to the ground gee-ya have a lego spoon
yeah I have a Lego table yeah I have Lego walls but I don’t have to eat Lego this hour okay that was like one sip of water not
even and we’re out Jake and we are back guys we are standing outside of my Lego
box fourth that’s right this two-story Lego fort of Awesomeness and today I
have decided that I wanted to try and take the Lego fort to new heights to new
challenges that is why you guys were suggesting in our last video that we
should take our Lego fort outside and try and survive 24 hours in the
wilderness where the bunnies run free in rabbits also run free just like the
Pioneers did oh so many years ago I will be taking a bunch of Legos outside and
having to build my very own fort and survive in it for 24 hours I will have
no heat no electricity and a small bag of supplies I hope Legos are very
insulating because it is still cold out there and there is literally snow on the
ground this is literally all I have defending me from crazy raccoons so we
got to make sure that this fort is strong top and durable only me and you
guys know about this right now because I know Logan’s gonna come in here he’s
gonna see Jake you can’t survive outside in a Lego for it Jake play go for it to
get cold what if it rains what if you can attack my raccoons but I
say no I say you guys know that Papa Jake is 100% savage and will be
surviving in this leg go for it if you guys think this is an awesome idea do
not forget to smash that like button and if you guys wants to buy more Legos
don’t forget to try and get this video to 50,000 likes and we will double the
amount of Legos we have for more awesome ideas let’s uh let’s tell Logan about
our little plan Logan okay it started the intro I told them about
the video today Logan we are building a Lego for outside and surviving in the
wilderness like the Pioneers why would we do that
because inside was too easy so we’re gonna take it outside where there’s
raccoons and rain and cold again why would we do that because we need to
prove that we can build a Lego fort that we can survive it also I think it’d be
pretty funny just out there in a little Lego fort yeah like it’s like when you
sit in a little Lego for it there’s always big houses around me but in this
little house don’t worry well they plan that first things first
we need some of these bad boy Legos some of these I think we’ll need all of the
only ah but it’s gonna just I’m just gonna I’m just it’s just this is simple
be careful okay I’ll get the leg up okay okay hold on hold it look at any point
during that and save my life well we dismantle before it step one is complete
step two we need to come up with the designs I hope the plans are quite
simple you see Legos are cute which means they look like this yeah Jake I
know what Legos look like okay well using my architecture skills and I am
quite the architect I have developed a plan to create a lego survival for it
that looks like a baby cube now I know what you’re looking at might be
confusing for you this might be advanced but this is the best way we will be able
to survive outside and also keep out the evil raccoons so we will survive outside
raccoons out there my Lego Blaster like this and take them out just like this
the sun’s gonna be going down it’s cold outside and we have a whole lot of Lego
to transport out there so let’s get moving
what are you doing we’re gonna make the Lego fly right now we will discover if
Lego can fly Jake that’s not a good idea 100% is Logan it’s a little high up
you’re gonna break all the Lego the Lego is gonna fly safely to the ground Lego
is so light that using the trajectory and the weight of the plastic it’ll
nicely fall straight to the ground G okay Lego can’t fly okay so we moved all
the Lego downstairs safely not the way Jake did originally well you know just
throwing it off and breaking all the Legos everywhere as you can see that did
not work out too well isn’t that right Jake I mean they still got down here so
you know it’s like look at half works well just take some out there and find a
spot to set up camp for the night guys I am NOT camping tonight Jake’s on his own
with this one in order to build this Lego fort guys
I had to travel many miles out into the wilderness currently snow goes on
forever I don’t know where I am but I know I can survive with my leg oh okay
I’m kidding we’re just we’re just in the backyard but you know it’s survival it’s
cold out here it’s icy and we have the remnants of our snow fort this is all
that’s left of that snow for we made a while ago like so open do the whole
thing fell apart I really wanted to expand on it guys but we just didn’t get
enough snow so maybe next year we’ll get even more snow maybe Logan will let me
rent a bulldozer we can pile up snow go even bigger but I’m thinking for this in
order to build if we build it here it’s gonna be too much on a slant and I was
trying to send up on this ice but it slides all over the place the weather is
kind of gloomy so I’m hoping it doesn’t start raining kids literally might start
