3 Marker Challenge RACE! Bendy, Lego Hello Neighbor, Spider-Grinch and More! KIDCITY

for me Yoda
Oh today we are doing another marker we
have six mystery coloring treats like Scrolls mom and dad I’m gonna hide it
all over the house we’re gonna race to pick our three color sheets and then
we’ll come back and pick three random colors and we’ll race to complete our
color sheet you got three two one go don’t trip over the equipment are y’all
even looking it’s upstairs and downstairs what’s that boy what do you mean on the power tower you think it’s in the
bendy cabinet yeah not in the bhindi cabinet you gonna give it you gonna give
it to bubbie first is there anywhere you haven’t searched boxes anything like
that no coming undone coming undone yes you did din let’s go back into the
studio all right it’s that one you thought that was gonna
be blue and that one who thinks is gonna be blue but it’s not read those colors
I got palm-leaf red and blue grab one scroll you can open it up now and see
what you picked you go first
it’s who did you get um so what well this one
bindi and the Beast and this is straight-up spider hands you lucked out
cuz you got red and blue guys ready ready you gonna have to cover more area than
that you guys looked out on your color she’s got Belle’s dress color he’s
working on about 10% of this color she’s got about five is he getting green eyes
for like Evel Knievel daredevil four cities and we got purple bindi working
over here why she’s gone done he’s almost done over here I need his ears
color here’s gonna be green Oh green ears they’re extensions of his eyes
all right over here we go look at that that’s scary what are you talking about you think
you’ve been getting the of it yellow teeth don’t mean he’s been drinking copy
your Kiki yellow if you don’t brush but it was almost finished those orange
arm is one tooth orange I like it are you almost done even okay looking good
adding a little bit of final touches oh there you go there’s some speed drawing
a shout-out to this youtube channel where I learned of this color sheet it’s
draw tubes you can’t really see it the draw it to is a YouTube channel so we’ve
got American spider-ham and what is this oh they’re dancing she’s dancing with a
string okay so this is crazy rainbows and bindi and the beast but there’s some
she kind of made her way over into the Flash’s marker there is round one
everybody comment below and let us know who won this round
Wow look no one’s touching it no one’s on the net fits up right round two
coming up see Ava got Lego neighbor in a got smashed flip flash got super barmy
good job he picks o2 there one day she got grey oh I should he gets peach
thanks for telling me rose and what just did you smack it did that help you pick
yes on your mark get set go there’s the Lego neighbor that’s Emmitt
from lego movie to the second point and this is super Barbie to the rescue I like it so far it’s good job there goes that each hand peach blocks black blood one red love one pink arm
one black on checking over here throughout a super cute super suit and
over here up gray is creeping up his arm Oh neighbor that’s his black-hearted
his heart is black or his spleen that’d be his spleen our little flash is
finished but he’s helping her giving her some pointers and they’re almost done
here all right so little flash you wanna name yours
he went to name his Barbie but she’s and over here she has made this magic would
stand up again ha ha who do you want to name this one Ava oh no it’s okay these
white shoes they’re leather white shoes Harold the bloody leg of neighbor here
we go Ava selects Oh Yodas got up for me up bid on a vis
selecting her colors now oh she’s looking she’s looking okay so she got brown pink
in purple purple green and what else black yes it’s from spider-verse look at
this rainbow hair for yoga fancies notice she’s blacked out yo design you’ve got sunglasses on oh hi cataracts actually works for Alex yeah
so far this is about the weirdest one that I’ve seen colour the dress alright let’s see what’s going on over
here speed color sweet color and Barbie Yoda there she goes she’s finishing up
here all you gotta do is finish the skirt on that dress and she’s done that we’ve got still Grinch there he can
hide in the dark and oh my goodness we got the ugly Barbie I’ve ever seen
it’s pretty in pink Yoda for me remember them focus on me if you want to see more
our challenges on kids sing give us a thumbs up and remember to check out our
three marker challenge is blindfolded yeah blindfold edition mm-hmm
can’t see thanks for watching

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