Abu Dhabi Find Wonder | Conor Messer: Creating a new frontier in robotics

The field of soft robotics could radically
change the way doctors perform surgery and fast forward patient recovery times This American Fulbright Scholar
is exploring its exciting potential for cardiac surgery at Khalifa University Surgical soft robotics have some amount of
compliance or elasticity built into their mechanism it’s able to compensate for error because the body is like a soft robot our anatomy are not rigid, are not stiff,
but they are actually able to deform and so the soft robot is actually mimicking our body and is able to interact with the body in
very healthy and natural ways So I found that here at Khalifa University, they have a
well established and continuing to grow robotic institute This aligns with my values and my hopes for my life to use engineering and use science to
impact people’s health in a less invasive way and allow them to live more full and enriched lives

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