going to try and see if I could unsnap
any of these Lego, see if any of– And they are still
in the center. Okay? No, I think that’s
a no right there. So this piece right here, it has like these little
pegs on the side. And so I think there’s
a structural grade of Lego, and a less structural
grade of Lego. It’s not swollen up. You can still clearly
read Lego on the bumps, and everything else
hours ago became swollen and illegible and really soft. Oh, hey, I found
another survived piece, because you can see
it’s still dry. Nothing touched that. It was just like
enclosed entirely. Yeah, but pulling it apart kind
of feels like a caramel popcorn. This is a rescue attempt. I’m going to try
and pull my mini figure out. He escaped the cockpit. I have become liquid, and I just got cut
in half with a pair of tongs. Hang on, I can fix you. Don’t worry. I’ve got this. Good luck. There, you’re fine. See? I look great. You’re fine. Oh, I think we should
now take the remains of this Millennium Falcon
back to the nice people who lent it to us. Yeah, they did ask for it back. We are back at the
Bricks & Minifigs store, and we’re here to present Cory with the remains
of our Millennium Falcon.>>Oh my goodness.
>>There you go. Just the way you gave it to us. What did you do to my baby? I’m so sorry. Quick reminder. Before. After. Oh my gosh. Okay. So how many gallons of acetone? I think we used to 8. 8 gallons of acetone. Yeah. And then several days
to evaporate, I’m guessing. Yeah, we poured
most of it off, but we didn’t like– We didn’t want to
poor everything off, because there was a lot
of like liquid Lego sludge in it as well. So we wanted to let
it settle quite a bit. I got to say,
my favorite part is that they’re just still
a couple of pieces that didn’t go anywhere. So like, this is the cockpit, and it’s not clear
anymore obviously. Like, it should be clear, and now it’s
very opaque plastic. But it’s still intact. You guys are braver than I, because man, to do
that to such a wonderful sight. It’s true. Fortunately, we still have one. We’re not going
to ruin this one. Okay, good. As he drops it, right? Maybe don’t let
Nate hold it anymore. Okay. Wait, this one you can– Now, this one.>>Whoa. Whoa.
>>Put that down. Come on. Really. Guys, that’s not all, we’ve always got more
for you to see. This box up here at the top will
take you to our latest video. That box at the bottom will take you to what YouTube thinks
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out on the fun. Don’t forge to ring that bell, and we’ll see you
in the next one. Talk to you then.

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