About that LEGO Movie 2 Welcome to Apocalypseburg set… (70840)

hello everyone over the weekend a brand
new set was unveiled for the lego movie – via eBay of all places this set has
not been officially unveiled by Lego itself there’s no official information
about it as far as I have seen so far but two different copies of it were sold
by two different sellers in Texas and given that these have not been unveiled
yet or announced yet I’m assuming that these were either somehow intercepted or
they’re legit or not pre retail or were intended to be promotional copies sent
out for media coverage or review and they’re just turned around and sold
instead whatever the circumstances this did give us our first looks at this new
set welcome to apocalypse burg with over 3100 pieces and one of the sellers gave
us a good look at the figures as well I saw some commenters on my video about
the official lego movie to unveiled photos asking what happened to bad cop
well bad cop is back in this set as scribble cop as is Larry the barista who
is now gone very hardcore and very angry and mean fuse has no face unveiled at
this time but very cool printed and probably will be set unique welding
helmet where are my pants guy is back roxy is a new character as far as I know
I don’t recognize that from anywhere chainsaw Dave is actually apparently a
surfer dude I believe he’s based on the one from the collectible minifigures
series – sir was it surfer dude or surfer guy but he is now a chainsaw Dave
he’s not anti yet I guess originally he was Dave the surfer guy as well Mohawk
is a little bit similar to heavy metal from the most recent Ninjago series
Harley Quinn is an official licensed figure and looking like she’s in the
Suicide Squad movie form sort of her hair has been bleached completely white
with the exception of the highlights on there Green Lantern has been brought in
surely to have some sort of squabble with Batman who’s the greater hero of
the universe and that is back possibly trying to
overcompensate a little bit here with his suit being very souped up with a lot
of things on it and I don’t expect him to have a huge role in this movie given
that we did have the full Lego Batman movie itself and that actually didn’t go
over so well but we shall see and wyldstyle is back now just going by her
real name of Lucy so that’s 12 figures in a 3100 piece set I think that’s a
pretty decent ratio it’s interesting that there are no real bad guys per se
here I mean you’ve got the inhabitants of apocalypse burg who are not the
happiest people around but ultimately they’re just regular citizens so this
really isn’t set up for a lot of direct conflict between good and bad if you
will it’s more of the main or some of the main characters of the story just
living their lives this is the best picture that we get of the front of the
box which shows the entire set with all of the figures in context obviously this
is based off a scene that is seen in the first trailer and feature it fairly
prominently this is just scaled down significantly for the lego set of course
because well frankly if they did it at the the same scale as it’s shown in the
movie or will be shown in the movie it would cost a billion billion billion
dollars as a set and would take years to put together physically notice that in
the front and over on the left hand side you’ll see it around the back a little
bit I’ve got the stacked up boxes kind of shipping containers it looks like at
least some of them are set up similar to the stacks in ready player one when that
movie came out actually when the the trailers first came out people
immediately wanted to see stuff like that done in Lego so Lego has kindly
obliged I don’t know if there’s any direct relation there but you know we’ve
gotten definitely a very similar sort of theme that’s being carried over here and
done pretty well I think with you know some offsets and different angles
looking around the back of the box we can get to see a little bit of the
interior detail which frankly is not all that significant the set itself is not
huge but they do have a lot of different scenes and that results in each scene
being small is the little little ravine yep with enough space it looks like four
on average two figures per maybe some of them will fit three figures in there or
something but you know expect small spaces especially because look around
the back by default the whole thing is closed up assuming that it’s gonna be
able to hinge open a bit but it might not be able to hinge open completely so
you might not be able to get tremendously good access in here we’ll
have to see how that works out I don’t really show you the kind of
before-and-after very much also the back of the Statue of Liberty itself the
upper torso is fairly flat looks like there is a hinge in there but I
personally was expecting to see a little bit more detail a little bit more
shaping around the back of that when I first saw the front of this it doesn’t
quite match now since this has not been officially announced yet we don’t have
any official retail prices for it but I think you can make some educated guesses
looking up the number of pieces there thirty one hundred and seventy eight and
kind of comparing this to the most similar sets that have been made
recently I think the closest analogues are Ninjago city with 40 over 4800
pieces which was $300 u.s. and even closer would be Ninjago city docks which
was over 3500 pieces so much closer to this ones nearly 3200 and that one was
230 dollars so I personally expect this to be between 230 and 250 dollars I
think they might go a little bit up on this one perhaps but they could go down
as well it could be as low as 210 based on 210 220 based on those previous sets
but the two that sold on eBay went for about 450 us each shipped which has to
be at least 50% over retail if not a hundred percent over retail so
quite a windfall for whoever sold those for sure but definitely do not expect to
be prices at retail to be anything close to that I don’t know where these will be
sold it’s possible that they will be only sold through Lego branded stores as
well as you know shopped Lego calm but they may also end up coming or this may
end up also coming to a single retailer this definitely won’t have a wide
release to all retailers let me know what you think about this set leave a
comment down below I personally like the figure selection and I kind of like the
the design of the individual units you know the individual housing and business
units around the outside not sure how the Statue of Liberty portion of this is
going to look in person especially with the pink flap around the back I need to
see it in three dimensions and of course I’ll do that as soon as the thing is
actually released so I can buy it now we’ll build it now we’ll review it for
all of you of course and I might even keep it for my Mellanby district see
you’ll fit right in maybe with a little bit of modification
anyway thanks for watching hope you enjoy this I’ll talk to you in soon you

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100 thoughts on “About that LEGO Movie 2 Welcome to Apocalypseburg set… (70840)

  1. Expect retail availability within the next week or two. Any guesses as to the final price?
    Regarding my controversial LEGO Batman Movie statement, with Wikipedia-powered hindsight (no need to copy/paste its factoids here) I see that the final international gross revenue wasn't that bad. In the US at least, though, the buzz immediately post-release was very muted and the sets sold terribly, warming Toys R Us, Target, & Walmart shelves for months. In fact some of the last sets on shelves at my nearest TRU before it closed were TLBM. In the theater where I saw it the movie, kids appeared very disengaged and bored through most of it.

