24 Reasons The Dark Knight Rises & The Lego Batman Movie Are The Same Movie

A plane carrying precious cargo is flying
in restricted airspace. Then all of the sudden another airplane connects
with it in mid air. Soldiers board the vessel by blowing out the
back door and hijacking the plane scaring all the good guys on board.As horrendous as
this seems, this is just another regular day of the week in the city of Gotham, the world’s
league leading city in crime rates. The last line of defense against the scum
of the universe is the Dark Knight. Batman is a stand up guy and leads by example. When he’s not fighting crime, he enjoys
donating his resources to the orphans of the city and being the hero Gotham deserves. Unfortunately, although he’s the hero Gotham
deserves, Batman isn’t the one it needs right now which is one of the main reasons
he’s considered a menace in his own hometown. The police don’t appreciate his vigilante
escapades and have him labeled as a menace (audio). To rid himself of the bad publicity, Bruce
Wayne goes on a PR campaign and the paparazzi has a ball. Speaking of ball, Bruce Wayne attends one
and that’s where he finds the potential love of his life. He falls for the chick at the gala and along
with being drop dead gorgeous, she’s skilled in the martial arts so her and Bruce Wayne
are compatible on both a spiritual and physical level. However, the main difference between them
is their bank account balances. The rich people of Gotham tend to act very
stuck up and that could be a turn off. They spend most of their days at rich people
parties and eat lobster for breakfast, lunch and dinner which make them hard to relate
to on any level. To stay grounded, Bruce takes a Gotham City
orphan under his wing and trains him as a side kick. He’ll definitely need the help because all
hell breaks loose after the bad guy steps into the picture and this isn’t a job a
lone ranger can solve alone. The menace in the movie gathers an army full
of all criminals after he dismisses them from incarceration. In a wacky turn of events, after the criminals
are set free, Batman is taken into custody and is sentenced to cold hard time behind
bars for his adventures as a vigilante. The bad guy discovers Batman’s secrets (audio). He steals all of Batman’s gadgets, weapons
and vehicles and terrorizes the city. After Batman is released from prison, he joins
forces with the orphan side kick, the commissioner, his antihero love interest, and his old employee
to save Gotham. Since his teammates lack experience in fighting
crime, Batman leads by example and also teaches them as they go (audio of driving). When the battle begins, the city is a war
zone. Even though the events only take place in
Gotham, the entire world watches the nationally televised terrorist attack and the people
on news leave the city hanging when it needs a helping hand the most. Bane is knocking people out left and right
and it gets pretty apocalyptic. Gotham literally gets split in two. Batman hops in his custom made aircraft and
the henchman are on his tail. They use heat seeking tech to destroy him,
but Batman uses maneuvering capabilities similar to the ones used in Top Gun to get away. The tables turn in the hero’s favor and
just when it looks like Batman and his side kicks are about to save the day, Batman goes
rogue to keep all the vigilante credit for himself. He sets his jet to autopilot to save Gotham
on his own. The world is saved and the city rejoices. Batman overcomes his fear of trusting people
and reveals his identity to one of his teammates and he also gives Robin the access code to
the Bat Cave (audio).At the end, him and his new friends go out to dinner and Bruce picks
up the check since he’s the richest person at the table. Those are 24 reasons these movies are the
same. You agree? Yes, no, maybe so? If not, politely share your thoughts in the
comment section below and click the subscribe button for more 24 reason videos.

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