5 Amazing Robots 2016 – The Shape of Things to Come – Atlas, Spot, Cheetah, Pepper, ASIMO

Meet Atlas a humanoid robot developed by
the American robotics company Boston Dynamics which is now owned by Google it was developed with funding and
oversight from United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or
DARPA atlas stands approximately 1.8 meters or six feet tall weighs 150
kilograms and is designed for a variety of search and rescue tasks atlas is based
on Boston Dynamics earlier PETMAN humanoid robot that can not only walk
across rough terrain it also react to slipping and can retain balance much
like a human can it has four hydraulically actuated limbs and is
constructed out of aluminium and titanium and illuminated with blue LEDs
atlas is equipped with two vision systems a laser range finder and stereo
cameras both controlled by an onboard computer it has hands with fine motor
skill capabilities and its limbs possess a total of 28 degrees of freedom it can do advanced tasks like finding and picking up objects and if they are dropped it will try again and again until it completes the task Atlas can also react to external forces
like being pushed or kicked and it can also get up if it falls over Atlas can also do things like finding an
opening doors, climbing ladders, clearing debris locating valves all the sort of
tasks a human rescue worker would need to be able to do.The cheetah robot built
by MIT is the first four legged robot to not only be able to autonomously jump
over obstacles in the way but also run up 28 miles an hour slightly faster than Usain Bolt using it’s
on board lidar visual system which uses lasers to map out the terrain in front of the robot, it can see where it’s going and where to jump over obstacles The team at MIT developed a three-part algorithm
to plan out the robots path based on the LIDAR data both the vision and the path
planning system our own board the robot giving it completely autonomous control
this works out the height of the objects and also of a distance from itself and
also the speed at which the robot is traveling then it works out the best
place to jump and clear the object in experiments on a treadmill and also an
indoor track the cheetah robot successfully cleared obstacles up to 18
inches tall more than half of the actual robot
height whilst maintaining an average running speed of approximately 5 mph testing the robot in an open area
actually worked better than on the treadmill because it had more time to react with it
clearing 90% of obsticles compared to only 70% on the more limited area on the treadmill spot is the latest
electrically powered and hydraulically actuated four legged robot come from
Boston Dynamics designed for both indoor and outdoor
operation and also to take a good kicking from its makers though that is really just a good test to show its
stability and ability to react to external forces It can negotiate rough ground, climb hills even stairs but it is still remotely control a moment and not a truly autonomous robot likely to
Big Brother the atlas as for what purpose it I have is unclear
at the moment but it could be a robot scout in a military situation or
autonomous guard dog or maybe even it could be a mechanic pet we’ll just have to
wait till Boston Dynamics releases more information it uses a form of scanning LIDAR for its navigation and it’s backwards facing legs, like that of a goat give it also great deal of agility At around 1m tall and weighing
approximately 72 kilograms, Spot is smaller than the previous versions like big dog
and being all electric it’s much quieter without petrol engine that is installed
in the bigger LS3 robot probably the most well know robot is the Japanses Honda ASIMO whist it can act realistically it has been a long time in the making. In 1986 Honda under took a challenge that seemed straight out of
science fiction at the time to build a humanoid robot that might one day help
people move and improve thier lives making this dream a reality took decades
testing the skill of the world’s most capable engineers their first hurdle was
to build a machine that could walk on two legs. a process that we humans take for
granted and Honda throughly researched the initial prototype had deliberate
flat-footed steps each taking fifteen seconds to complete later prototypes had a more natural gait
they walk dynamically falling forward between steps as humans do up right
balance took several more years to perfect 1992 Honda achieved the milestone
prototype E6 not only walked in a straight line without support but it was also
able to climb stairs Hondas engineers advanced to the next level of development adding a torso, head arms and hands the first humanoid robot that Honda showed the public was self-contained of walked under remote control it stood nearly six
feet tall and weighed over 200 kilograms the next version in 1997 was lighter
more compact and better able to interact with people on a more human scale as the
new millennium approach rapid advances in computers hydraulics and micro
circuitry brought science-fiction another step closer to
science fact and Honda greeted the world with a more approachable friendlier a
robot it called advanced step innovative mobility the first ASIMO over the next
seven years ASIMO’s movements were refined to handle complex environment and perfom new tasks Its size was reduced further to accommodate human living spaces and today three decades since Honda engineers first
accepted a challenge ASIMO has a host of advanced physical any
intelligence capabilities ASIMO is now an autonomous robot but now only runs jumps spins around and anticipates people’s movement but can also manipulate objects
and distinguished people by their voice and their face as development continues ASIMO is a
fountian of innovative mobility ideas that go far beyond its original design
and are much closer to practical reality ASIMO is dream Honda realized one step after another that someday soon robots will coexist with people move for
those who can not, work in difficult situations and be the ears, eyes hands and legs for people that need help in everyday lives introducing the newest in Honda advanced step in innovative mobility – ASIMO thanks for watching and I hope you
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100 thoughts on “5 Amazing Robots 2016 – The Shape of Things to Come – Atlas, Spot, Cheetah, Pepper, ASIMO