raining Jake this uh roof and a floor on this leaf fast yeah all right let’s get
to building guys we have a big problem starting to rain and we are nowhere near
the shelter we barely have all the walls done let alone a roof or floor
Jake you chose a date that it’s raining to build a fort made out of leg all
right guys so the Lego box fort is complete however there’s one big problem
as you guys can see there’s definitely not enough room for the both of us Jake
yeah it’s a little cramped in here which is why guys I told you you need to smack
that like button so we can get some more of these Legos but it did actually come
together pretty sweet we got a roof on top we built up all the walls and we
even made a door here and it’s actually really warm and cozy once you’re inside
you just kind of grab the door like this right now I’m currently working on a
Lego table for myself to eat my dinner on because I don’t have any like chairs
or tables or anything like that in here so working on the Lego table should have
that done soon but I’ve got all of my survival gear in here and just kind of
setting up and getting cozy for the night so Jake you want to spend 24 hours
in here yes I do well good luck with that Jake because I’m going inside
but I mean I said I’d help you build the fort but I didn’t say it’d sleep here
Jake there’s no room for the both of us woken it’s a dual survival challenge I
can’t survive in my own bus you bought all the gear you mean tell me what you
bought Jake I bought you everything you need you’re fine with what’s here good
luck and Jake one more part of this challenge just so I know you stay here
all night I’m gonna lock the door wait but look Morgan you can’t just do you
can’t leave me on a challenge all by myself
okay what about the raccoons I got you something for the raccoon no you can’t
just leave this is Jake I’ll come get you in the morning no please don’t leave
me no Logan no okay guys it looks like this is officially turned into a puppet
Jake’s challenge guys no pop Jake solo challenges are 100% more savage and also
Logan’s gone which means I have no one to defend me from the raccoons okay okay
well that’s that’s all right he’s he’s locking the door to the house which
means we can’t officially not go back inside at all and I can only use the
items that he bought for the challenge okay we just we can’t panic here first
things first let’s get this door closed make sure no raccoons or anything like
that get in here all right with the door closed it’s actually a lot warmer and
toasty in here I got my shoes over here this shouldn’t be too hard I’ve done
lots of 24-hour challenges before you didn’t give me a sleeping bag though and
it sounds like it’s raining okay guys so update for you I’ve been inside the Lego
for for a little while now I was actually able to make with some of the
spare Lego we have a little Lego table and a Lego Fork for my dinner so I’ll be
able to eat dinner here which is really nice I also decided it would probably be
a good time to go through what Logan packed us so we can get an idea as to
what we have to survive this night with it looks like he didn’t give us all that
much I found a guitar and oh okay great this is exactly what I’m gonna use to
defend myself from raccoons giving us some sort of legit defense mechanism
gave us a dollar store bow and arrow set all right well we have this Oh looks
like we have some glow sticks okay well I guess you could set these up maybe
spruce it up a little bit in here I know the interior decorating isn’t that all
that nice currently but you know it’s pretty homey
and I can’t complain it is warm so I’m gonna set up some of these lights and
update you guys a little bit all right guys check this out
I actually went ahead and grabbed some tape from the flooring and strung up
with some string that I found all of the glow sticks for like this epic light
display inside the fort I still have my lights in fear which I’m
gonna turn back on because it is getting kind of cold and these give a little bit
of heat for me in here of course Logan locked the door so I
can’t go back inside and get any more resources so I had to use some tape from
the flooring but all-in-all it’s uh it’s holding up pretty good
I also found this thing in Logan’s pile of stuff that he gave me he really
honestly gave me like nothing to use for actual survival but it looks like it’s
like a like a wheel beyblade or something so I thought we could go
outside and maybe try some epic stunts with this I have no idea how this
thing’s gonna work but maybe we could use to defend off those raccoons okay
guys let’s uh let’s go on the little outside mission see what’s going on
outside see how the fort’s holding up all right as you guys can see all nice
and dry and warm inside here super safe and comfy but out here it is freezing
cold and currently raining let’s get that shut so nothing gets in
there structural integrity of the fort is looking not too great this is
completely soaked this rain doesn’t let up I don’t know if this board is gonna
withstand I mean the Lego will but the top roofing might cave in on me during
