24 Hours in a LEGO FORT MANSION!

– Alright, guys, it’s that time. The kids are home from school. Hi guys! – Hey. – [Kids] Whoa! – Hi SOTY family. So guys,
the kids are at school, and Steve and I have been
working on something humongous. So, we have spent 24
hours in a lot of places and a lot of forts, but there is one fort that we have not spent 24
hours in as an entire family. A giant LEGO mansion! Alright guys, this is the base that we have gotten done so far. And as you can see,
there are tons and tons of rooms in here, which
makes it a mansion. But we still have a lot more blocks to go. It should be easy
spending 24 hours in here. (light fun music) – Guys, the LEGO mansion
is so tall. It’s crazy! Aright guys, the mansion
is just about done and I had so much fun
building the main part that I decided to do a little deck area. Who’s gonna want to lounge right here? – Me! – I may just have to join Parker on that back patio and relax. – And just like that, our
LEGO mansion is complete. I’m going to be giving you guys a little tour of our mansion before
all of the kids get home. Cue some awesome, upbeat LEGO tour music. (upbeat pop music) – Alright guys, this LEGO
mansion is big enough for every kid to have their own room. These two get to enjoy the mansion before their brother
and sisters get home. – Yes, it’s my mansion. – Peekaboo! – Alright guys, it’s that time, the kids are home from school. Hi guys! – Hi.
– Hey. – [Children] Whoa! – [Jamie] Guest what, guys? – [Child] What? – [Jamie] This is your new LEGO mansion. Check it out! There’s enough rooms for everyone. – Here’s my room. – Here’s my room. – Here’s my room. – Here’s my room. – And this is my room. – Alright guys, you’re
going to be spending a lot of time in that LEGO mansion, so go get some supplies. You guys
have three minutes. Set the timer. (clock ticking) (timer beeps three times) – [Jamie] Guys, don’t
forget your homework. This LEGO mansion looks amazing with all your stuff in it. – [Children yelling] Thank you! – Alright guys, welcome to my room. Apparently, I like notebooks.
That’s why it’s full of them. Unicorn. Girls only secret message. Look. Shh! Guys, it has secret messages. A notebook that I got from my teacher. My special little kitty one. Did I mention I love notebooks? I have a pillow and a blanket, and my special drawing table. – This is my Jo Jo room. I could just move my curtain
and I can see outside. Of course I had to bring
my Jo Jo’s Juice game. I have a flashlight just
in case if it gets dark. (flashlight clicks on and off) I have two pillows because I love pillows. This is Jo Jo’s Room. Party! – This is my room! The best room. – Uh, excuse me? – True. – This is the most organized. – Excuse me? – My favorite part is the window so you can talk to each other. Oh, what are you doing? I see you, Payton. My room is full of blankets. I got my pillow, I got my desk. And I have something right here, it says “P.S. I love Harry Potter, coloring, soccer, and
I love the color blue.” And I have a secret
compartment. Harry Potter. – Harry Potter (in British accent) – Harry Potter (in British accent) – Hermione’s one of my favorites. – Welcome to the boy’s corner. Here, I have my awesome Nerf gun. Don’t leave home without it. Got this basketball so I can practice my skills. (basketball bouncing on carpet) Uh, never mind. I have a 16-bit. (game music) Where I can play all sorts of games. And it’s radio. – Keep it down down there. – And, I have my pillow, ’cause, well, you need a pillow, of course. Then I have some LEGOs, the Inferno Squad, and some Clone Troopers. And lastly (mimics
choir of angels singing) – How did you sneak that in here? – I have skills, A.K.A.
throwing it over the roof. – This is my room. I have my pillow and my blanket, and my Barbie car and my big doll. And I’m going to sleep here. – Alright guys, I’m about
ready to show you my room. But Jordyn, what is this?
