– Uh, where’s the fort? – You just need to clap your hands! – Say, what? – Yes, try it! – Guess this is our Lego fort! – First you guys need
to check this thing out! – Super comfortable. Not really. – Attention everybody, we
have the best Lego fort ever! We have a pet! – I’m not cleaning up his messes. – [Girls] Not it! – I’m wanna do it! – Food fight! (crashing)
(grunting) – Clean up this mess, guys! So we can play soccer! Goal! – [Girls] Hi, friends! – And welcome back to – Just – For – Girls! – And we are the – [Girls] Soty Sisters! – If you haven’t
subscribed to our channel, – Click that bell! – And follow us on Instagram! – Today we’re gonna be
spending 24 hours in – [Girls] A giant Lego fort! – Uh, where’s the fort! – You just need to clap your hands! – Say what? – Yes, try it. – [Girls] One, two, three! (clapping) (bouncy music) (clapping) – You’re not lying, Payton! Guess this is our Lego fort. – First you guys need
to check this thing out. Come on! – Wee!
(girl singing) – There’s lots of room to it. – Alright, the first
that it has is a window. It’s the only window in this place. – We couldn’t fit more. – This is our front room
with a couple couches. – Super comfortable, not really. – Then we have our back room. Come on. Table. – This is our kitchen
where I do all my baking. – This will be a 24-hour fort video, and we fill it with all our stuff! – Let’s get our stuff! (yells) Check out our crib. – Check out my scooter. – Check out my candy. – Check out my wallet! – It took you long enough. I’ve been here all day! – This is where I’m keeping my stuff. I brought a coloring book and crayons ’cause I may get bored. I brought my scooter because
I always need my scooter and soccer ball so I can practice. – And look what Taylor
prepared in our kitchen. Pizza, tacos, hamburger,
pie, and cake, delicious! – I brought my hover board and my coloring because I like to color just like Taylor. Don’t you like my case? I can actually color on my case. – [Parker] You brought your case? – Follow me. – [Parker] Don’t fall over, Vicky. Taylor! – I’m the pro at the hover board! I brought my cook purse. There’s gum inside in case I get hungry. I brought my blanket and my
pillow and my microphone! Attention everybody, we have
the best Lego fort ever! – I like my Lego fort so much I’m gonna take a picture with it. Say cheese, Lego fort. I got my backpack. It’s super stylish ’cause
I wanna be fashion. And I brought Rosie. (dinging)
(Rosie singing notes) – We have a pet! – I’m not cleaning up its messes. – [Girls] Not it! – I’m wanna do it. – And of course I had to
bring a JoJo game of course! So I can see who knows JoJo best. – Uh, I’m totally gonna ♪ Win ♪ – What? We forgot the most important part! – [Girls] Girls rule the world! – Girls, you have 24 hours! What should we do? – Eat bubble gum! – Sounds good! – Who wants to play a JoJo game? – Me! – Let’s see who knows JoJo the best. Never has JoJo ever liked
her own music videos. – She hasn’t. (Payton buzzes)
– She has! – Two truths and a lie, JoJo used to cry when she had to clean her room. – False. (Taylor buzzes) – It was true! – Who knows JoJo best? What group dance did JoJo
perform on a television show? – How am I supposed to know that? – You’re not a true JoJo fan. It was Together We Stand. I don’t know that one either. (shushes) (popping) – Guys, lunch is almost ready. Who’s hungry? – [Girls] Me! (rustling)
(heavy breathing) – You guys are animals! (popping) (giggling) – Good girl, Rose, did you
go potty all by yourself? – Ew! – You’re such a good whatever you are. – Food fight! (screaming and grunting) (laughing) – Dodge! What! – Clean up this mess, guys! So we can play soccer! Me versus you! – Make this a clean game, guys! Let the game begin. (thudding and thumping) – Uh, this might not work out, guys. – Goal! – I let you get that goal. (rustling) – Time out, I need to grab something! – There’s no time outs in soccer. Tie game! – Oops! – Guys, are you treating
the Lego fort as our family? – [Girls] No. – Where have you been anyways, Parker? – Shopping. I got something for us. Girls shouldn’t wear shirts! – Girls rule shirts, that’s awesome! – Taylor, here you go. – Thank you. – And this one’s mine. – [Girls] Girls rule! – Thanks, Parker. – Welcome. – Well, guys, I think our
Lego fort is pretty awesome. – Guys, our 24 hours is up. – Yeah, let’s do it again. – Hope you enjoyed today’s video! – Comment below what else we should do with the giant Lego blocks! – Make sure you subscribe. – You guys are awesome! – [Girls] JoJo girls out! – Peace! (electronic pop music)

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