3D Printing LEGO Compatible Bricks That Really Work

The internet is really really great for porn WHOA Hey what’s up Nerdgasm fans Jerry here aka Barnacles. And as you can see I’m pretty bored So we’re gonna print some legos on the Ultimaker 3D printer because nothing cures boredom like putting little pieces of plastic together WHOHOO! All right guys let’s print some legos So I went ahead and picked up a model from a guy named Wizard 23 and you can get more information on the model in the description of the video, but we’re going to go ahead and open it up It’s a parametric model that you can pretty much size to anything you want But the two most common Lego bricks were included so I went ahead and already created a whole array of them that we want to put onto the platform, so I’m going ahead and loading that right now. We’re using Cura 13.06.4 which is their latest version of the software and man have they made some huge improvements So here you can see the legos You go ahead and move around and this is actually a representation of the Ultimaker build platform So you can kind of see exactly what it’s going to look like when you’re done printing And you can go ahead and look around it if you’ve watched my other videos you’ve already seen this um, you can see you know they look like regular legos they interconnect using the same type of mechanics, so Here on the bed I went ahead and set these and arranged them in an order so each one will print one by one so this one will print Then this one will print then this one will print so on so forth and it basically arranged them in such a way that the printhead won’t collide but it can complete an entire Lego before it continues And the main reason for doing that is it would take forever if I had to do one layer here print another layer move move Move move that’s a whole lot of unnecessary Movement of the printhead so the idea here is that it prints 1 complete Lego and then moves to the next which is much more efficient and saves a lot of time doesn’t save anything on plastic or anything like That but it does save an awful lot of time I’m printing with the default settings although. I did set the layer height to 0.1 millimeter because when you’re dealing with Legos It’s really tight tolerances and plus. We’re printing in P.L.A Which is a much more rigid Plastic than A.B.S so in order for these things to fit together you’re going to want those tolerances to be extra tight So now that we got this laid out. I went ahead and already took the liberty of saving this to the S.D. Card that we’re going to put into the ultimaker Controller so that the unit can print autonomous because I don’t like leaving it connected to the computer you can leave it connected Computer and have cura do all the printing for you can just literally go up to file and go to print and it shows you some cool stats and everything But I just don’t want to risk the computer locking up or having a glitch or the program crashing and then wasting all that plastic So for this I use the ultimaker controller you just put in an SD card You say go and boom you’re printing so let’s get these things going so that we can start farting around with these legos Alright guys. Well here. We have the finished legos that we just printed off the ultimaker 3D printer you can see right here? I printed two different types. I have one that has hollow cylinders, and then one that has solid cylinders because I want to see which one’s work best And there was two versions of it from Wizard 23, and the first thing I’ll tell you is the blocks fit very very snugly together so much in fact that I’m actually having a hard time separating these three right here, so uh, If you do print these blocks you will have to wear them in so connect them disconnect them connect and disconnect them and they will eventually get really really easy to put together, but you can see right here they’re actually very very precise and To prove out precise. They are, I can snap them together you can see they’re super super super snug I mean to get them to get them apart takes quite a bit of effort which a lot of people would say is actually pretty cool, so we’ll go ahead and interconnect a couple of these And just like that make a little staircase here. I’ll even put the big piece up here on top but as you can see Yeah, just drop some shit on the floor That demonstrates these actually are functional lego blocks and they are compatible with actual legos I should say these are not legos these are actually lego like blocks um But they actually will work with regular legos too unfortunately I don’t have any real legos available to me right now hence why I printed them because I want I felt like playing with Legos so the little blocks You see just snap right on You can see the ultimaker printer prints to such a good precision that you can actually print out interlocking plastic blocks now Legos have to be printed to a perfect tolerance to function and As you can see here they do But I was actually pretty surprised at how good of a job, It did. I mean these these blocks They fit really snugly together not even printed in abs 2 printed in P.L.A. Which actually makes them much more rigid than A.B.S is um But I could see I mean the potential for this being huge think about it You could model your own blocks they could connect. You know like Lincoln logs in these or Erector set in these you could create all kinds of conversion blocks that would let you Intermingle different sets of blocks which you know Lego they wouldn’t create those parts because they don’t want people to use the competitors products but you technically could um but as you can see both the hollow and the solid pieces work equally well and They do snap right together The pieces are very very uniform and flat I printed with default settings I did set the fan to come on after the fifth layer. I didn’t say that earlier in the video. Just to avoid some warping because if you look on some of these early printed pieces I don’t know if you can see that on the camera, but there’s a slight slight gap It doesn’t affect how they connect together But it was from it trying to peel away from the platform because the fan was coming on too early but uh with a little bit of tweaking depending on your environment your humidity and temperature you can actually get your printer print and stuff like this That’s ultra precise and come on Let’s face it if you can print a lego you can print just about anything because these things are so Tightly fit together. I mean if it was off by more than a tenth of a millimeter probably these wouldn’t snap together And they do and the more you use them the better they work because they do actually wear in But there you have it now. I could just print out tons of Legos and build something Well there you have a nerdgasm fans yet another use for the ultimaker 3D printer I went ahead and created my own Legos or Lego like compatible blocks mega blocks, whatever whatever They call them these days, but anyways as you can see they actually interlock this does work with pla Which is actually a big surprise. I thought that I’d have to use abs because abs is more flexible um But as you can see here It actually works Here’s some pieces interconnected they free stand on their own And like I said you do have to wear them in overtime uh just keep connecting them and disconnecting and Eventually they get really really well mated to each other and everything fixed just perfectly but you can see there I’ve created every block. I’ve printed so far works and snaps together, and breaks apart So guys I hope this video gave you a nerdgasm If it didn’t let me know in the comments If it did let me know in the comments you guys know I love reading your comments I’m not one of those huge YouTubers that ignores all of his users I actually look forward to waking up every morning and going through all my comments He’ll usually I’m sitting on the pot with either a nexus 7 an iPad or Microsoft surface Answering all your guys’s comments and questions and stuff So please leave them and that if you wouldn’t mind hitting that subscribe button It helps me out a bunch and check out my other videos if you like this one chances are you’ll like some of the other stuff I make so guys again. Hope it gave you a nerdgasm till next time. I really hope you enjoyed this video if you did please like, favorite and subscribe, it helps me a bunch also come follow me on Facebook and Twitter. I love interacting with you guys