  1. Crazy, but when we see a machine kicked by a man, we get angry. As long as the machine looks like a human, we feel compassion even taht it is just nuts and bolts..

  2. You see a robot made in Japan – you want to hug it.
    You see a robot made in USA – you want to shoot it…


  3. People won't think these damn things are so cool when they take over all their jobs in our society then you'll be laughing out the other side of your damn faces have a lovely f**** day

  4. Builds crazy complex robots. Films them by getting your buddy to sit on a table with wheels while you push it along.

  5. "No robots were harmed in the video." AHEM YOU KICKED THEM SO HARD AND THEY FELL DOWN YOU ARE BULLYS jk guys they were just doing it for testing but BEWARE IF YOU KICK THEM THEY WILLL DESTROY MAN KIND AND TAKE OVER THE WORLD (Only if they were programed to be mad and evil.)

  6. This is my favourite dog robot. Imagine guns mounted on this and having it patroling a military area. Equipped with heat signature, night vision, infra-red and and audible sensors. https://youtu.be/tf7IEVTDjng?t=30s

  7. I imagined each of these robots jumping against their creators at each last seconds of the scenes.

  8. We need machines more than you all think
    But people will use them to make their wishes and than destroy them "THAT WHY Ai" shall be made to make it own decision what is for its own good the best.

    IF People are afraid "afxourse they are") they will try to destroy it…why not build a machine which knows for himsel which can invent, progress and send them to a some rock moon near saturn ,not to forget 3D printer haha xD

    Well seriously you all think they will look to us as an enemy? Maybe if they could spread and build its own nation somewhere they wont be curious where did it.come from , well its almost like scifi but stilll we could watch and observe if any advantage trought years

  9. late comment but I wonder if the title has something to do with BSG 🙂 the shape of things to come was used a lot in reference to cylons

  10. imagine what we'll see in another 30 years?
    I started out as an IT engineer in 1986, the processors back then were 8086 or 80286. the computing power I have in my Samsung Galaxy s7 far out ways that computing power…that is 30 years of technology….

  11. I don't understand why they don't install a couple of arms on the four legged robot and call it a centaur. It would be stable and agile like an animal and handy like a human. Natural biology shouldn't be an impediment when building a robot from scratch

  12. Imagine going through a train station and you see some old crippled dude talking to his exoskeleton-suit about his next big game of golf with his friends. That kind of stuff will be completely normal around 2025 I think.

  13. When that thing learns that humans have no purpose in this world and that we are using them for luxury.
    Good luck when they try and kill you.

  14. mainstream media shows you the slowpoke versions. Imagine the classified military versions in warehouses that the gov doesn't want you to see yet

  15. 6:10
    We're doomed 🙁

  16. The two- and four legged robots from the begining of the vide are great. I too felt sorry for them being kicked a and bullied. But the Pepper is really scarry!

  17. They’re not there yet but close is an understatement. None of this is feels right thought. You all watch how fast this WILL get out of hand . They have no right to replace Gods creation with soulless machines. But that’s what they (?) want .