the night let’s see how this raccoons self defense mechanism would work so
let’s load it up here see if Logan gave us something worth using three two one
guys this rain is getting really bad so I think we should get back inside the
shelter and maybe start thinking about having some dinner hey guys we’re back
inside I’ve got my Lego spoon our Lego table and let’s see what Logan packed
Logan said he packed me dinner okay this is not dinner Logan this isn’t funny I’m
trying to survive it for 24 hours you packed me Lego I guess I get it cuz
everything in this Ford is Lego yeah I have a Lego spoon yeah I have a Lego
table yeah I have Lego walls but I don’t have to eat Lego and he locked me out of
the house so all we have to eat is literally Lego so
this is dinner it is gummy Lego you can put them together so I guess I’m gonna
build myself a dinner and I’ll get back to you guys okay guys so I made myself a
Lego hamburger complete with bun blue meat because why not ketchup and
lettuce to top I don’t have a bun to go on top so I guess I’ll just add some
more lettuce but this is my Lego hamburger for dinner so eating Lego
inside a Lego shelter while trying to survive 24 hours outside I think I’m
getting a little sick of Lego okay well you know it’s actually not that bad it
tastes pretty good using my my table here with my Lego Fork
so I lost a little bit the Lego fork and see if I can get a piece here there we
go so oh no not too bad the only thing I don’t have right now is water and
honestly I don’t know if this Lego coming food is gonna be enough for me to
survive off of guys I think we might need to rethink this I think we need to
go primitive survival up in here you got a few scraps left of Lego so I think I’m
gonna make myself a rain catcher and try and gather some water and I say we use
this and see if we can go out and do some huntin for some food alright and
here we go guys with a little bit of time and effort I was able to make a
Lego rain catcher which I’m gonna use to catch water in so we’ll have something
to drink but maybe we’ll get lucky and get some
food right guys I’m no survival expert but is this wheat can we eat this let me
know in the comments gravel the little ways away from the fort and I found I
thought I found berries but those aren’t berries nevermind no food up here either
because I thought the wild was just like one big grocery store you know you just
come out here and there’s a ton of food everywhere you look but apparently we
have nothing growing in our backyard that we can eat okay guys so a little
bit of good news my raincatcher actually caught some water so at least we have a
little bit of water but bring this inside and quench some thirst because I
am extremely thirsty okay that was like one sip of water not
even and we’re out but I mean at least it worked and we made a rain catcher out
of Lego so not bad hey guys back in the fort things are not going so well
had no food had no water it is extremely cold I thought that because the seasons
been changing it would not get this cold I also did not think it was gonna rain
right now I’m just trying to stay warm stay positive and make sure I complete
this challenge because I want to prove that I can survive a night in a Lego
fort I wrote this song while inside a Lego box for thank you okay guys update
for you I was just lying here chilling so this piece kind of folded over and
the entire roof main wall just fell down like this and I got a ton of water all
over me oh this is not good I’m gonna see if I can repair it guys but this is
not looking good for the Lego for I knew we needed a like I’m ceiling seem to get
back up like that it’s kind of working but now we have a leak in the ceiling
and I have no tape to fix it and this Lego wall looks like it’s about to cave
in alright guys I didn’t want to have to
make this update but I think I might have to call this challenge the roof
just keeps blowing off every time there’s a gust of wind it also is
leaking a ton of water that keeps falling on me
I’m currently freezing and you guys know we never faked these challenges so I
would more water fell on me I would love to say we were able to
complete it but guys I don’t think we’re gonna be able to it’s just too cold too
rainy and more importantly this roof who is not gonna hold up another 30 minutes
let alone all the way through the night you guys I think if we had some more
Lego if we could make this place bigger for both me and Logan and we’re able to
build a Lego roof I would be able to do this challenge so
I’m not beaten yet I’m willing to come back and do this again if you guys can
cross that like button so we can get some more Lego and try this challenge
again but guys I hope you enjoyed it I hope you like you try and trust me guys
I tried my hardest and if you have any ideas for future videos we should make
with Lego or box words or anything be sure to leave them below but this has
been pop-up to Jake and I will see all of you guys next time for another
awesome video

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