Your room is a disaster and you’ve barely been in
it. Clean it up right now. – Alright guys, this is the life. I have the most comfortable
room in the entire LEGO mansion. – What? Unfair. – You don’t have the balcony? – Hi, Mommy! – [Jamie] Hi, baby! – But, what the kids
don’t know, is that I also brought a few surprises for them while we spend some time in here. – What? What you said? – Um, nothing. It looks like some of
the kids have already started personalizing their rooms. “Payton’s room, do not come in, okay?” – Mm hm. – Alright guys, it is that time. It is dinner time, and guess what? You kids have to stay in here, so I will go get your
food and bring it to you. – [Jamie] Alright guys, enjoy
your food in the kitchen! – Uh, where’s Parker? – I’m in my room. – She thinks she’s the
queen of the LEGO mansion. – I am. – [Jamie] Who’s ready for surprises?! Alright guys, the first
surprise of the day is some candy hearts. Everyone can have a little bit of candy hearts while we’re sitting in the LEGO mansion. (children cry out) Wha? This is crazy! (child exclaims) What! You guys are animals! (children laughing) Oh my gosh guys, I may be regretting that first surprise. Things got a little intense and unnecessary. You know who I’m talking to. Alright guys, the second
surprise is necessary. Very necessary. (game music) Stephen. I got you some earbuds. I am
tired of listening to that. (earbuds hitting wall)
(game music) – [Child] Woo hoo! Woo! (child singing) – Oh, sweet silence. Now, this last surprise, guys? I am really excited about,
and I know a few girls who may be just as excited as I am. Alright girls. Mattel sent us this huge Barbie box. I wonder what’s inside! – Who Mattel? – Our friends! – Who Mattel, I never met her. – Oh my. Mattel is a toy company, guys. And (tapping on box) they sent us something pretty awesome. Are you girls ready to see what’s inside. – [Children] Yeah! – Okay! Okay. (child gasps) – [Child] Ooh. – [Children] Whoa! – [Child] What is this? – [Jamie] Look at all those Barbies. Alright, wow! Look guys. – [Child] Mommy! – [Jamie] Whoa! Alright! The princess Barbie is gonna go to Parker! – She’s a princess like me! – Fashionista Barbie is for Taylor! And this one will be for
baby Blake. Or maybe Mommy. (child laughing) Mermaid Barbie is definitely
for Jordyn Jeanette! (Jordyn screams) – I’m ex-sessed with mermaids. – Uh, don’t you mean obsessed? – Yeah, ex-sessed. – And, rainbow sparkle
hair Barbie is for Payton. – [Child] Ooh! – [Jamie] Uh, Stephen? Stephen? (Yells loudly) Stephen! – Mm? – [Jamie] How are your earbuds doing? – Good. – [Child] How do you open this? – [Payton] I want to me open mine. (child laughs) – Well, this should keep them preoccupied for a while at least. – This 24 hours is gonna be awesome. – You look way beautiful. I
love soccer, what do you love? – I love, I love a castle. – You live in a castle? – Yes, with my prince, and
with my clothes, and my mom. – Your hair is beautiful,
it’s like black and pink. – Thanks! – The glasses fell off, I can’t find them. – Whoa. – That’s beautiful! – Drive away. – I’m coming. – Sit! – Let’s go to the ball! Wee! – Too much girly stuff for me. – [Children] Ahh! (toy gun firing) – Wanna have a race? Oh yeah. We’re gonna go around these guys. On your mark, get set, go. (imitates vehicle sounds) – Uh, boys are weird. – Guys, it is so relaxing in here. The girls are playing with Barbies. Stephen’s playing with his LEGOs and doing who knows
what, and I am relaxing in my nice, spacious bedroom. Guys though, they’ve
been playing for hours and it’s getting really late, so I’m going to read some emails that you guys had sent
over on our website. So if you guys haven’t
checked out our website, go to shotoftheyeagers.com,
and send us an email! Send us a note and we will
be reading every single one and trying to respond
to as many as possible. So in a little bit,
I’m going to be reading some of those emails, and then, I think it’s bedtime. We need to put everyone to bed, because guess what? It’s school tomorrow. – I love school! – Alright guys, so, just
about a half hour ago, someone named Kanani Kaloha
sent us a message saying, “I love you guys so much, I am watching “your videos right now.
Tell the fam I said hi “and this is Kanani’s daughter Kaolhi,” I hope I’m saying that right, “and I am “one of your guys’ big fan. Love you guys, “hope you have a good day.” Thank you guys so much for that email. Alright, someone named Maddy
sent an email that says, “I love your videos, and me
and my bro,” I love them, “I have an idea for one of your videos: “Do an egg race and see who can win. “Keep posting more great videos.” And Maddy, that was a great idea because Easter’s coming up, we’re going to have to do some egg races. Esther also sent us a
message. Thank you, Esther, for sending us an email and
checking out our website, you guys are awesome. Alright everybody, we’ve
had a blast for hours inside of this LEGO mansion. Everyone, let’s clean up our bedrooms, our LEGO bedrooms, and then have a (loudly) dance party! (children scurrying) – I’m a dancing maniac. – Cue the music! (electronic dance music) – Alright guys, I swear
anytime we have a fort, anything, we have to have a dance party, but it is time now to end that and put these kids to bed and end our vlog because guys, these kids
have school tomorrow so we tried to spend as
many hours as we could in this awesome fort mansion. – Time for us to go to bed. – Our question for the
day is: “What part of our LEGO mansion was your guys’ favorite?” – Subscribe to our channel. – Coming below. – Give us a big thumbs up. – And we’ll see you guys tomorrow. – [Children] Bye! (light acoustic guitar music)

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