37 – Histoire LEGO Friends: L’anniversaire de Luis

Heartlake Channel present The Birthday Of Luis Good viewing! Sorry girls, today, I don’t have time to hang out because I really have to go home sorry. See you tomorrow! Do you guys know why she is in a hurry? I don’t know… Oh yeah, it’s because they’ll prepare a surprise party for her dad, and because Emma and her mum didn’t got ready before, they’ll have to do everything this afternoon! That’s it! Well, sorry, I’ll have to stay behind! Bye! Sorry Ben, could you please try to keep M.Ron as long as possible after you stay behind? It’s a matter because of a surprise party… please… Ben: Sure I’d like try… Emma: Thanks! quick quick quick quick… I’m here mum! Let’s start everything the detention time goes by fast… Oh, I just called Family Garsiac but they didn’t reply… Never mind, let’s invite them later we have work to do quick quick quick Oh? We run out of baking powder!? Emma could you please go buy some? Family Garsiac? Here’s the baking powder Never mind about the guests… Never mind let’s do it inter-family! Let’s change us! conveniently, the detention time should be over! Write quickly the paper and let’s hide us! Quick turn the light down! All at once… It was a curiosity question why do birds have feathers and we don’t? It’s an interesting question keep it for tomorrow we’ll answer it tomorrow with thw wgole class. Oh okay Good evening Sir, see you tomorrow! Hello hello! Oh? Daddy, mum and I went in the town, we’re coming back at 7pm Emma Surprise! Guys, that’s the end of this video don’t forget to like it And here you can see other of our videos! See you soon!

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6 thoughts on “37 – Histoire LEGO Friends: L’anniversaire de Luis

  1. Salut les filles ça va ? J'adore vos vidéos 😘😘😜
    Des gros bisous à vous deux 💋
    Je vais mettre un 👍 bleu. Bonne continuation 😀😉

  2. Oui une nouvelle historie UwU

    C’est quoi Luis et quel âge il aura ?

    Ah ok bon bah dépêche toi Emma

    Aaaahhhh c’est son père Luie


    J’avais oubliée que le père d’Emma était un des profs TwT


    Emma vas aller faire une commission lol


    J’adore les girlandes xD

    Ce n’est pas très organisé comme anniversaire ;-;

    Pourquoi les oiseaux on besoins des plumes et pas nous ? 😂😂😂😂

    Le papa d’Emma reviens suspense

    Oh la musique triste il vas passer son aniv seul ;-;

    Quel âge a le père finalement ? ;-;

    Votre vidéo est génial 👍🏻😁

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