7 Robots – Project based Course (Combo Course) by Roboversity

In this course you will built seven types
of robots to learn about various robotic systems. You will start with making sensor guided robots that work with the help of infrared sensors. With these sensing
capabilities robots can be programmed to follow a line or a path. You can also
assign your bot new tasks like following a light source or any obstacle. This is done by reprogramming the
microcontroller, a robots brain. The behavior of the robot can be reversed
just by adding or changing the logic of the program. After learning the basics you will make a mobile control robot using DTMF technology and a gesture
control robot using accelerometer sensors. You will then move on to an
advanced project on swarm robotics where two robots coordinate with each other to
perform a task. Finally you will use the skills that you
develop in this course to make an autonomous maze solving robot. You can do this course online or register at one of our training venues.

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