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Any self-respecting Pixar fan could tell you that the
animation company’s movies are filled with references and Easter eggs of its back catalog. But producer Mark Nielsen has
admitted that there’s nods to every single Pixar
movie in “Toy Story 4.” We’re gonna be exploring them in 3, 2, 1. As usual, we will be
issuing a spoiler alert because we’re about to be revealing some details from the film. The movie opens with a
flashback to nine years ago, explaining the absence of
Bo Peep from “Toy Story 3.” She was last spotted
seen with Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and Wheezy in “Toy Story 2,” but fans complained that it wasn’t clear whether she’d been broken or was donated. Outside, the license plate
on the car is RMR F97. License plates have been used in “Cars” and “Toy Story 2” to mean
a whole range of things. This one refers to when “Toy Story 2” was accidentally deleted
from Pixar’s edit system. RMR F97 was the command on the computer that deleted the film, which had to be restored
using a backup file. Bo Peep assists Woody in
rescuing RC from a storm drain. A card is passed through the
group to use as a launchpad. On this card is a crude
drawing of Rainbow Unicorn from “Inside Out.”
Joy: I loved you in “Fairy Dream Adventure Part Seven.” OK, bye. Woody: Are a toy! You belong to Bonnie! Shardlow: Take a closer look at the boxes at the back of the classroom
when Bonnie creates Forky. One of them belongs to
Anton, a possible reference to food critic Anton Ego in “Ratatouille.” Bonnie’s room has some similarities to the wallpaper in Andy’s
room in “Toy Story.” And later in the film, we see a bedspread full of Pizza Planet-style rockets that are the same as
in the original movie. The van that the family
goes on vacation in is a Tri-County RV. This links to references to Tri-County International
Airport in “Toy Story 2” and Tri-County Landfill in “Toy Story 3.” One of the vacation spots is a home that looks eerily similar to the “Incredibles” house. Woody and Forky come across
Second Chance Antiques. The store sign tells us that it was established in
1986, the same year as Pixar. Also, the building address is 1200. Now, Pixar is based at 1200 Park Avenue,
Emeryville, California. Outside the antique store
is a Ship It removals van. This same company van crops
up in “Toy Story of Terror.” Inside the store is where we get lots of movie references packed in. There’s a vintage record from
Chalupa Records, from “Coco.” There’s a green diver’s mask and tiki heads from the
fish tank in “Finding Nemo.” Bo Peep slides past a plate that has an ornate-looking
symbol from “Brave” in it. This plate can be seen in several shots. A yellow plane hanging near the window resembles Sunwing from “Planes.” There are also awards cases from Gusteau’s office in “Ratatouille” and furniture from “The Incredibles.” Take a closer look at the key that the antique-store
staff member is holding. It looks very much like Sora’s Keyblade from “Kingdom Hearts.” Fans have speculated that this is a nod to the upcoming Square Enix
title “Kingdom Hearts III.” The antagonists from the antique store are a group of vintage toys. The ventriloquist dummy Vincent bears a resemblance to Slappy
the Dummy from “Goosebumps,” and Gabby Gabby has the
same yellow bows and dress as Chatty Cathy from the 1960s. Here’s where “The Shining” comes in. From carpets to
garbage-truck license plates, Stanley Kubrick’s film
has made an appearance in many “Toy Story” movies. A record is put on playing
“Midnight, the Stars and You,” as performed by Ray
Noble and his orchestra. This is the same song as played
at the end of “The Shining,” as the camera pans out from a photograph showing Jack smiling at
the Overlook Hotel ball. Fans have also suggested that
the old lady’s home address when attacked by Ducky and Bunny is 237. So keep an eye out for that. Combat Carl is back! We see a Combat Carl doll being blown up by Sid in
the first “Toy Story.” This version, though, is
a Carl Weathers lookalike from “Toy Story of Terror.” Rumor has it that John Lasseter wanted to use a G.I. Joe
doll in the original movie, but Hasbro was upset that
the doll would be blown up, so they agreed to make up a brand instead. Buzz flies into a
purple-and-yellow spiderlike ride that has the same color palette as Zurg, his enemy in “Toy Story 2.” There’s a spinning ride
next to the Ferris wheel with a purple-and-yellow
umbrella structure. This looks exactly like the
sundrop flower from “Tangled.” A stall is called Jet Stream, echoing the character
alias Strut Jetstream. Strut Jetstream: Man,
what’s going on here! Is everybody getting to fly today? Shardlow: It’s in this fairground that Bo Peep loses her arm. Throughout Disney-owned
franchises, characters lose an arm in a nod to Luke
Skywalker’s amputation scene at the end of “The Empire Strikes Back.” Bo’s sheep bring her a bottle cap and a safety pin while out foraging. The cap they give her is from the same
grape-soda bottle in “Up.” Later in the film, Buzz gets trapped in a
ring-toss-style game. Other prizes include
the guitars from “Coco,” rockets featuring the Pixar ball, and a red-and-yellow stuffed toy flame, resembling Anger in “Inside Out.” Think Duke Caboom looks a bit familiar? He actually cropped up in “Incredibles 2,” lying in the corner of Jack-Jack’s crib. Bo and Woody approach the secret entrance for a club in the antique store. Above this, we see a
decoration for Catmull’s Brews, after Ed Catmull, the
long-standing studio exec who’s stepping down after “Toy Story 4.” Bo presses a 25-cents button on the slot machine to enter the club. The number 25 pops up a
few times in the film. This could be a nod to the “Toy
Story 3” maker Lee Unkrich, who’s stepping down at Pixar
after 25 years in 2019. Inside the club, we meet Tin Toy from the 1988 Pixar short “Tin Toy,” and the eagle from “Toy Story Toons.” So think Mr. Potato Head sounds familiar? Don Rickles’ voice is
actually in the movie despite the fact that
the actor died in 2017. He had signed on to the
movie before his death, and his vocal likeness was
compiled through various shorts, games, and theme-park voiceovers. And yes, we found A113. It’s a door number from the
California Institute of Arts, and it’s a number that crops up in nearly every single Pixar movie. Also, did you spot Dinoco Gas? The RV stops there. It’s the same chain of gas stations that Woody and Buzz get stranded at in the original “Toy Story.” Look closer at the poster for the movie, and you’ll see a reference to “Up.” A painting hangs on the
wall behind the gang of dogs playing poker, the same dogs that Russell sailed past holding a bunch of balloons. Think you spotted anything that we missed? Comment below.

