[4K HDR] The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (2019) – “Catchy Song”

[Superman imitating motor whirring] – Superman?
– Oh, hey, Emmet. Superman, what are you doing? Oh, just mowing my lawn. Want everything to be perfect
for the wedding ceremony. Where is it? Where’s Lucy?
Where’s our friends? At the Space Temple, you goof. Wait. Two questions.
One, where’s the Space Temple? Two, why are you here? What are you talking about?
It’s great here. I never wanna leave. By the way, “S” stands for “Silly” now.
I’m Sillyman. Why didn’t you come back for us? Ah, we’re just all having so much
fun here and we’re all friends. – [both laugh]
– I know. What’s up, GL? I see you, boy. Hey! Oh, here comes Lex
with the smoothies. Who wants a mango-berry blast
with a reusable straw? Lex Luthor? You’re friends with your sworn enemy,
Lex Luthor? Guys, General Zod
just made homemade guac. – He’s a Zod-send.
– [all laughing] I’m glittery! – Why are you all acting different?
– [bicycle bell rings] We all listened to the music,
and it really changed our attitude. You have to listen to the music. Listen to the music
and let your mind go. – Let’s sing him the song.
– That is a great idea, Lexy. I have an excellent singing voice. [in a high-pitched voice]
♪ I’m a soprano ♪ [all laughing] Oh, we have fun together. [all vocalizing] I wanna find my friends. I don’t wanna listen to a song. Just listen to the music
and let your mind go. – Hey! Whoa. Back off. Huh?
– [door opens] Ow! [grunts] [General Mayhem]
Subject her to catchy pop music. That will change her tune. I’ll start with one
that’s sure to get stuck in her head. [pop music playing] ♪ This song’s gonna
Get stuck inside your ♪ You gotta be kiddin’ me. ♪ This song’s gonna get stuck
Inside your head ♪ ♪ This song’s gonna
Get stuck inside your ♪ [gasping] Not surround sound! ♪ This song’s gonna get stuck
Inside your head ♪ – [whimpering]
– ♪ It’s so catchy, catchy ♪ ♪ It’s such a catchy song ♪ ♪ It’ll make you happy, happy ♪ ♪ Don’t try to fight it, sing along ♪ – [yells] Unikitty!
– Ah! ♪ This song’s gonna get stuck
Inside your head ♪ ♪ This song’s gonna
Get stuck inside you ♪ ♪ Run, but you can’t hide, I’ll find you
Sun so bright ♪ Unikitty, let’s get out of here! [Unikitty] Wyldstyle! It’s fun! Sing along! Glitter is like stars on your body! My leg is a piano! This song is stuck in my head,
and my head loves it. – Join the party!
– No! Guys! Boom! [Wyldstyle] What’s wrong with you?
You’re not acting like yourselves. This is the most disturbing thing
I’ve ever seen! ♪ This song’s gonna
Get stuck inside your ♪ – Run!
– [people shouting] don’t listen to the music, Emmet, if you want your noodle
to stay al dente! Emmet? My body is worming. I didn’t know I knew how to do this! Get yourself together. We’ll be safe inside of… [grunts] Hey, guys! [Rex] They’re everywhere! [song continues] [screaming] Connor? Ripley? The other one? don’t be a grumpledumpuss! don’t you see?
They are trying to change us. don’t worry,
this song has, like, zero effect on me. – You’re dancing.
– Uh, don’t look at me. Rex! Help me! [Rex] Think hard thoughts, Emmet.
Think hard thoughts… Or the rhythm is gonna get ya! [screams] [grunts in frustration]
Shoulder, stay still! Stop it! No! No! No! No! No! No! Yes! [song continues, muffled] [panting] – Bruce?
– Willis. Yeah. I spend a lot of time in air ducts. I definitely don’t live up here. I have a home. – Just scooch on by.
– Ooh. [song plays loudly] [song stops] – [song plays loudly]
– Ugh! [song stops] – [song plays loudly]
– [screaming] ♪ This song’s gonna
Get stuck inside your ♪ – [singing continues]
– [both panting] – [Rex gasps]
– It’s a dead end! My CPd, convenient plot device,
shows there’s a planet right below us. It’s our only way out of here. I’ll hold ’em back.
You bust us out. I don’t know how to do that! Emmet, I know you can do this. What makes you mad? – A lamppost?
– Come on! They took Lucy and the others. And how does that
make you feel? [grunts] – Not good.
– More honest. Super not good! You’re getting close now, brother! Crack that pain bone open
and suck out the marrow! What do you feel? I feel very afraid of losing
Lucy forever and it being my fault, because I wasn’t able to change! [yells] – [all gasp]
– [Green Lantern] Ouch! [echoing] Whoa! I did it!

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