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100 thoughts on “3D Printing LEGO Compatible Bricks That Really Work

  1. Yea I was curious if the LEGO (LEGOs?) people would be coming after you. An idea would be if they offered a type of license that would allow someone with a 3D printer to make their own replacement LEGO parts.

  2. Hi

    I'm looking to get a printer to print my own Legos for my boys. what do you think the cost is to build let's say 20 pieces? I want to see if it's worth the time and money. used Legos are sold via ebay per pound. choice of color, size type weapon. people. you name it. I do not want to sell these. it's just my boys love to create. and this would be awesome to make custom blocks. so if you can recommend a printer that you used and the cost of the blocks, that would be great. awesome video's!!

  3. I cant wait until the day that its cheaper to buy a 3D printer and print your own LEGOs rather than buy them

  4. To be completely honest, As of the time/year of this video being a literal shitstop for Lego itself, Lego has literally Doubled in price, I remember being able to go to my target and walk out with some 3-4 sets around 300-400 pieces each for literally 25 dollars. For a set that now is 1500 pieces is literally 109 dollars, for hardly a kilo of plastic. 3D printing is the easy way out, Cheaper to get filaments per pound…Although it may take a long time to machine parts, It's wayyyyyy better than paying a stupid premium

  5. …..THANKs …is it also possible to print 3D Models created in Google Sketchup???? …and which 3D Printer would you buy today?

  6. Cool but it's probably cheaper to just buy them considering the electricity cost. But it's cool for custom designed blocks.

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  8. Great then the lego company goes out of business along with toys R us😢 printing legos that already exists piece that have already been manufactured. then duplicating the pieces

  9. I didnt have a nerdgasm, would have liked to see more brighter colors and compatibility test building with some real Legos.

  10. Cool video I like how it made the Lego pretty quick. I do have a question how much is that machine cost all said and done with the programs? If you don't mind me asking

  11. I keep getting bricks that are a tight fit at the bottom, but to lose at the top. They fit perfectly together, but on top not on real Lego bricks.

  12. Is their a machine that exists that you can actually make cheap bricks in bulk? I Just want a machine that can print 1×1 plate pieces and alot of them?!?! if anyone knows of something that might work for this application please hit me up.

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  14. Wow, i could get a 3d printer and make those, i have other LEGO to use with it, and i have siblings who play LEGO.

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