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100 thoughts on “33 Easter Eggs And Details You Missed In ‘Toy Story 4’ | Pop Culture Decoded

  1. In the wide shot of the carnival where you saw the sundrop flower, there's an attraction called 'Dragon Zone' with a little dragon on the banner. That dragon is blazey from the upcoming film Onward.

  2. I recall seeing that one dinosaur from Toy Story That Time Forgot on a lunchbox when Bonnie was on her orientation for Kindergarten

  3. There was also when buzz got stuck a second before that there was a child playing that child was the girls from monster inc

  4. You also missed that when the gang is in the vents of the antique store if you look down to the far left you could see the Luxo Jr. Ball ⚽️

  5. Am I the only one who thinks that the old lady running the antique shop is the same woman (who says thank you young man) Dash saves in the Incredibles?

  6. the scene when they were talking about the tangled Easter egg had a balloon stand that looked a lot like the one in Up

  7. your forgot about when dook and woody ride on the motersicle in the back there is a monters universaty flag

  8. The balloon cart next to the spinning ride with the tangled flower on it (that really is a stretch but whatever) that balloon cart is the one from up.

  9. Nobody:

    This Video: Did you catch the color of Bo Peep’s dress? Well it happens to be the same color as the sky in one singular frame of The Incredibles

  10. Bonnie had a nemo print swim float while playing. The princess dolls of varying heights at the beginning of the movie while saving RV resembles disney princesses, namely cinderella, aurora and tiana.

  11. and the flower print on bonnie's bag looks more like the tangled emblem compared to the top of the carnival attraction

  12. Boo in Kindergarten?
    Al's Toy Barn miniature in the bags section in the kindergarten room?
    The octopus swinging ride – reference to the octopus toy in Toy Story 3?
    Arlo the dinosaur figure from The Good Dinosaur?

  13. FINALLY! After 1 day i have found the only place where you are able to see TOY story 4Chapter 3 with awesome quality and good sound! Im sharing the link to you, fellows ) Open in browser TOY . IHACK . CO

  14. In the scene with all the toys in the antique shop, there were the original Kenner action figures of Obi Wan Kenobi and Walrus Man (Ponda Baba) from Star Wars. Obi wan was swinging his lightsaber at Ponda, and his arm is on the floor, a nod to the first Star Wars movie.

  15. I was wondering if the license plate on the ground when caboom and the other people jump to the cabinets to save forkie said cars 4??? ( license plate one the ground said cars 4)

  16. "Give me the electric lime color but leave it out in the sun for 40 years, also try to do bangs but make them uneven and worse than regular bangs already are."

  17. You missed the Monsters University pennant in the antique store shown when Woody and Bo Peep are looking at all the lamps. (didn't you say every Pixar film?)

  18. These people also forgot about the painting that is in the antique shop that shows villain from Up I think his name is Charles Mutts playing poker with Doug and the other dogs 🙄

  19. Your video about Toy Story 4's animation was absolutely fascinating and chalk full of information, so I had quality expectations when I clicked on this. Sadly, this video is Screen Rant levels of far fetched and shallow. I prefer your film production, behind the scenes, and analysis content.

  20. Probably mentioned here, but the Luxo ball can be found on the back of the playing cards Woody plays with the while in the cupboard (around 9:00).

  21. Hey just wanted share!!
    Did you know boo at Monsters Inc,
    did you see jessie? at boo's bedroom, my suspense or suspence is Boo is the original owner of jessie….

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