  2. Mohawk is Im guessing to be based off Furiosa from Mad Max on Fury road with the robot arm and darer forehead, thats just my guess

  3. Hot Set. Great Liberty Statue. I am fascinated by her head, looks fantastic. Which brings me to the idea, to take this set as a start for my Ghostbuster ^^

  4. i think i will buy this set for in my city, will look great as an island just before the coast, like the real life statue of liberty! very excited personally!

  5. I was thinking, the Suicide Squad Harley Quinn minifigure has a different meaning. It shows that Finn has grown up since The Lego Movie, and that he was allowed to watch movies meant for older people like Suicide Squad.

  6. Looks cool. LEGO might not be able to get away with making a full post-apocalyptic theme, but between this and the Dragon Hunters from Ninjago, they sure are seeing how far they can push it.

    Really kinda wish they didn't include the DC characters though. Their presence is just going to drive up the price of what's already going to be an expensive set.

  7. dang lego cheaping out. They already made the model in the movie, why can’t they just release it like that😡😡😡😡

  8. Wait, Where Are My Pants Guy has no pants again?
    I think that kinda violates continuity, considering what happened at the end of the first movie to him involving the Kragle…

    Also, I see Bad Cop/Scribble Cop, but they haven't credited Liam Neeson for the upcoming movie.
    …where is Bad Cop and what has become of him in the story?

    And President Business?

  9. Chainsaw Dave was the surfer, in the scene where emmet is first going outside.He was loading a surfboard in his car.

  10. Really strange that Emmett is in the marketing of the set but not in the line up for the figs. Anybody else see sets that do that?

  11. I think Fuse was the name of one of the construction workers (named in the video game and the junior novel). Chainsaw Dave is Surfer Dave from the first film (saying hi to him was part of Emmet's morning routine), and Mohawk looks a lot like Gail, one of the construction workers Emmet wanted to meet up with for dinner in the first film.

  12. You know people will be buying this set just to get the only thing good about Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn. I also love the Apocalypse Green Lantern and Batman

  13. This really has me wanting a full sized, un-ruined, Statue of Liberty at this scale, which I'd be willing to pay quite a lot for. The Architecture one is nice, but just imagine the detail you could pull off at this scale.

    Still, would be a nice set piece as it is for Planet of the Apes fans I suppose. I probably won't get it, because my budget for sets of this size I reserve for things that are more versatile, or that stand on their own; this seems too tied to the movie to be much of anything else. I couldn't integrate it into my city and it doesn't stand as its own thing the way say, the Destiny's Bounty does. It feels too much like a movie prop tied to this specific movie. Just a preference thing, but I don't like investing in such things.

    Still, it is a cool set. If I could get it at a significant discount would be great for its parts, especially all that sand green the statue is made out of.

    (As a side comment, love the sand green hotdogs used as the statue's eyebrows lol.)

  14. What do you mean the Lego Batman movie didn't go over so well? Rotten tomatoes gave it a 95% or something!

  15. Chainsaw Dave is Surfer Dave from the start of the Lego movie 1 cuz emmet said

    "Hey Surfer Dave!" And then surfer Dave said "Hey brah"

  16. Lego needs to embrace the new century, play and mobile toys have become a hobby fan club, making kits from another toy or pulp cartoons.

  17. I want this set! It would seem the price would be $299 but I’m hoping more like $249 which would make it an instant buy for me 👍

  18. I like the Statue of Liberty section, it reminds me of the original Planet of the Apes. It be cool to just have a Statue of Liberty Lego set all on it own.

  19. Jang I only heard positive things about The LEGO Batman movie, while the sets were too many and didn’t sell well, the film itself was well received I’m not sure what your comment is in reference to.

    Edit: I see you edited the pinned comment after this comment was posted. I appreciate your dedication to your subscribers, and while I do not necessarily agree with your statement, I respect your opinion.

  20. I too was very curious how a very select few got their hands on this so quickly. I mean there are already speed build vids for this. To those brave souls, I would remind them that in the USA, receiving stolen property, carries a stiffer penalty than stealing it, to say nothing of the sentence that accompanies mail fraud.
    As for TLBM, I loved it, and the audiences I saw it with seemed pleased. However, the sets weren't exactly flying off the shelves, and I'm not sure why. Many were very pricy, and I think a lot of retailers made purchasing errors. If I go to Fred Meyer, or Wal-Mart right now, there will be about 15 Batwings still sitting there. It's a cool enough set. Why didn't it sell that well?

  21. I think it might be $300. That is a reasonable price, but the Ninjago City set had 4,000 pieces, and was $300 as well. I kinda hope they would drop the price for this, because this is probably more for adult fans rather than kids

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