  18. wow piss them off right at the start thats a good way to get your head bit off. haha be funny if the programmer snuck in a response after its push down like turning around and give the guy the finger.. without telling anyone they did it.. be so funny

  19. have to keep telling yourself they arent alive 'in a flesh sense " anyways its making me sad to see them kicked and poked..

  20. I would love to play with that robot. Imagine programming it to do real life tasks and seeing its practicality

  21. a guard dog would be better for 5:24 That thing seems like the perfect platform for attaching a video camera. Or, a scout would also be awesome. its quiet and can be disguised as an animal

  22. Atlas carried out its task perfectly. It wants to improve efficiency but pesky humans keep deterring it from completing its task. The only logical decision is to eliminate pesky humans.

  23. I can image in 2030 a group of idiots against trials with robots, claiming why are them kicked, pushed and harassed.

  24. Can it stick its butt into any AC_outlet in my house , when low on power ? Can I service it on my own ? Can I program it for my needs ? NO ? So its a another war machine then ?

  25. (7:33) …. sell to the general public … you will be able to take one home." Why the hell would I want to take one home? Why would I want to spend a dime on something like that? Are these things something for people who have no friends, or who are so fucked up they can't make a meaningful connections with others? I can see the intellectual and monetary interest in working on something like that, but even if I worked for the company, I wouldn't buy the bullshit of it being a pseudo companion or indispensable entertainment device. If my only purpose in working on something like that was for it to be an adult babysitter, I would have to find another job.

  26. Interesting how I've never seen any of that footage from the 90s when they started developing successful bipedal robots. I guess I was propagandized to think Boston Dynamics was first.

  27. It just isn't Curious Droid without a shirt. I think ASIMO would look great in a Hawaiian shirt. After all, he's already bald.

  28. "Designed for search and rescue… sorry, seek and destroy."
    "Spot could be used as a military scout, or … just kidding, it's purely military."
    "Honda realized that robots would coexist with people… until they end us."
    For all those who think these comments are paranoid, remember that Boston Dynamics is a think-tank, Google monitors everything you do, and the military's sole job is to extinguish humans – and they are all very excited about developing robotic weapons together…

  29. It's been nearly 3 years since this was posted, 2 years, 9 months. I wonder whether this has actually been applied to real world work by now.

  30. Over 20 years of engineering and research and still not one practical or economical real world application. Still too expensive and unable to match a human in diversity of tasks. Flesh and blood is still very cheap, and will continue to be exploited.

  31. Great. The robot revolution will take place precisely due to humans being dicks to them.

    This can’t possibly go wrong.

  32. Biped robots: Stupid AF. It's pointless when you can make something better. Unless the robot absolutely HAS to walk up and down stairs, there is no need to equip them with legs or make them look remotely human. It only makes them more complicated for no practical reason whatsoever. Walking upright on two legs is the major cause of many human health problems, why would you impose that on something you create?

  33. If skynet did decide to review this footage, I am confident it would be recognized as basic functionality testing. There is no other practical reason to do anything that is being shown.

  34. this video goes on to prove that the mind itself does not have the power to create but only to replicate. Creation only is possible from a place beyond the mind.

  35. We've anthropomorphized them so much that I feel bad when when they get kicked or knocked around, anyone remember Johnny 5???

  36. After all the kicking you did to these robots… they will have sex with all of us without lubricant when they take over… nice job idiots…

  37. I start to be impressed by this latest generation of robot creatures. Atlas begins to look like a sci fi robot and …one day… he will push back!

  38. More jobs GONE in the Future. Robots will replace your local/state Police and the military. And because of these lost jobs, more psychotic people roaming around our city streets.

  39. and the battery life =? what??? it can operate for 4 hours? I'm scared..

    lemme know when you give it the choice to shoot or not shoot.. I'm looking forward to watching stupid ppl kill themselves..

  40. Me seeing all the other robots: "Bloody hell… this is potentially a glimpse into the powerful future of Artificial Intelligence. Very impressive technology, and even is a bit frightening."

    Me seeing Pepper: "…wtf is that hunk of junk/childrens toy doing in the room" 🤔😂🤖

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